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Your Trustworthy CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

Founded in 2002, Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd, is one of the industry-leading CNC Machining Manufacturers that offer CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, drilling, and precision grinding service for factory and business usage.

We mainly provide OEM/ODM service for custom CNC machining parts manufacturing. Mainly used in aviation, electronics, furniture, military defense, health care, automotive, communication, racing cars, new energy, and infrastructure construction (such as high-speed trains and bridges).

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Buyer’s Guide About Yijin CNC Machining Service

CNC machining services refer to customizing CNC machining parts by using CNC machining technologies, including CNC turning services and CNC milling services. Of course, these two can also be combined into compound machining.

In this guide, I want to take you through various elements surrounding Yijin CNC Machining Service.

Benefits of  CNC Machining Services

CNC machining is an important manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software is used. It dictates various movements of machinery and factory tools.

This process is an integral part of the efficient operation of any factory because it helps in controlling the functions and movements of a range of complex machines. These could range from lathes to grinders and even routers.

When you use the right CNC machining parts, it is possible to perform complicated three-dimensional cutting jobs. This can be done by using a single set of commands and prompts. CNC actually stands for Computer Numerical Control and this takes into account the limitations that exist as far as manual control is concerned.

Reduced Human Interface

It reduces the dependence on humans because live operators are required for guiding and prompting various commands that need to be given to the machining tools. Commands are also to be given to wheels, levers and buttons.

For an ordinary onlooker who does not have too much understanding of the CNC system, this might look more like a regular set of computer accessories and components.

However, the real work is done by the consoles and software programs that are built into the machine. They are capable of performing highly complex and difficult tasks without human intervention.

A Good Custom CNC Machining Manufacturer is Important

It would be pertinent to mention here that while there are a number of custom CNC machining parts manufacturers, not all of them are considered to be the best. If you are keen on getting the best out of these machines, it is important for you to choose the right custom CNC machining parts, manufacturer.

This is not easy given the fact that there are quite a few of them. However, if you get the right feedback and take information from big customers and end users of CNC machines and other CNC machining services, you will be able to identify a few such custom CNC machining parts manufacturers.

One of them is Yijin Hardware. We have over the years become one of the most well-known and respected custom CNC machining parts manufacturers of different types of CNC machining services. Therefore, it would be interesting to know more about the reasons why we are better than others.

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About Yijin Hardware– One of the Best Custom CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers China

We want to share some important points, explaining why our CNC machining services and custom CNC machining parts are considered the best.

First of all, we are experienced as a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer and have been in this business for over 20 years. We have won the trust and confidence of more than 20 large customers, not only in China but also from many other countries in the world. We cover almost all of them. This proves to a large extent that we are different from other CNC machining companies in terms of the quality and variety of custom CNC machining parts and the ability to meet customers’ specific CNC machining service needs and custom machining part requirements.

We would also like to inform our readers that many of them choose our CNC machining parts and other related projects because they think we provide a one-stop solution for all such needs. We can not only meet ready-made solutions but also provide custom CNC machining part solutions. This is what makes us different from other CNC machining companies.

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We Manufacture A Wide Range of Machining Products

Unlike many other so-called big names in the CNC manufacturing field in China, Yijin Hardware, as a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer, has been able to offer a wide range of custom CNC machining products that are in demand across the world for various purposes and applications.

The list of such products is quite long and it may not be possible to write down each one of them. However, we are happy to share a few of the most important ones that are being used by our customers both in China and across many other countries in the world.

CNC Machine Automotive Parts,CNC Machining Services - YIJIN

To begin with, we offer some of the most complicated and difficult CNC machining processes, including arcing, side boring, and tail boring. You can also get in touch with us for the following processes too:

  • Flat machining and milling
  • We have a series of machining equipment, including DMG three-axis CNC milling, DMG four-axis CNC milling, DMG five-axis linkage machining center, CNC lathe, turning and milling compound linkage machine, grinding machine, CNC engraving machine, CNC drilling and tapping machine, high-speed punch, cold heading machine, and so on.
  • Apart from the above, we supply a wide range of CNC machining parts and these are as equally important as the main CNC machines that operate in various industries and businesses. Not many manufacturers would be able to compete with us when it comes to supplying various spare types of parts that are required for the smooth, efficient, and uninterrupted running of various types of CNC machines. Most of these machines are expensive and thus need the original spare parts that conform to international specifications and standards.

Compared to other professionals, we are able to offer better custom CNC machining services. The list of various CNC machining parts that are made in Yijin Hardware’s factories is quite long and we are only talking about the major ones.

We hope it will be able to give our readers a reasonably good insight into our capabilities when it comes to manufacturing world-class quality CNC machining parts at competitive rates and supplying them across many countries and continents. Here is a list of the major CNC machine spares that are manufactured by us:

You can trust us for a range of milling machine spares including CNC table, vertical and horizontal cradles, CNC indexing head, 90-degree steering shaft B, and tables that also cover 45 degrees on axis B. We are also experts in manufacturing the best A-axis and dual-axis CNC spindles amongst other such spare parts for milling machines.

Custom CNC Turning parts manufacturer – We are also considered one of the best suppliers of different types of custom CNC turning parts. We stand tall when compared to many others for a few obvious reasons. Our custom CNC turning parts are known for their high and stable machining quality and machining accuracy. It makes the performance of multi-coordinate linkage possible and allows to machine parts that have complex shapes.
We also provide proper CNC programs when the machining parts are changed. This helps to reduce preparation time for production and improve productivity and efficiency.

Our custom CNC turning parts are made by using the most sophisticated and reliable automation methods. As a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer, Yijin Hardware is focused on reducing labor intensity as much as possible without compromising quality under any circumstances.

