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Custom CNC Machining Electrophoresis Parts

Today Yijin Hardware will introduce to you a cnc custom machining electrophoresis parts, which is a supporting part of an auto repair auxiliary equipment. It can be seen from the picture that the CNC custom machining parts is not very difficult to be processed by the CNC parts supplier, mainly some details and processing ideas are needed.

Material: Black electrophoresis No. 45 steel

Production introduction:

This milling composite machining part is a supporting part of the automobile repair auxiliary equipment, the center of the part is a perforated hole, the end has a U-slot, its role is to better embedded in the repair equipment, to prevent the support part even if subjected to sufficiently large squeeze pressure will not be turned. The other end of the part is U-shaped. When the repaired part is installed in the U-shaped position, it can ensure that the repaired part is installed in an appropriate position to a certain extent, and it can also prevent the auto parts from being knocked against, which is also convenient for maintenance workers to carry out maintenance.

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