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Product Introduction Of CNC Machining Plastic Parts

CNC machining plastic partsĀ can be seen everywhere in our life. Basically, when we open our eyes, a plastic part appears wherever we look. It can be seen how much plastic parts play in our lives!

CNC machining plastic parts have excellent performance and easy processing. Among the three major synthetic materials of plastic, rubber and synthetic fiber, custom plastic parts are the polymer materials with the largest output and the most widely used.

At present, the application field of CNC machining plastic parts is still further expanding, which has involved all aspects of the national economy and peopleā€™s lives.

There are many types of plastic parts, such as:Ā PP, POM, Nylon, PMMA, ABS, Teflon, PEEK, PC, PVC, etc.

Shenzhen YIJIN Hardware provides professional CNC plastic parts custom processing services. We have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the field of hardware and plastic product processing.

We have a professional team of engineers who can solve all your doubts about processing and production.

What Are The Common Surface Treatments Of CNC Machining Plastic Parts?

In order to make the plastic parts look more beautiful and textured, the products are usually surface treated.

The common surface treatments of plastic machining are:Ā Frosting, spraying, silk screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing, laser engraving, electrophoresis (water electroplating), vacuum coating, bite pattern (etching, skin texture) for plastic abrasives.

Electroplating and painting are common processing techniques for surface treatment of plastic parts.

YIJIN Hardware has more than 20 years of experience in the production of plastic products, no matter what kind of personalized design you have, YIJIN Hardware will provide you with one-stop custom machining service.

What Are The Common Surface Treatments Of CNC Machining Plastic Parts?

The CNC machining plastic parts have a wide range of applications, involving almost all industries, such asĀ home appliances (most of the casings of home appliances are plastic products), toys, mobile phone casings, computer casings, auto parts, daily necessities and so on.

Plastic products can be found everywhere in our lives, which shows that their practicality and best-selling are very large.

What Are The Common Problems Encountered In The CNC Machining Process Of Plastic Products?

Plastic parts produce burrs (or flash, overflow, overflow): The occurrence of burrs is caused by the overflow of molten injection molding resin from the parting surface of the mold, which is the worst state in the forming operation.

Especially when the burr is firmly adhered to the parting surface of the mold and the mold is clamped, it will damage the parting surface of the mold.

If the mold is damaged in this way, new burrs will occur in the molded product when reworked. At the same time, it also aggravates the damage of the mold and makes it unusable.

So pay special attention.

  • Do not use excessive injection pressure
  • Improve clamping force
  • Take good care of the mold
  • Adjust injection volume, lower temperature

Surface depressions (or shrinkage pits) of plastic parts: Depressions are the most common surface defects of molded products.

It is a defect formed in the wall thickness part due to the volume change caused by the thermal shrinkage of the molded product.

Depression is a minor defect compared with insufficient forming. Often occurs when the mold cavity is filled with molten resin, but the holding pressure is not sufficient.

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