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2023 Top 10 China Aluminum Turning Parts Manufacturers

Aluminum turning parts are essential in many industries, from aerospace to medical equipment. These parts are crucial for the smooth operation of various machines, and as such, it’s crucial to find the best possible manufacturers to supply them.

And when it comes to finding top-quality aluminum turning parts, China is the place to look.

As the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, China has a wealth of experienced and skilled manufacturers that produce a wide range of aluminum machining parts.

Identifying top-tier manufacturers, however, can be daunting due to the abundance of options.

To recognize their dedication to excellence, we have gathered a list of the ten Chinese aluminum turning part makers who have consistently demonstrated high quality, dependability, and invention.

We will shine a spotlight on these companies and unravel the secrets of their success. From their commitment to using the latest technology to their focus on customer service, these companies have earned their place on our list and are sure to impress.

So if you’re in the market for high-quality aluminum turning parts and want to ensure you’re working with the best manufacturers, read on to discover who made our list.

CNC machine tool parameter testing

1. Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd., has become one of the most trusted CNC machining companies in China, providing high-quality, cost-efficient aluminum turning parts manufacturing services.

YIJIN Hardware has a range of state-of-the-art CNC machines with high precision tolerances, capable of processing a wide variety of materials, as well as providing other services such as grinding, milling, trimming, drilling, deburring, tapping, threading, sandblasting, polishing, vibratory finishing, pressure testing, washing, and assembly.

YIJIN Hardware provides an array of aluminum turning parts to diverse industries, including aerospace, electronics, medical, automotive, and high-tech.

Their skilled CNC machining team and meticulous oversight guarantee customers are provided with the best products and delivered on time.

YIJIN Hardware remains dedicated to making further improvements and wishes to develop strong and successful relationships with customers through the fruition of mutual advantages.

aluminum turning parts samples

2. Anebon

With a specialized focus on manufacturing aluminum turning parts, Anebon Metal offers advanced engineering solutions for a variety of sectors.

Since its inception in 2010, Anebon Metal has attained eminent status in the metal parts manufacturing market and earned ISO 9001:2015 certification.

With advanced CNC milling and turning machines, surface grinders, internal and plain grinders, WEDM, and large laser cutting machines imported from Japan, Anebon Metal has the tools to create complex and intricate aluminum-turned parts.

Anebon Metal’s expertise in aluminum turning parts or Aluminium CNC parts manufacturing is reflected in its wide range of successful projects for various industries, such as automotive, medical, petrochemical, construction, aviation, industrial connector, and communications industries.

The team interacts with customers to ensure their desires are acknowledged, culminating in an outstanding and proficient end product.

aluminum turning parts samples

3. Shenzhen Promostar Hardware

Since 2004, Shenzhen Promostar Hardware Co., Ltd. has been offering superior CNC Turning, Milling, Sheet Metal Machining, and Stamping services.

They utilize a variety of materials such as aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, and many more, providing comprehensive solutions for all your manufacturing requirements.

Their Shenzhen-based establishment boasts Innovative technology, including CNC machining centers, CNC Turning Machines, and Automatic Turning Machines, giving them the exceptional ability to manufacture a wide range of intricate components.

For industries like Automotive, Astronomy, Semiconductors, Optics, and Electronics to Machinery, Shenzhen Promostar Hardware is an excellent choice with its cost-effective rates and quality services.

Having attained ISO 9001:2015 certification for their factory, their team of independent thinkers guarantees customer satisfaction with their customer-centric approach.


FRIMA provides comprehensive CNC aluminum turning parts production for a range of businesses in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical technology.

Located in an 8,000-square-foot facility in Ningbo, China, their machine shop features all the necessary equipment for superior precision manufacturing.

Their process consists of surface treatments like grinding, deburring, heat treatment, electroplating, and painting, all in pursuit of premium quality.

FRIMA’s professional surface treatment services enable the swift completion of any design in mere hours, enabling customers to perfect their product before it goes into production.

Also, FRIMA provides PPAP Quality Control, Surface Finishing, Stamping & Fabrication, Precision Machining, and more services, with an in-house team of quality engineering and administrative personnel ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction and flawless results.

CNC Turning 1

5. Fifth Metal

For over two decades, Fifth Metal Industrial Co., LTD. has established a strong reputation as the one-stop solution for all your aluminum turning part manufacturing requirements.

Their cutting-edge production machinery, including CNC milling machines and lathes, ensures the highest precision and quality for all the products they produce.

It ranges from CNC machined components, sheet metal fabrication, and metal stamping prototypes and production to surface treatments and other services.

Fifth Metal is a distinguished provider in the medical, aerospace & aviation, precision instrument, food equipment, auto part, and electronics sectors, aiming to provide first-class goods and excellent service.

