Determined to Provide the Safest CNC Custom Machining Services for the Shipping Industry​

Shipping is the largest transportation method that we can achieve in single transportation so far, which also highlights the importance of shipping.

YIJIN Hardware has been working in the metal manufacturing industry for many years. With advanced machines, extraordinary technology, and excellent service capability, we have provided custom parts for many shipping companies.


Shipping Industry Custom Ship Parts Content:

Why Choose Us As Your Custom Ship Parts Manufacturer

  • Cost Savings: CNC machining often requires less material than other manufacturing methods.
  • Quality Assurance: Once your order is confirmed, we will conduct a full Manufacturing Feasibility Analysis (DFM) review for you to raise any issues we believe may affect the quality of your parts.
  • Reduced Waste: CNC machining generates little waste, as the material is only removed from the workpiece as needed.
  • Increased Efficiency: CNC machining is often faster than traditional manufacturing methods, such as hand-cutting or molding.


How Does YIJIN Hardware Ensure the Quality of Your Custom Ship Parts?

YIJIN Hardware will proactively understand the quality points that customers care about from the initial communication, and provide cost-effective and rationalized suggestions from design, material, production process, manufacturability, etc.

We will share the order manufacturing process with you in real-time and resolve any quality issues that may be encountered during the production process.

All incoming materials will meet your design specifications, and a comprehensive inspection report can be provided for confirmation before shipment.