2024 Top 10 Prototype Machined Parts Manufacturers in China

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China stands as a powerhouse in global CNC manufacturing, propelled by a remarkable group of creators within its borders.

Blending cutting-edge advancements and exquisite skills, China machined parts manufacturers have perfected the art of precision machining.

As a procurement and engineer, whether you’re intrigued by production, inspired by innovation, or contemplating materializing your ideas.

We first understand what our needs are, and then decide how to choose a manufacturer.

In this blog, we will introduce you to China Prototype Machined Parts Manufacturers, so that you can better promote your projects.

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1. Yijin Solution

Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd., based in Shenzhen, China, is a whiz in precision machining.

It offers OEM and ODM services to aviation, electronics, and healthcare industries.

With 20+ years of experience, it is highly known for providing prototype machined parts to private and government sectors.

The company stands out for its high quality, extensive knowledge, and competitive prices.

By combining expert craftsmanship with cost-effectiveness, they deliver top-quality products within clients’ budgets and timelines.

Backed by their experience, they ensure smooth project execution, adhering to schedules.

Yijin Hardware values delivering value, saving time, and staying on budget.

They have 7 design engineers and 15 technical developers with two decades of experience.

Their expertise lies in precision manufacturing, CNC machining, milling, turning, casting, sheet metal fabrication and metal stamping.

The company’s mission is innovation and quality, following the highest-quality standards like GB, DIN, JIS, and ANSI.

They also offer solutions for CNC machining and custom fasteners, addressing demands from 3D drawings, samples, or specific requirements.

Amid a changing industry, Yijin Hardware excels in precision, affordability, and customer satisfaction, serving various sectors effectively.

2. Vowin

Vowin is another trailblazer in prototype machined parts manufacturing, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including Design, Prototyping, Mold Creation, Assembly, and Shipment.

Founded in 2008 with roots in the Ideal Group, established in 1996 in Shenzhen, it holds many ISO and BV Certifications.

Their capabilities span Product Design with advanced 3D scanning and CAD design with Industrial Product Development and engineering reviews.

They excel in 3D Scanning, encompassing techniques like SLA, SLS, and 3D metal printing.

Their CNC Machining covers aluminum machining, CNC turning, and CNC lathing.

It specializes in Rapid Prototyping, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Pu Vacuum Casting for low-volume production from Silicon Molds.

Beyond production, it offers end-to-end solutions, from Painting and Screen Printing to Assembly, QA inspection, and Shipping.

Masters in turning designs into tangible products, it excels in rapid prototyping and low-volume production.

They leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide a seamless transition from concept to production.

Essentially, they aim to deliver quality, timely services with efficient prototyping solutions, empowering clients to launch products competitively and maximize profitability.

3. RapidDirect

Since 2009, RapidDirect has pioneered prototype machined parts manufacturing, leveraging AI and digital transformation to redefine traditional processes.

With a focus on precision and efficiency, it excels across industries with services including CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and die casting, providing a comprehensive solution for prototype parts.

From rapid prototyping to high-volume production, their engineers supervise projects from design to delivery, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Using cutting-edge facilities and technologies, it guarantees top-quality prototype machined parts production.

Their online platform, skilled engineers, and modern facilities streamline the journey from concept to final product.

Serving 3,000+ clients across 50+ countries in 13 years, they delivered 200,000+ unique medical, aerospace, and electronics machined prototype parts, demonstrating manufacturing commitment.

With 300+ global suppliers, it ensures quality materials for client needs, uniting design and manufacturing through AI-driven quotes and expert guidance.

RapidDirect envisions intelligent manufacturing, expediting idea realization for a better world.

As a trusted global partner, they deliver manufacturing solutions that provide a remarkable client experience, driving prototype machined parts manufacturing forward and fostering boundless innovation.

4. JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd

Established in 2008, JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in CNC machining, die casting, injection molding, and rapid prototyping.

Their global clientele values their quality and reliability.

CNC machining is their core expertise, encompassing turning, milling, drilling, and tapping for steel, aluminum, brass, and plastics-like materials.

They excel in die casting using aluminum, zinc, and magnesium and seamless injection molding for plastic parts.

Rapid prototyping is also available for quick product model creation.

JTC prioritizes quality and reliability, upheld by a robust quality control framework for thorough inspections.

They offer personalized customer service, tailoring their support to each client.

With over 15 years of CNC machining experience, JTC stands out in prototype machined parts manufacturing.

Their skilled engineers ensure exceptional results and a global quality control system guarantees excellence at every stage.

Their extensive 2700+ client base speaks to their personalized one-to-one service, solidifying their reputation as China’s Timely Turnaround CNC Manufacturer.

For trustworthy and experienced prototype machined parts manufacturing, choose JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd.


5. HLH

HLH is the next prominent player in manufacturing prototype machined parts.

They specialize in efficient and precise services for prototype machined parts, particularly excelling in rapid CNC milling of various materials like aluminum, steel, titanium, and exotic alloys, achieving exceptional accuracy.

Besides CNC milling, they provide a variety of custom-made answers for quickly creating and making prototypes.

Using 3D printing methods like SLA and SLS, they craft parts from all sorts of stuff like plastic, metal, and mixes.

Also, they use vacuum casting, which makes parts from poured urethane, giving them a super smooth look.

They’re also pros at trying out sheet metal, a speedy and wallet-friendly way to manufacture prototypes of metal parts.

One of HLH’s innovative achievements is its leadership in rapid tooling and injection molding for low-volume parts production.

Their use of 3D printing for mold creation accelerates the process, reducing lead times and costs.

