Custom CNC Machining Electrophoresis Parts

Today Yijin Hardware will introduce to you a cnc custom machining electrophoresis parts, which is a supporting part of an auto repair auxiliary equipment. It can be seen from the picture that the CNC custom machining parts is not very difficult to be processed by the CNC parts supplier, mainly some details and processing ideas are needed.

Material: Black electrophoresis No. 45 steel

Production introduction:

This milling composite machining part is a supporting part of the automobile repair auxiliary equipment, the center of the part is a perforated hole, the end has a U-slot, its role is to better embedded in the repair equipment, to prevent the support part even if subjected to sufficiently large squeeze pressure will not be turned. The other end of the part is U-shaped. When the repaired part is installed in the U-shaped position, it can ensure that the repaired part is installed in an appropriate position to a certain extent, and it can also prevent the auto parts from being knocked against, which is also convenient for maintenance workers to carry out maintenance.


What kinds of electrophoretic surfaces are treated

According to the different separation principles, electrophoresis is divided into four categories:

â‘ Moving boundary electrophoresis, zone electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing and Isotachophoresis.Moving boundary electrophoresis is the process of placing a mixture of separated ions (e.g. anions) at one end of the electrophoresis tank (e.g. negative), with a clear boundary between the sample and the carrier electrolyte before electrophoresis begins.

As the electrophoresis begins, the charged particles move towards the other pole (the positive pole), with the fastest ions getting through first and the others arranged in order of speed, forming different bands.

Only the interface of the first zone, which contains the fastest electrophoretic ions, is clear enough to achieve complete separation, while most of the other zones overlap.

②Zone electrophoresis is to add the sample to the middle position on a certain support in a uniform carrier electrolyte. Under the action of an electric field, the positively or negatively charged ions in the sample move to the negative electrode or the positive electrode at different speeds and separate Into a zone separated from each other.

Zone electrophoresis can be divided into paper and other fiber membrane electrophoresis, powder electrophoresis, gel electrophoresis and wire electrophoresis according to the different physical properties of the support material.

③Isoelectric focusing electrophoresis is to add amphoteric electrolyte to an electrophoresis tank containing a pH gradient buffer. When it is lower than its own isoelectric point in the environment, and it will be positively charged and move to the negative electrode; If it is in an environment higher than its own isoelectric point, it moves negatively towards the positive pole.

When the electro-phoresis up to its own unique isoelectric point, its net charge is zero, and the electro-phoresis speed drops to zero, substances with different isoelectric points finally focus on their respective isoelectric points, forming a clear zone with high resolution.

â‘ŁIsotachophoresis is added with lead ion to the sample (the migration rate is greater than all the separation of ions) and terminal ions (the migration rate is smaller than all the separation of ions).

The sample added between the terminal and lead ions, under the action of electric field, the ions move. And after a period of time after electrophoresis, they are completely separated.

The zones of the separated ions are arranged in order between the bands of the leading ion and the terminal ion according to their mobility. Because no appropriate supporting electrolyte is added to carry the current, the resulting bands are interconnected and the interface is clear due to the “self-rectified” effect, which is different from zone electrophoresis.

Application areas of electrophoresis:

Electrophoresis has been increasingly widely used in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, clinical chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, food chemistry and other fields.In a DC electric field, the phenomenon of charged particles toward the opposite electrode is called electrophoresis.

In 1809, the Russian physicist Peнce first discovered the phenomenon of electrophoresis, but it was not until 1937 that Tiselius of Sweden established the boundary electrophoresis for protein separation that electrophoresis began to be used.

In the 1960s and 1970s, when media such as filter paper and polyacrylamide gel were introduced into electrophoresis one after another, electrophoresis technology developed rapidly.

The rich and colorful electrophoretic forms make it widely used. In addition to the separation and analysis of small molecules, electrophoresis technology is mainly used for the study of proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and even viruses and cells.

Due to the simple equipment, convenient operation, high resolution and selectivity of some electrophoresis methods, it has become a commonly used technique in medical examinations.

Electrophoresis is first used in automotive primers. In recent years, it has been applied to the surface treatment of daily hardware. Due to its excellent quality and high environmental protection, it is gradually replacing traditional paint spraying.

What surface treatment can Yijin cnc custom machining parts do in addition to Electrophoresis?

In Yijin Hardware, it is not what we can do, but what you want, as long as you send the most detailed drawings and the effect you want, Yijin Hardware can give you the surface treatment of what you want. Of course, if you are willing to consider the most favorable solution given by Yijin Hardware, that would be great.

Having said that, if you are impressed, we strongly recommend you to feel how strong the technology of our famous cnc parts supplier is. We’re committed to creating the perfect custom cnc millings to provide our customers with the best custom cnc milling services.


CNC machining is an important manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software is used. It dictates the various movements of machinery and factory tools.

The process is integral to the efficient working of any factory because it helps in controlling the functioning and movement of a range of complex machinery.

These could range from lathes to grinders and also routers. When you use the right CNC machining parts it is possible to perform complicated three-dimensional cutting jobs.

This can be done using a single set of commands and prompts. CNC actually stands for computer numerical control and this takes into account the limitations that exist as far as manual control is concerned.

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