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Custom CNC Turning Nylon Bush

Product introduction: This white custom CNC turning nylon bush is manufactured for Air France by Yijin Hardware, a top precision CNC turning parts manufacturer, as a decorating part for the luggage rack inside an airplane. Nylon features high abrasive resistance the most and can endure ten thousand times of winding without fracture. The Clemson University from USA conducted an experiment of two years in which a carpet of zeftron500 nylon 6 and a carpet of Antron XL nylon 6 are used at Tampa International Airport, with very heavy pedestrian traffic. The results suggest that BASF’s Zeftron500 nylon is slightly better than Antron XL in terms of color retentivity and pile abrasion resistance, and they have the same anti-dust capability. The melting point is 220 ℃ for nylon 6 and 260 ℃ for nylon 66, but this is not a difference as to the service temperature of carpets. A lower melting point allows nylon 6 to have higher rebound resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability than nylon 66, so nylon 6 is widely used for internal decorating parts in the aviation industry.

Material: nylon, also known as polyamide (PA for short)

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