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Custom CNC Turning 304 Stainless Steel Parts

What is the most important to a custom CNC-turning airplane part made of stainless steel? Certainly, it is the safety of the manufacturing material.

This is the first thing to consider for either an airplane manufacturer or a custom CNC turning parts manufacturer. And then it is the weight issue. The product that we are going to introduce today is a custom stainless steel CNC-turning airplane part manufactured with the contribution of Yijin Hardware.

Product introduction: This part is a product used for airplanes. Made of stainless steel 304, it is a shaft part featuring corrosion resistance, rustiness resistance, and high precision.

As an important part of the airplane assembly, this 304 stainless steel part is composed of the knob, spindle, fiber rod, nuts, handle, and threaded shaft.

The threaded shaft is one of the precision CNC turning shaft parts manufactured by Yijin Hardware. Used for a fixed connection between the fiber rod and the handle, this shaft with specifications of Φ8*160 has two segments of different threads in the middle, both of which play a key role in coordination with the fiber rod and nuts. Adjusting the nuts allows the handle to slide leftward and rightward on the threaded shaft.

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