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We have 5 CNC machining engineers here to solve all your problems with custom machining parts.

Our engineers will proactively understand the quality points that customers care about from the initial communication, and provide cost-effective and rationalized suggestions from design, material, production process, manufacturability, etc for your custom machining parts.

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YIJIN CNC milling parts

Milled Products

YIJIN Hardware offers the best CNC milling services for all types of custom metal fabrication.

We have rich experience in milling parts, and the company integrates R&D, production, and sales, so we also have obvious price advantages.

Welcome to consult and customize efficient solutions for your custom machining parts.

CNC Milling Parts

Turned Products

More than 20 years of experience in the custom machining parts industry.

YIJIN Hardware is a CNC machining parts supplier, and the company is specializing in Rapid Prototyping, CNC machining, and Sheet Metal Fabrication products for over 20 years with good quality and very competitive prices.

CNC Turning Parts

CNC Milling Solutions

In the milling process, due to the influence of the workpiece material, cutting parameters and tool geometric parameters, the phenomenon of tool wear, chipping and built-up edge often occurs.

CNC Turning Solutions

In actual thread turning, due to various reasons, there is a problem in a certain link of the movement from the spindle to the tool, causing a failure during thread turning and affecting normal production, and it should be solved in time.

CNC Drilling Solutions

Common problems in drilling process are broken drill nozzle, partial hole, rough hole wall, smear in hole, nailhead, plug hole, large aperture, small aperture, etc. There are many reasons for these problems, and most of the time these problems are not caused by a single factor.

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YIJIN Hardware Offers:

  • We ensure on-financial plan items and on-time delivery
  • We have outstanding guidelines and phenomenal expense control
  • We offer types of assistance for both privately owned businesses and administrative organizations
  • We have 20-year experience, with a genuine spotlight on consumer loyalty

Give Yijin Hardware your idea and drawing or sample, and everything will be handled by the professional engineers and skilled technicians in Yijin Hardware until you get what you want.

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