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Magnesium Machining Introduction

If you want your customized machining parts to have: High rigidity, good heat dissipation, light weight, high strength, greater impact load capacity than aluminum alloys, and good corrosion resistance to organics and alkalis, then magnesium alloy materials are a very good choice.

Because of these advantages of the magnesium machining, magnesium parts are widely used in new energy auto parts, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, photographic equipment, audio equipment, aviation, aerospace industry, 3C products, robots and other fields.

In the eyes of the public, magnesium alloys do not seem to have the same reputation as aluminum alloys.

In fact, as small as one cent coins, mobile phones, laptop cases, as large as aircraft rockets are inseparable from magnesium alloy material. Magnesium parts have many advantages, such as light weight, good performance, easy to process, etc., which has been a hot research topic in materials science.

The strength of this material exceeds all known magnesium based nanomaterials, and is close to the theoretical strength limit of magnesium based alloy.

Magnesium machining for magnesium alloy has low density (about 1.8g/cm3), high strength, large elastic modulus, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, higher impact load capacity than aluminum alloy, and good corrosion resistance to organic substances and alkalis.

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The Characteristics of Magnesium Parts Can be Summarized as:
  • CNC machining magnesium parts have high strength, the ratio of strength to quality of magnesium alloy is high, and it has a certain bearing capacity.
  • Magnesium parts have small elastic modulus, good rigidity, strong shock resistance, and are not easily deformed after long-term use.
  • Magnesium machining parts have good resistance to electromagnetic interference and shielding.
  • Magnesium machining parts do not pollute the environment.
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    Shenzhen YIJN Hardware focuses on custom metal fabrication, and has accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the field of CNC lathe processing of hardware products.

    We have a professional team of engineers who can provide you with one-stop service for metal manufacturing. To solve all your doubts about processing and production.

    Common surface treatment methods of magnesium machining parts are roughly divided into: Surface coating of oil and wax, chemical treatment, anodizing, spraying, electroplating, chemical nickel, and non-chromium film.

    No matter what kind of personalized design you have, Shenzhen YIJIN Hardware will wholeheartedly provide you with custom metal fabrication services.

    Which Industries Are Magnesium Alloy CNC Customized Parts Suitable For?

    Application Range:

    Car engine accessory bracket, clutch housing, gearbox housing, instrument panel frame, steering wheel frame, seat frame, valve body mobile phone.

    The size of the LCD screen on the notebook computer increases year by year, in their branches Mg alloy is used on the brace frame and the shell on the back.

    Magnesium Machining – FQAS

    There are four main methods for anti-corrosion of magnesium alloy parts: chemical conversion treatment, anodizing, metal coating, and laser treatment.

    There are many processing and surface treatment methods for magnesium alloy parts. Shenzhen YIJIN Hardware has more than 20 years of rich experience in the hardware industry and accepts customized processing of various magnesium alloy parts.

    We are the source manufacturer of CNC processing, and the price is more advantageous.