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custom aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware
CNC aluminum products manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

CNC Aluminum Machining introduction

Aluminum machining refers to daily necessities and industrial products obtained through a series of processing and packaging processes with aluminum alloy as the main raw material.

Aluminum alloy materials are favored by engineers in various industries due to their light weight and good oxidation effect, and are frequently used materials in CNC machining.

Why choose aluminum alloy, because of its low density, light weight, easy processing and good surface treatment effect.

The performance of the CNC machined components, the use environment, and the different needs of the processing process, the aluminum alloy materials used are also different.

The aluminum alloy models commonly used by YIJIN Hardware are: 5052, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075, etc.

We have a standing inventory of commonly used materials, which is convenient for direct use during processing and shortens the delivery time.

CNC Aluminum Machining Characteristics

CNC Aluminum Machining Material:

Aluminum 6061, aluminum 2024, aluminum 5052, aluminum 6063, aluminum 7050, aluminum 7075, aluminum MIC-6.

CNC Aluminum Machining Accuracy:

Our CNC turning centers produce precision turned parts with tolerances as small as +/- .0.01.

CNC Aluminum Machining Surface Treatment:

Anodizing, powder spraying, painting, electroplating, passivation, polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting, silk screen printing, laser engraving, electrophoresis, CD pattern, etching, highlighting, etching pattern, glue, etc.

Custom Aluminum Parts Surface Treatment Color:

Black, natural, blue, green and different colors are available in high quality finishes according to your requirements.

CNC Aluminum Machining Technology:

CNC aluminum milling, CNC aluminum turning, CNC aluminum drilling, etc.

CNC Aluminum Machining Applications:

Aluminum alloy is an essential industrial material and a commonly used CNC machining material because of its interesting thermal properties and excellent machinability, making it the material of choice for most manufacturing sectors in numerous industries.

custom aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware
cnc turned components
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Advantages of CNC Aluminum Machining

custom aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

Cycle Time – Short production cycle

High Quality Material – Soft, lightweight, strength-to-weight ratio, machinability, plasticity, machinability durable, corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, non-flammable, anodizing potential, low temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, recyclability.

Custom Designs – Our CNCs can accommodate a wide range of tools to ensure custom aluminum parts are manufactured to the exact specifications our customers require.

High Precision – Strictly control each step of the procedure, and carry out strict quality inspection of custom aluminum parts to ensure product quality.

Strong Production Capacity – Strong processing capacity, multiple production lines, professional and mature supporting equipment.

Rapid Production – With CNC milling services, we have the ability to manufacture complex parts in a short period of time.

High-Quality Service – Timely communication with customers about production progress, 3+1 service, on-time delivery.

Common Problems in the Process of Aluminum Fabrication

Why do some customized aluminum alloy products turn black after anodizing?

YIJIN Hardware reminds you that it may be that your aluminum machining material is not selected correctly, such as using aluminum alloy 7075.

As we all know, the oxidation effect of AL6061 is excellent, while the appearance of 6061 and 7075 materials is similar, and it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

If there is no inspection before processing, and AL7075 is mistakenly processed as AL6061, the above problems will occur.

7075 aluminum is a forged alloy, which is synthesized from a variety of materials. During oxidation, due to the different chemical reactions of each material, the oxidation effect is uneven, and there are even some black spots. If the product is an appearance part, the effect will be great discounted.

Therefore, YIJIN Hardware reminds you again that aluminum machining materials, especially those with post-processing requirements, must ensure the authenticity of the raw materials.

As a CNC machining supplier, YIJIN Hardware is specially equipped with a spectrometer that can detect raw materials, so as to ensure the authenticity of the materials.