HLH is renowned for its dependable commitment to promptly delivering precision-driven prototype machined parts.

When it comes to efficient and rapid prototyping or manufacturing of machined prototype parts, HLH is the preferred choice for many.

types of cnc machines for rapid prototyping machining

6. APT Mold Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Based in southern China, APT Mold Manufacturing Co. Ltd. excels in crafting prototype machined parts.

Their strengths encompass rapid prototyping, swift tooling, small-batch manufacturing, and extensive production.

They offer various services, including CNC machining, plastic injection molding, and metal stamping.

Their facility showcases technological excellence with advanced CNC milling machines, lathes, and grinders.

It processes various materials efficiently, such as metals, plastics, wood, and composites.

Their EDM workshop houses spark erosion machines to craft intricate forms and details that are typically challenging to produce.

They provide different surface finishes, including EDM polishing and EDM texturing.

In their assembly workshop, skilled technicians expertly assemble components with precision.

This unit also provides finishing services like painting, plating, and screen printing.

APT Mold Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a vital choice for those looking for a reliable manufacturing partner.

Their extensive experience, technical skills, and advanced machinery work seamlessly to speed up the product’s journey to market while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

7. Artmachining

Artmachining is another leading name in CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, and metal stamping for prototypes and production.

Their comprehensive services cover various production processes, including fiber laser cutting and tool and die manufacturing.

They specialize in managing stampings requiring secondary grinding, machining, or assembly.

Founded in 2005, the company exhibited remarkable growth and adaptability. In its initial decade, it actively incorporated customer feedback, tailored solutions, and expanded facilities with state-of-the-art machinery to offer diverse services.

The continuity of ownership, management, and a skilled workforce underscores their commitment to excellence.

A key to their success is their collaborative culture. Their versatile workforce undergoes cross-training to ensure smooth support across domains as workloads change.

Their mission centers on delivering outstanding customer value through a dedicated workforce and innovative technology.

The company fosters a clean and safe workspace for employee growth and morale.

They thrive on open communication, trust, and performance to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

With modern manufacturing facilities spanning 5,000 square feet, it focuses on equipment and part quality, meticulously designing and maintaining its facilities.

It ensures an efficiently streamlined workflow, a secure and ergonomic work environment, and provisions for future expansion.

For those seeking a reliable CNC machining partner, Artmachining stands out. Their expertise, resources, and quality converge to bring your projects to life.

cnc aluminum parts 3d desingn

8. Noble

Noble is a Sino-British joint venture specializing in Smart Manufacturing and Care Products.

With a decade of expertise, they offer on-demand manufacturing, from prototypes to low-volume production for intricate geometries and aesthetics.

They create prototype machined parts for climbing robots, state grid robots, sheet metal machining, medical quality detection, healthcare equipment, and more.

It distinguishes itself through its mastery of rapid prototyping, precision machining, mold-making, and low-volume manufacturing.

Its skill set spans CNC turning, milling, surface finishing, and sheet metal fabrication.

Partnering with 5000+ companies across 50+ countries, it has produced 200,000+ distinct components.

Their in-house processes offer a blend of quality and competitiveness. From prototypes to mass production, they use advanced technologies and skilled technicians to assist their worthy clients.

It emphasizes quality control, providing transparent technical and service support around the clock.

Noble turns ideas into well-crafted reality, with precision, efficiency, and innovation for precision machined parts.


KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing, situated in China, specializes in delivering rapid prototyping solutions.

They provide CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding, and comprehensive finishing services.

Serving diverse automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer goods, they manufacture prototype machined parts.

Central to their approach is unwavering devotion to delivering top-notch rapid prototyping services.

Their experienced engineers guide clients through the entire prototype journey.

They focus on client satisfaction, providing exceptional round-the-clock customer service and easy engineer access.

Opting for them for prototype machined parts manufacturing offers several benefits. They excel at producing intricate parts with precise tolerances, ensuring high quality.

Their efficient operations lead to quick prototype production, reducing time-to-market.

Also, their competitive pricing further differentiates them, offering cost-effective solutions.

With their customer care underscored by 24/7 customer support, they ensure prompt assistance from skilled engineers.

For reliable and experienced rapid prototyping services, KAIAO is an excellent choice.

Their extensive range of services, high-quality offerings, and exceptional customer support make them a top contender.

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10. RapidDone

In the world of rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, RapidDone truly shines in Baoan, Shenzhen, China.

With over a decade of enriched experience, it’s a key player with 2000+ projects in automotive, medical devices, and consumer goods.

Specializing in precise CNC machining, they use a variety of machines for milling, turning, drilling, and tapping.

This flexibility and versatility guarantee precise tolerances and quick prototype part production.

Besides excelling in CNC machining, it provides sheet metal fabrication, rapid tooling, 3D printing, and injection molding.

This comprehensive approach positions it as a versatile solution for various manufacturing demands.

Whether dealing with complex prototype parts or low-volume production, their proficient team is primed to offer their expertise.

They collaborate closely with clients to grasp needs and devise optimal solutions.

Their core strength in high-precision CNC machining elevates their value. This agility ensures swift turnarounds for on-time deliveries.

Diverse materials and finishes with competitive pricing underscore its devotion to value.

Supported by an experienced team, it excels in manufacturing prototype machined parts.

If you need a trustworthy partner for prototype machined parts manufacturing, RapidDone is the answer.


China holds a global presence in machined prototype parts manufacturing. The above-enlisted top 10 prototype machined parts manufacturers in China showcase advanced precision engineering.

These manufacturers drive innovation, excellence, and efficiency across industries, serving as leaders in the field.

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