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Titanium CNC Machining Service

To Provide You with High-Quality Titanium Parts and Custom Processing Services

titanium parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

Product Introduction Of CNC Machining Titanium Parts

Titanium is an important structural metal developed in the 1950s. Due to the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, machining titanium parts by CNC are widely used in aircraft parts, automobile parts, photography equipment parts, medical equipment parts and other fields.

Titanium parts can be made into many colors through surface treatment, such as titanium gray, gun gray, black, imitation gold, coffee color, blue, purple and so on.

Due to the good strength, toughness, biocompatibility, heat resistance, plasticity, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance of titanium parts, it has become the ace alloy in the titanium alloy industry.

Provide High Quality Service for CNC Machining of Titanium Alloy

titanium parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

YIJIN Hardware has over 20 years of experience in CNC machining and custom metal fabrication services.

With advanced in-house equipment and tooling facilities, skilled machinists and extensive expertise, we can provide precision titanium machining services and custom high-quality titanium CNC machined components with precise specifications, budget prices and on-time delivery according to your requirements.

In our CNC machining workshop custom metal fabrication, milling, turning, drilling and other processes can be performed, as well as excellent surface treatment.

Our range of titanium and titanium components are used in a wide range of industries and applications, typically including aircraft parts and fasteners, gas turbine engines, compressor blades, housings, engine fairings and heat shields.

YIJIN cnc workshop

Provide You With More Processing Options

Titanium Machining Materials: Titanium grade 5 (Ti 6Al-4V), grade 2, grade 7, grade 23 (Ti 6Al-4V Eli), etc.

Surface Treatment Capabilities: Wire drawing, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, sandblasting, laser engraving, electroplating, shot peening, electrophoresis, chromate, powder coating and painting.

CNC Machining Process: Drilling, thread milling, broaching, tapping, spline, reaming, parting/cutting, profiling, facing, turning, threading, internal forming, grooving, knurling, countersinking, boring, counterbore, hobbing.

Quality Assurance: ± .0002 inches, ± .005 mm ISO9001:2015 certified

Application of Custom Titanium Parts: Titanium is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density and high strength.

It is a typical ideal material for aerospace, medical, chemical processing, marine industry and extreme heat applications.

Titanium Machining-FAQS

What is the Advantages for CNC Machining Titanium Parts?

CNC machining titanium parts have the characteristics of low density, high strength, good anti-corrosion performance, low thermal conductivity, non-toxic and non-magnetic, weldable, and strong surface decoration.

They are widely used in aerospace parts, medical precision equipment, petroleum Chemicals, ships, construction vehicles, sporting goods and daily necessities and other fields.

Grade 5 titanium is the most popular titanium alloy. Titanium has beneficial properties and properties such as good ductility, high melting point and low thermal conductivity, is resistant to corrosion by seawater, chlorine and more media, is very strong yet lightweight, and is non-magnetic.

Compared to other metals, it is as strong as steel, and titanium is denser and stronger than aluminum. All these properties enable CNC machined titanium parts to have a long service life even in challenging environments.

What is the Properties of Titanium Alloys?

  • Corrosion resistant to seawater, aqua regia and chlorine
  • Can be alloyed with iron, aluminum, vanadium and molybdenum
  • Good ductility, high melting point, low thermal conductivity
  • Does not react with fleshy tissue and bones
  • Very active in liquid form
  • Not attacked by inorganic acids at room temperature

What are the Common Surface Treatments of Titanium Alloys? Why Surface Treatment?

Any material has its advantages and disadvantages, in order to further improve the corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, wear resistance and fretting resistance of titanium alloy parts.

Surface treatment of titanium parts after CNC machining is an effective way to further expand the use of titanium alloys.

The surface treatment process of titanium alloy covers almost all methods of metal surface treatment at present, including metal plating, electroless plating, thermal diffusion, anodizing, thermal spraying, low-pressure ion process, surface alloying of electrons and lasers, non-equilibrium magnetron Sputtering coating, ion nitriding, PVD coating, ion coating, nanotechnology, etc.

Advanced Drilling Solutions via CNC

CNC technology has revolutionized the field of drilling by offering advanced solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and versatility.

With CNC drilling, manufacturers can achieve precise hole placement, depths, and diameters, ensuring optimal component functionality.

The use of high-speed spindles and advanced tooling enables rapid material removal and minimizes cycle times.

Furthermore, CNC drilling machines can automate tool changes, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

These advancements have made CNC drilling an indispensable technique in industries such as electronics, metalworking, and construction.

Titanium Parts in the Process of Oxidation Skin is Not Divided by What Reason?

There are many reasons for the defect that the oxide scale is not removed completely, and each process may be possible. There may be poor degreasing, or insufficient time for molten salt treatment, or failure of the pickling solution.When this defect occurs, various possible factors should be excluded one by one, and sandblasting process can be added to the pretreatment when necessary.

Shenzhen YIJIN Hardware has provided custom metal fabrication for customers in the medical industry for a long time.

It has processed various custom titanium parts, and is specially equipped with tools suitable for processing titanium alloys.

More than 60 machining centers can improve machining efficiency and shorten machining cycles.

The machining accuracy can reach 0.005mm, and the three-dimensional, micrometer and other precision testing instruments are complete, ensuring the qualified rate of shipment of titanium alloy products!