Fifth Metal is equipped with an extensive range of services, including design advice, technical guidance, and complete access to its fabrication processes.

Whether you require bulk or small quantities, they can work on your specifications and samples to guarantee that all orders are delivered on schedule.

6. Hokare

For superior aluminum turning parts, Hokare Machinery stands as the preeminent manufacturer and provider of CNC machining and aluminum casting in China.

Possessing two decades of experience, they have developed into an international leader in offering one-stop CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, and aluminum casting services.

Their CNC parts and aluminum casting components are extensively used in the mechanical domain, and they have achieved significant skill through their work with Fortune 500 businesses.

Hokare is focused on delivering exemplary customer service, including competitive pricing, swift delivery, and complete inspection before shipment.

With their advanced CNC machinery, they take pride in producing perfect components and guaranteeing secure, punctual shipping.

Whether you require parts from a sample or a drawing, Hokare can help you obtain the most advantageous price for your task.

custom turning parts for automotive

7. BXD Machining

BXD Machining is an expert in low-volume manufacturing of custom CNC machining parts and sheet metal parts and has been serving in the industry for over a decade.

It is dedicated to delivering high-quality Aluminum Turning Parts services with a complete one-stop solution. The company has you covered everything from design, production, quality inspection, and shipping to after-sales service.

With their cutting-edge CNC machining technologies, BXD Machining is your best source for supremely accurate machining services.

Their offerings range from milling, turning, and EDM to wire EDM, surface grinding, and more.

Utilizing reliable tools and supply lines, they can provide top-notch prototypes and small-scale machined parts in an efficient period.

Their output is popular in several sectors, from automotive to communication systems and medical technology.

8. Junying Metal

With over 15 years of experience in precision machining and advanced production facilities, Junying Metal Manufacturing Co. offers top-notch aluminum turning parts manufacturing services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Junying Metal specializes in providing OEM ODM services for various industries, including aviation, automotive, electronics, infrastructure construction, and more.

With advanced CNC turning technology, intricate aluminum turning parts that adhere to customer requirements can be crafted.

As a reliable and cost-effective aluminum turning parts manufacturer, Junying Metal offers competitive pricing, quick support, and on-time delivery.

With a team of highly skilled professionals and a real commitment to quality workmanship, Junying Metalis dedicated to ensuring you get the aluminum-turning parts you need on budget and on time.

Rest assured to choose Junying Metal for your aluminum-turning parts manufacturing needs and experience the benefits of working with a precision machining expert, having the experience, expertise, and technology to produce top-quality CNC-turned parts to meet your requirements.

sheet metal stamping factory

9. Dongguan Huaxiang Machinery

In Guangdong Province, at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, is a state-of-the-art facility specializing in aluminum turning parts manufacturing.

Equipped with the newest CNC machining technology, their expertise lies in creating and manufacturing metal and plastic molds with superior precision, crafting custom and off-standard parts, and fabricating parts for automation machinery.

Their products find applications across numerous sectors, such as metal manufacturing, vehicles, electronics, aerospace, and LED lighting, offering great value to customers.

The specialized team at the facility is dedicated to providing the highest quality products with dependable stability at the lowest cost.

They pride themselves on offering exceptional technical support and quick 24-hour replies to their customers.

With their impeccable professionalism, they consistently surpass their customers’ expectations while prioritizing eco-friendly products that minimize resource consumption, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to sustainable practices and responsible management.

10. Huizhou Jiyan Hardware

Huizhou Jiyan Hardware has over 20 years of expertise in producing high-precision CNC-turned parts, automatic lathe components, EDM/wire cutting pieces, CNC precision milled components, and other aluminum turning parts.

As a leading manufacturer of tailor-made metal and plastic products, Huizhou Jiyan Hardware prides itself on meeting world-class quality standards.

They leverage cutting-edge technology and offer end-to-end supply chain integration, from design to production, finishing, assembly, and packing.

Their aluminum turning parts can be widely used across various fields, such as automotive, medical instruments, electronic communications, and industrial and consumer applications.

Huizhou Jiyan Hardware’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and timely delivery has earned them a reputation as a reliable partner for businesses worldwide.

Their products have been exported to America, Australia, Italy, Japan, Russia, and 20 other countries and regions.

machine tool


From state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology to highly skilled teams dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, these companies are committed to delivering high-quality aluminum turning parts for various industries.

Their expertise in CNC precision-turned parts and other elements is honed to perfection through years of experience, enabling them to produce tailor-made metal and plastic products that meet world-class quality standards.

Whether you’re in the automotive, medical, electronics, aerospace, or LED lighting industry, these top manufacturers have got you covered.

With their commitment to sustainable development and handling, exceptional technical support, and rapid response times, they are a reliable partner for businesses looking for top-quality aluminum turning parts.


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