Committed to Providing the Best Custom Medical Parts Machining Services

Medical care is very important to human life. As a
customized machining parts supplier, YIJIN Hardware has been committed to providing the best custom medical components for the medical industry.


Medical Industry CNC Lathe Processing:

Why Choose Us as your Custom Medical Components Manufacturer

  1. Rich Industry Experience – All custom medical parts are high precision, intelligent and environmentally friendly.
  2. Custom Design – Customized machining of medical parts and prototypes for you.
  3. Advanced Technology and Experienced Team – The equipment is advanced to meet the customer’s large and small batch production. The experienced engineers will offers cost-effective and rationalized advice on design, materials, production processes, manufacturability, and more.
  4. Quality Assurance – No machined parts will leave our workshop unless it has been fully inspected.
  5. High-Quality Service – We will share the order manufacturing process with you in real time
Custom cnc casting parts for medical industry manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

The development of CNC Machining Services for the medical industry

The CNC industry has become the foundation of all manufacturing industries. With the continuous progress of society and technological innovation, precision CNC machine tools are more and more widely used in the medical field. Medical parts have the characteristics of complex structure, tough material and difficult processing. CNC machining is an ideal method for machining such medical parts. Multi-axis CNC turning and milling are outstanding in the field of precision medical device manufacturing, mainly for the manufacture of orthopedic implants (vertebral hooks, bone plates, bone screws, acetabular balls, etc.) and dental implants (implant abutments, denture models, etc.).

Application of CNC machining centers in the Medical device

In recent years, the application of CNC machining centers in the medical device industry has shown a dynamic growth trend. Compared with other mechanical processing industries, the medical device processing industry has very strict requirements on the repeated positioning accuracy, rigidity, processing efficiency, and surface finish and accuracy of CNC machining centers.