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CNC Machining 316 Stainless Steel Component

The sewage treatment is a very important thing to us, because a poor sewage treatment can really affect our living and even survival. Today, Yijin Hardware is going to introduce a 316 stainless steel component which is used as the hollow pipe adapter for a sewage treatment device. Maybe a lot of stainless steel products manufacturers have never machined or even seen this 316 stainless steel component. First, this 316 stainless steel component is very complicated to machine and has high accuracy requirements, and then so many machining steps are required to manufacture this 316 stainless steel component completely that most stainless steel products manufacturers don’t want to do it or haven’t even seen it.

Product material: stainless steel 316L

Product introduction: This is a hollow pipe adapter for the sewage treatment device which is used as the main channel for sewage discharge. Because of long-term contact with liquids with high acidity or alkalinity, it has high corrosion resistance requirements.

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