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Established nearly 20 years ago, Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. is your professional CNC service provider in China, which has been pursuing high precision hardware including CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, metal stamping parts as well as non-standard fasteners, with a production pass rate of 99.9%. Yijin Hardware is a recognized and trusted hardware partner in many industries around the world and has established good strategic partnerships with a lot of well-known companies both in China and around the world. Compared with other CNC service providers, Yijin Hardware has great advantages to meet your requirements in terms of technology, quality and price. With the support of Yijin Hardware’s professional experience and technologies, many partners have achieved their ideas, and this puts Yijin Hardware’s hardware parts further ahead of other CNC service companies in fields such as aerospace, military, medicine and communication. Now Yijin Hardware is using this solid foundation to explore a larger global market.

In order to meet high quality requirements in various industries around the world, Yijin Hardware has purchased the best CNC milling machines and screw machines from Germany, the best CNC lathes from Switzerland, and the best high-precision testing equipment from Japan. Now we have CNC 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis high-speed 30T stamping equipment, die-casting equipment, high-precision screw machines and cold heading machines, and we are always in pursuit of technological breakthroughs and training talents. When you need high-quality products with high accuracy and complete CNC machining services, Yijin Hardware can help you with design concepts, product development, mass production, and other hardware part expertise and professional machining cooperation. Call or email us now, and we will immediately provide you with 24-hour professional CNC services and professional machining cooperation.

With all of its personnel’s efforts, Yijin Hardware keeps growing in a steady way and maintains long-term good relationships of cooperation with companies around the world in various fields including aerospace, military, medicine, and communication. Yijin Hardware has been appreciated and praised by all customers for both quality and accuracy of its products.

CNC Machining Services

With a team of professional engineers and manufacturing technicians, Yijin Hardware provides high-precision hardware parts machining technologies and strict quality management to serve both enterprises and government agencies in all walks of life around the world. Yijin’s CNC machining equipment comes from Germany and Switzerland, which allows our machining accuracy to perfectly meet our customers’ requirements. We can easily machine hardware parts with a diameter of 0.015 to 50 inches and effectively control the machining time. With high-precision quality, Yijin Hardware’s technical experts on CNC finishing are expertly commissioning the equipment and preparing to earn the trust of new energy customers from Slovenia. From CNC turning and milling to stamping and die-casting, we can provide professional technical guidance, project quotation and perfect matching services. Contact us now for the services and quotes that you want. We will solve your problems and meet all your needs for hardware parts.

World-Class CNC Services

  • PLANT SIZE – Yijin Hardware’s CNC machining factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, with a production capacity of 8 million pieces per month. For an urgent order, we can produce a high-precision sample within 24 hours. For Yijin’s hardware, we can manufacture a new mold within 5 days and provide a sample within 7 days.

  • GOOD EQUIPMENT – All of Yijin Hardware’s equipment is imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Sweden. With excellent equipment, high-precision technologies, exquisite workmanship and strict quality management, Yijin Hardware provides high-quality hardware products and professional services above the international workshop level.

  • HIGH QUALITY CNC SERVICES – As a professional CNC service provider of hardware covering high-precision CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, stamping parts and die-casting parts as well as non-standard parts, Yijin Hardware provides CNC machining parts that are used in various industries around the world covering USA, UK and Germany. For the quality control of hardware parts, coordinate detectors, two-dimensional microscopes, and horizontal and vertical detectors are very demanding.


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CNC (Computer Numerical Control) services, also known as CNC machining services, are widely used in the manufacturing process. An experienced operator can often use a machine tool to program a tool path by judging a part’s final geometry. The control system issues instructions to the tool to perform various movements that meet requirements so that the part is well machined.

The manufacturing cost of CNC services is determined by several factors: <1>the market. In many cases, a CNC machining manufacturer will adjust the price according to the market. Of course, this is not the main factor. <2>the product to be machined, if the product to be machined is copied, the more the CNC machining process is needed, the higher the cost. <3>the material machined by the CNC services. Different materials have different machining difficulties. Obviously, the factors that determine the cost of CNC services are more than the above and specifically depend on the actual situation.

There are many types of CNC machining services. Choose Yijin Hardware as your provider, and the following types of CNC machining services are available:
1. CNC turning Services
2. CNC milling Services
3. CNC boring Services
4. CNC drilling Services
5. And some other precision CNC machining services

The CNC machining center is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. Based on the state of the spindle in the space, CNC machining centers are often divided into vertical CNC machining center, horizontal CNC machining center, gantry CNC machining center, and universal CNC machining center.

