Fastener Supplier for Commercial & Industrial Projects

YIJIN, a leading fastener manufacturer, provides one-stop fastener services for both industrial and commercial applications.

Dedicated to the manufacturing of screws, bolts, and nuts for over 20 years, YIJIN is capable of supplying all kinds of standard and custom fasteners with a wide range of materials tailored to your needs.

Backed by our in-house fastener factory and R&D labs, we are able to supply your standard and custom fastener orders with fast shipping and less cost.

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Standard & Custom Fastener Supplier

We’ve been manufacturing various fastener components since 2002 with the capability to supply over 100,000 types of standard and custom fasteners across different industries.

Our fastener product line includes (but is not limited to) the following, which is popular among our customers worldwide.

Our Custom Fastener Manufacturing Capabilities

As a custom fastener supplier, we can support any of your custom screws, bolt, and nut design requirements (in metric or inch sizes) with a variety of materials available for your specific application.

A few of the custom fasteners we provide include self-tapping bolts, self-tapping metal screws, stainless steel u bolts, and square bolts.

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  • 1.0 mm minimum diameter
  • 2.0 mm to 2 m fastener length

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Types of Fasteners – A Complete Guide

Our Industrial Fastener Supply Solutions

We provide a wide range of services and fastener solutions for industrial applications.

Supply Custom Screws, Nuts, and Bolts in Bulk & Low Volume

Want to order custom bolts and nuts in bulk? We got your back.

With manufacturing experience of custom fasteners for over 20 years and in-house expertise, we are confident in delivering the custom nuts and bolts fasteners in bulk as you desired.

This is made possible with our superior capability in mold design, sampling, and electroplating technology.

There is no minimum order quantity required and low-volume fastener orders are welcome.

fastener producing

Supply Self Tapping Screws with Custom Design

A self-tapping screw can form its own hole while driven into the material.

Yijin is able to handle various self-tapping screws according to your design, with different materials and plating.

The fastener is available for ordering in both standard and metric sizes.

Supply High-Quality Rivet Nut Tailored to Your Needs

As a fastener supplier, Yijin is ready to manufacture any made-to-order rivets and nuts.

We can produce custom blind, solid, or semi-tubular rivets to satisfy all your rivet needs.

Thanks to our high-quality fasteners, we’ve got returned customers from home and abroad.

High-Quality Fasteners, Reasonable Price

We gained a lot of returned customers worldwide due to our high-quality products, exceptional services, and competitive prices.

At YIJIN Hardware, you can always get the best price on the market whether you are looking for custom or machine fasteners.

Decent discounts are available for wholesale fastener orders, including standard or custom screws, bolts, and nuts.

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screws head

Screw Head Type

screws inserts

Types of Drive Inserts

seft-tapping screws design

Points of Self-tapping Screws

1. Check out some frequently asked questions about Yijin, the top fastener manufacturer.
Q: Where is your factory?
A: Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China.
Q: Can I customize the product?
A: Yes, customization is available for all types of fasteners. Please send your 2D file (in PDF/DXF/DWG format) or 3D file (in IGES/STEP format) for checking and quotation.
Q: How do we know the production process?
A: We’ll send you photos and videos to show you the fastener manufacturing process.
Q: Do you offer samples?
A: Yes, we can provide samples for you to check the quality and specifications.
Q: Is it safe to send my custom fastener drawing?
A: Yes, we can sign the NDA before you send the drawings.
Q: What is the delivery time of the order?
A: Generally speaking, it takes about 7-10 days for samples and 14-20 days for mass production.
Q: What’s the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: There is no MOQ. We accept sample orders for you to check quality and specifications.
2. What types of fasteners do you supply?

There is a variety of fasteners on the market, among which the most widely used ones are screws, nuts, and bolts as the picture shows below.

  • A screw is a tapered fastener that mates with an existing thread or create its own thread in a material as it turns.
  • A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. It’s mainly in the shape of a flat hexagon, flat square column, or flat cylinder.
  • A bolt is a non-tapered fastener that is used along with nuts to hold objects together.

The following are some common types of screws, nuts, and bolts for our daily uses:

custom tapping screw sample

Self-tapping screws, Hex nut screws

Anchor bolt, anchor bolt nut

Drywall screws, Wood screws, Grub screw

Nut bolt

u bolt

Concrete screws

Eye bolts

Lag bolts, square nuts, and bolts

Carriage bolt


locking nuts and bolts

Spring washers

Set screw, Pan head screw

Brad’s nails

3. What's the custom fastener machining process?

Yijin, as a top fastener supplier, uses cold heading to manufacture custom and standard fasteners including bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and dowels.

Our advanced cold-heading manufacturing process is highly efficient and cost effective.

Custom molds will be created and applied to help produce custom fasteners with desired fastener specifications.

4. What are some of the applications for custom fasteners?

Our custom fasteners can be used in various applications thanks to our advanced multistage cold heading process, which promises higher quality and efficiency in fastener manufacturing.

Our custom fasteners have been used in a wide range of industries, including machinery manufacturing, precision electronics, timepieces, home automation, electrical machinery, and home appliances.

We supply high-quality custom fasteners that can be used in high-speed trains and other infrastructures.

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