Your Reliable Custom Fasteners Manufacturer

As a top fastener manufacturer, YIJIN Hardware has been committed to providing customers with the design and development of custom fasteners, including custom bolts and nuts, self-tapping bolts, tapping screws, custom rivets, and so on for 20+ years.

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We have the fastener factory, fastener superstore, R&D labs, and experienced and qualified staff to handle all types of needs of our customers. Welcome to email for a consultation.

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custom bolts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

About YIJIN Hardware Custom Fastener

As a custom fastener manufacturer for years, we not only provide CNC machining parts in bulk but also provides customers with custom fasteners. We strive to manufacture every standard or non-standard fastener based on customers’ requirements in a perfect way. E-mail us to custom u bolts and nuts.

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Flat Round Head Hexagon Screw manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

Supply Custom Nuts and Bolts, Screws in Bulk, with No MOQ

When our customers asked us whether we could provide custom bolts and nuts in bulk for

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the first time, our answer is yes. And as an experienced fastener manufacturer we guarantee that if we supply custom nuts and bolts hardware in bulk, we will meet customer needs.

This is our self-confidence which comes from our self-tapping screws for steel manufacturing capability. We have a team of engineers with independent mold design and development capabilities to provide a series of supporting services including mold design, sampling, and electroplating at the early stage based on the custom fastener drawings and samples from customers.

Therefore, as a rich experience custom bolts and nuts manufacturer, with a fastener factory and fastener superstore, we are also capable of manufacturing self-tapping bolts, self-tapping metal screws, stainless steel u bolts, and square bolts, and all kinds of custom metal fasteners.

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Thread Cutting vs Thread Forming – What’s the Difference

Manufacturing Your Self Tapping Screws in A Perfect Way

The reason why our customers choose us as their nut bolt manufacturer to custom they

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 champion components is that the self-tapping metal screws produced by YIJIN Hardware fastener manufacturer meet the requirements of customers in all aspects of need.

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copper hollow rivets manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

Your Trustworthy Rivet Nut Supplier

Just like a stable bridge needs to be set up between humans for mutual trust, to make a machine operate properly,

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its inner parts need to be interconnected. This is where fasteners like screws and nuts are used. The company specializes in manufacturing fasteners, standard parts, bolts, nuts, and other high-quality Chinese fastener products. It is a professional and first-class fastener manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.

As an internationally prestigious custom fastener manufacturer with a fastener factory, YIJIN Hardware manufactures remarkable fasteners featuring various specifications and high performances.

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Negotiable Price for Nuts and Bolts Hardware

In general, a fastener buyer tends to purchase fasteners wholesale from a supplier of fasteners he has worked with in order to enjoy a large price discount.

In YIJIN Hardware, the price is always negotiable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

YIJIN Hardware Fastener Processing and Customization Process and Details

Q: Where is your factory?

A: We are located in Shenzhen, China.

Q: Can you customize the product?

A: Please send 2D (PDF/DXF/DWG file) 3D (IGES/STEP file).

Q: How do we know the production process?

A: We’ll send you photos and videos to show you the process.

Q: Do you offer samples?

A: Yes, we can provide samples for customers to check the quality and specifications.

Q: Is it safe for you to get my drawing?

A: Yes, we can sign the confidentiality agreement before you send the drawings.

Q: What is the delivery time of the order?

A: Generally speaking, it takes about 7-10 days for samples and 14-20 days for mass production.

Q: What’s the minimum order quantity?

A: No MOQ, we accept sample orders for customers to check quality and specifications.

Types of Fasteners We Handle

Types of fasteners that YIJIN Hardware Offer.

At present, there are dozens of custom fastener types on the market, but the three most common types of fasteners in daily life are screws, nuts, and bolts.

    • A screw uses the object’s oblique circular rotation and force of friction to fasten an article or a workpiece.
    • A nut is mainly in the shape of a flat hexagon, flat square column, or flat cylinder, with an inner threaded hole. A nut is usually used together with a screw to fasten the connection between two separate parts to make them united.
    • A bolt is not different from a screw, with the same theory, it uses the object’s oblique circular rotation and force of friction to fasten an article or a workpiece.

Self-tapping screws, Hex nut screws

Anchor bolt, anchor bolt nut

Drywall screws, Wood screws, Grub screw

Nut bolt

u bolt

Concrete screws

Eye bolts

Lag bolts, square nuts and bolts

Carriage bolt


locking nuts and bolts

Spring washer

Set screw, Pan head screw

Brad nails

Custom Fasteners Machining Process

It is one of the few latest non-cutting metal press machining technologies, also known as a cold heading. It takes advantage of the plastic deformation of the metal due to external forces and uses a mold to redistribute and transfer its volume so as to produce the required part or blank. Standard fasteners such as bolts and nuts, screws, rivets, and dowels as well as some non-standard fasteners are all manufactured by cold heading.

Custom Bolts and Nuts Application Scope

As a top custom fastener manufacturer/bolts and nuts supplier, we manufacture custom fasteners with an outer diameter as short as 1.0 mm and with a length down to 2.0 mm and up to 2 m. Here to see the Super-Detailed–Metric Thread Sizes Chart

With such advantages, we stand out from so many fasteners wholesalers.

Therefore, YIJIN Hardware one of the largest fastener manufacturers in China has accompanied the Chinese high-speed train projects for development for many years, in good cooperation with China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group.

Because of professionalism and focus on the fastener manufacturing industry, we have gained attention from a lot of companies around the world.

The cold heading process leads to higher production efficiency and higher custom bolts and fasteners’ quality, as well as reducing material consumption and fastener production costs and improving working conditions. Therefore, in machinery manufacturing, precision electronics, timepieces, home automation, electrical machinery, and home appliances, especially the production of standard and non-standard fasteners, the most representative products made by the multistage cold heading are flange bolts and nuts, square nuts and bolts, screws, heterogenous fasteners, molded parts, self-locking bolts, self-tapping screws, and carriage bolts.