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CNC Lathe Machined Parts

The surface treatment for lathe machine parts can both protect and decorate them and leads to a good hand feeling. This process is easy or difficult, depending on the turned parts manufacturer. Generally, the capability of surface treatment for lathe machine parts is mandatory for a qualified turned parts manufacturer, and a turned parts manufacturer with maturer technologies can perform more kinds of surface treatments. Today, Yijin Hardware is going to introduce a lathe machine part which is a stainless steel CNC machining part used for aviation, with dual-color surface treatment.

Product material: Aluminum 6063

Product introduction: This is a CNC turning aluminum part with dual-color surface treatment which requires black anodizing and golden chemical conductive oxidation respectively. As a application camera part, this aluminum part has a certain corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity after chemical conductive oxidation. When used for electronic equipment, aluminum parts can prevent electromagnetic signal interference after chemical conductive oxidation.

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