  1. Vertical CNC machining center: With the structure of a mostly fixed column and a rectangular worktable, it is suitable for machining plates, sleeves and plate parts. A vertical CNC machining center usually has three linear motion coordinates, in axes X, Y and Z, and a fourth axis A can also be installed on the worktable. The vertical CNC machining center is convenient for clamping, easy to operate, easy to observe the machining conditions, and easy to debug the program. However, due to the influence of the column’s height and the tool change mechanism, parts that are too high cannot be machined. The vertical CNC machining center has a simple structure, a small area and a low price.
  2. Horizontal CNC machining center: It usually adopts a movable column and the headstock is between the two columns and moves up and down along the guide rail. A horizontal CNC machining center usually has three linear motion coordinates. Facing the machine tool, the left and right movement is axis X, the front and back movement is axis Z, and the upward and downward movement is axis Y. A fourth axis A can also be installed on the worktable for the horizontal CNC machining center. It can be used to machine parts such as spiral wires and cylindrical cams. It is inconvenient to observe the debugging program, test pin cutting and monitor the machining process for the horizontal CNC machining center. it is inconvenient to clamp and measure parts, but it is easy to discharge pins during machining. Compared with the vertical CNC machining center, the horizontal CNC machining center has a complicated structure, a large area, and a high price.
  3. Gantry CNC machining center: Mostly its spindle is vertically set up, with an ATC system and replaceable spindle head accessories. The system software has many functions and can be used for multiple purposes in just one machine, suitable for machining large parts.
  4. Universal CNC machining center: The universal CNC machining center is a five-sided machining center, which has the functions of both a vertical CNC machining center and a horizontal CNC machining center. Once a workpiece is clamped, the machining of all sides and the top surface can be completed except the mounting surface. There are two kinds of common universal CNC machining centers:
    1) The spindle can rotate 90°, and it can work like a vertical CNC machining center or a horizontal CNC machining center.
    2) The spindle does not change its direction, and the worktable rotates 90° with the workpiece to finish the machining of five sides.

Just as the quality of parts by CNC machining can be very different, there is a gap in the strengths between different CNC machining manufacturers. You can choose a high-quality CNC machining manufacturer from the following aspects.

A good reputation and a reputation for customer satisfaction are the soul of enterprise development, and they are also the part that people particularly value when purchasing goods. A good reputation also guarantees good after-sales service.

Product quality
The quality of CNC machining parts is the foundation of a manufacturer’s survival, which directly affects customers’ purchases. A high-quality CNC machining center manufacturer can configure the models according to the customer’s specific requirements. If you have high accuracy requirements for the parts to be machined, you can configure the guide rails of the screw rails. If you value production efficiency, you can choose to use the manipulator disc tool magazine for tool change. The satisfaction of customer needs is also based on the excellent quality of parts by CNC machining.

After-sales service
The need for after-sales service for CNC machining parts does not mean that there is a problem with the CNC machining manufacturer’s products. On the contrary, perfect after-sales service is a good embodiment of the strength and reliability of a CNC machining manufacturer. After-sales problems should be handled in a timely manner, and equipment problems should be solved in place. After a product is purchased from the CNC machining manufacturer, whether follow-up is carried out for CNC services and whether it is continued are both evaluation criteria for high-quality machining center manufacturers.

Website qualification
When you choose a suitable CNC machining center manufacturer on the Internet, you can also refer to its qualifications reflected on the third-party websites to judge the strengths of the manufacturer. For example, does the manufacturer’s website have the official website certification, or has its credibility passed the real-name certification? On the B2B platform, you can refer to a store’s age, praise rate and credibility level, which are service data accumulation of the manufacturer over the years and a good reflection of the service ability of a high-quality manufacturer.

Field trip

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. The information on the Internet is dazzling, and it can be true or false. Therefore, after choosing a satisfactory provider through comprehensive comparison, be sure to make a field trip and bring the commonly used part blanks to actual testing. Only if the blanks from the CNC service provider are perfectly machined, its technical strengths are trustworthy.

Shop around to get a good idea, and carry out comparison based on reputation, quality, market, and after-sales service. Only by comprehensive comparison can you determine the most cost-effective parts.


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