Production Capacity Of Yijin Hardware’s

Yijin Hardware, a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer, also has the required production capacity to handle various requirements across the world. This is because our factory has different sections to deal with various types of custom CNC machining parts that are demanded by our customers. Let me briefly list down the various facilities that we have for catering to the ever-growing demand of our customers.

As a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer, Yijin Hardware also has a modern machining workshop with the ability to utilize all kinds of machine tools, including boring, drilling, milling, cutting and tapping units. We use modern 2-axis and 3-axis and 1-axis machining technologies. Yijin Hardware is a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer which can meet the finest machining requirements from customers, with an accuracy up to +/- 0.001 mm.

As previously described, being a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer, Yijin Hardware has a very big electroplating factory. We use the latest technologies to provide various electroplating services, including silver plating, nickel plating, gold plating and palladium plating. Besides high-quality heavy metal treatment, we can provide the best thick gold treatment.

In addition, as far as the quality testing program and procedure is concerned, we also provide the best custom CNC machining services. We have various quality testing equipment which is famous for its first-class accuracy and precision. Under any circumstances, bulk testing can be carried out on our custom CNC machining parts for quality in the lab, without affecting the test level.

An Introduction to the CNC Machining Technology

We would also like to inform our readers that CNC machining technology including milling and turning is not easy. It requires right experience, right machinery, the right environment, and the right investment in technology. We are capable of offering all of them and are capable of meeting the high standards set by our customers.

Materials Of CNC Machining (Such as Wood, Iron, Steel, and Plastic)

Yijin Hardware, as a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer, would also like to inform our customers that CNC machining is not material specific. It encompasses a wide range of materials covering steel, iron, plastic, wood, and a host of other materials. Each of them requires different types of machines, spare parts, electroplating and machining. These materials are needed for making a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic products.

Advantages of Our Custom CNC Machining Services

There are many reasons why dozens of small, big and large sized custom CNC machining parts manufacturers from across various industries have reposed their faith on Yijin Hardware for all their CNC machine manufacturing and other related services. We offer some obvious advantages and benefits that are quite obvious and irrefutable:

  • CNC
  • We have a good track record as far as our products, spare parts and other such related products are concerned. We have catered to some of the big names across the world. These companies are known for their strictest standards in term of quality and product specifications.
  • We also offer top class after sales services and also provide required counseling and guidance before our clients choose our products. We offer both online and on-site services. This makes us stand apart from the rest of the crowd.
  • Our rates and prices are competitive without compromising on quality.
  • We have the right factories, R&D labs, experienced and qualified staff to handle all types of needs of our customers.
  • As a custom CNC machining parts manufacturer with a history of 20 years of CNC machining, YIJIN has more complete experience in custom CNC machining parts, which can help you save more costs.

What Advantages Does Yijin Hardware have as a Custom CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer in This Industry?

Our biggest advantages are the fact that we are experienced and have clear objectives. We have a good team to take care of the specific and varying needs of our customers. We offer both ready-made and custom solutions. We focus on research and our track record of catering to some of the most demanding customers across the world is a big advantage that not many of our competitors are able to offer. Finally, we always have believed in adhering to the delivery schedules and timelines set by our customers and have very rarely failed in meeting them.


I think that the above may have enhanced the knowledge and information levels of our customers, readers, prospective customers and even those who wanted to know more about us. In case you need any services pertaining to custom CNC machining parts and other related activities, please let us know.

FAQ on Yijin Hardware – A Custom CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer

Is Yijin Hardware as a CNC machining parts manufacturer capable of providing custom CNC machining parts?2021-10-04T16:24:12+08:00

Yes. As a world leading CNC machining parts manufacturer, Yijin Hardware is capable of providing all kinds of custom CNC machining parts based on your needs, with both quality and precision guaranteed.

Yijin Hardware has a team of professional technicians with rich experience in the CNC machining industry to ensure that all requirements of your custom CNC machining parts to be met.

With the firs-class equipment exported from Germany and Japan, Yijin Hardware can assure you that you will get your custom CNC machining parts that are not available on the market.

Yijin Hardware has been providing services of custom CNC machining parts for a lot of large companies both in China and abroad and has established long-term cooperation with most of them.   

How much does a custom CNC machining part cost?2021-10-04T16:20:10+08:00

The cost of a custom CNC machining part can vary a lot depending on its purpose.But in fact, there are other factors that often determine custom CNC machining part cost. For example, when you choose stainless steel and aluminum to make CNC machining parts, the stainless steel custom CNC machining parts The price must be different from the price of aluminum custom CNC machining parts. When you choose different custom CNC machining parts services, the custom CNC machining part cost is also different.

Therefore, the custom CNC machining part cost can’t just look at one aspect, but is determined by a lot of factors. It is always a good idea to consider your overall budget before you place an order. You can contact us by phone or email and share us some necessary information such as the drawing (in the format of stp, *.sldprt or igs for 3D/dwg, dxf, png, pdf or jpg for 2D), quantity and other specific requirements for us to help you determine.

What is custom CNC machining?2021-10-04T16:05:19+08:00

Custom CNC machining is a manufacturing process that is used by a CNC machining manufacturer to provide solutions to some unique problems, which is carried out with CNC machines.

Basically, you can take custom CNC machining as an automated method to manufacture parts that are not readily available on the market,

That is why you need to use a CNC machine to cut a workpiece until getting the size and shape that you want based on its drawing, and it is called a custom CNC machining part.

There are several typical processes in custom CNC machining, including turning and milling, and More techniques can also be used to make the CNC machining part that you want .