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Brass Machining Services
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Product Introduction Of CNC Machining Brass Components

Machining brass components are relatively common in the hardware industry. Do you know the classification of brass materials used in CNC machining?

The brass materials used in CNC machining mainly refer to copper and various alloys of copper, including brass, bronze, red copper (pure copper), cupronickel, etc.

Among them, brass is the most commonly used CNC machining material.

What Are The Qualities Of CNC Machining Brass Components:

Compared with other steels, the primary attributes of CNC machining brass components are:

CNC machining brassĀ componentsĀ have high electric conductivity and high thermal conductivity, (the electrical and thermal conductivity of copper is second only to silver, however the cost is a lot lower than that of gold and silver).

CNC machining copper parts are corrosion-resistant as well as sturdily constructed. CNC machining brass components have appropriate strength and good ductility.

In CNC machining, brass components are easy to create and also have elegant and also solemn shades. Outstanding platability of copper parts.

Brass CNC Machining
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Shenzhen YIJIN Hardware specializes in custom metal fabrication, such asĀ brass parts fabrication, stainless steel CNC lathe parts processing, automatic lathe parts, brass turning and milling composite processing.

With automatic testing, multi-process supporting ISO certification,SGS on-site factory inspection of 180 people scale strength manufacturers! We will provide an integrated solution for your machining project.

CNC Machining Brass Components- FAQS

Brass cnc machined components are typically utilized in electrical power, residence devices, construction, vehicle market, industrial equipments, and also the excellent look makes brass components incredibly popular in home accessories.

Due to the influence of the atmosphere, the surface of brass components will be oxidized to various levels, so various surface area treatment procedures require to be utilized.

Commonly used brass parts surface treatment procedures are as adheres to:

1) Bright cleansing of brass parts
2) Passivation of brass components
3) Anodizing of brass parts
4) CNC machining brass components for electroplating (zinc, nickel, chrome) treatment
5) Chemical sprucing up of copper parts

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