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6061 Aluminium Alloy Custom CNC Part

Aluminum alloy custom machined part in the medical field has the characteristics of easy disassembly and assembly, lightweight and certain strength.

Therefore, for a CNC machining parts supplier, aluminum alloy is generally selected to manufacture.

Today, Yijin Hardware is going to introduce this 6061 aluminum alloy custom-machined part, which is applied to the adapter of medical instruments. Let’s take a look.

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061

This 6061 aluminum alloy custom-machined part is a connector for use in the medical field.

Some medical tool rods need to be fitted or replaced with different sizes when they are under-length or the model is not applicable, while the 6061 aluminum alloy machined part is a key part of replacing the rod.

The two sections of the parts have different specifications of connection threads and three auxiliary through holes on the side.

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