Hard Anodizing Aluminum and Its Applications

Introduction Surfaces of aluminum-based alloys and other non-ferrous metals can be coated with a thick oxide layer via hard coat anodizing. Aluminum anodizing with a hard coat is often called Type III anodizing. This type of anodizing increases the resistance of the base metal to abrasion and corrosion, decreases surface conductivity, and increases surface hardness….

What’s the Difference between 3-Axis, 4-Axis & 5-Axis Machining?

CNC machining workshop

Using CNC machining is becoming a vital production technique. Medical, aerospace, optical, mechanical, and other sectors use CNC precision machining for milling. Milling removes material from a workpiece by inserting it at an angle to the tool axis using rotary cutters. A milling machine’s axes define its capabilities and workpiece positions. CNC milling works well…

A Comprehensive Guide To Plasma Cutting, Its Working And Top Advantages

Plasma cutting for aluminum

Plasma cutting has many benefits compared to other ways of making metal. It is cheaper and more accurate than some other methods. It can also cut more comprehensive pieces with the same accuracy each time. This technology is good for making metal pieces! Do you want to know about plasma cutting? Why do they use…

What is Electrical Discharge Machining & How does it Works : Everything You Need to Know about it

0.3~3.0mm deep small hole machining

Introduction: Electrical Discharge Machining is a simple non-traditional process used to acquire the related shape of the material by using a simple method named Electrical Discharge. Most experts use this method whenever barriers come within simple machining methods. Since the industrial revolution, most industries or manufacturers have limited the product-making process. The first thing that…

Top 10 China Aluminum Machining Parts Manufacturers

milling spare parts 1

Did you know? Aluminum possesses the unique property of being effortlessly recyclable, allowing it to be repurposed infinitely without compromising its integrity. The process demands a mere 5% of the energy necessary to manufacture fresh aluminum. Looking for reliable aluminum machining parts producers in China? Your search is over! The vast array of aluminum machining…

2023 Top 10 China Aluminum Turning Parts Manufacturers

aluminum turning parts samples

Aluminum turning parts are essential in many industries, from aerospace to medical equipment. These parts are crucial for the smooth operation of various machines, and as such, it’s crucial to find the best possible manufacturers to supply them. And when it comes to finding top-quality aluminum turning parts, China is the place to look. As…

Top 10 China Brass Parts Manufacturers in 2023

custom brass parts supplied by YIJIN

Searching for durable, reliable, and top-quality brass components, look no further than China – a leader in global manufacturing. Fortunately, the nation is home to some of the world’s most highly-skilled and experienced spare parts manufacturers. But with the abundance of brass part manufacturers available, it can be hard to discern which ones are worthy…

2023 Top 10 Metal Parts Manufacturing Companies in China

cnc machining factory

Did you Know? Iron is the most prevalent metal throughout the cosmos, with magnesium taking second place. If you’re searching for premium-quality metal parts, China is the ideal destination. With its wealth of resources and experienced workforce, this country is one of the premier destinations for metal parts manufacturing. But it can be hard to…

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