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Top 10 Stud Bolts Nuts Suppliers & Manufacturers in 2024

Connectors, as their name suggests, are items that mechanically link objects together to form a non-permanent junction that enables you to remove the pieces afterward without risking damage to the materials that bolt together.

Many fastener suppliers and manufacturers moved on with the development of various sorts and varieties of fasteners in today’s globe, which has been quickly expanding in scale due to technological innovation and advancement.

bolts manufacturing factory

Fasteners in most frequent use are screws, nails, nuts, bolts, washers, anchors, and rivets.

According to the components, materials, functions, and applications to pick from a fastener supplier and manufacturer, those categories expand in numerous sorts.

Every day, more companies are producing bespoke fasteners for particular uses in various sectors. Let’s delve deeper to learn more about bolt nuts and list some for potential buyers.

How are Nuts Created?

In most cases, self-tapping screws (sometimes referred to as self-tapping wire) create an internal thread as they are turned, helping to draw tight material and preventing pull-out.

Plastic, sheet metal, and wood are screws used to bolt a wide variety of materials. 

What Kind of Material Are Bolts Made from?

Screws may be made from various materials, but some are better than others. The top four materials for screws are listed above.

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  • Steel

Due to its lower cost compared to certain other types of screw material, steel is by far the most often utilized material to create screws.

  • Copper

Corrosion is successfully avoided by using copper screws. If you need to connect many components, copper can ensure the long life of the screw.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum has one advantage over other materials, albeit not being as strong, in weight. The lightest fastener currently on the market is made of aluminum.

  • Titanium

When you want both strength and lightweight, use titanium. Even though titanium screws are expensive, they are required if you want a strong yet lightweight fastening.

How about the Nut and Bolt Manufacturers?

Numerous organizations and firms have emerged in the modern market sector and are working hard to meet the growing need for industrial fasteners.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, fastener manufacturers and suppliers provide a variety of plans and services.

Automotive, manufacturing, military, furniture, infrastructure, medical, aerospace, appliances, and many more sectors frequently demand fastener goods.

Yet, every firm shines in its quality and character despite the differences in each’s service and production talents.

These businesses, which are not on the list in the proper order, are among the most renowned and in-demand fastener suppliers and manufacturers in 2023.

Bolt sample

Top 10 Stud Bolts Nuts Suppliers and Manufacturers in 2024

1. YIJIN Hardware

Quality machining is a specialty of Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. It also offers OEM and ODM services to several sectors, including aviation, electronics, furniture, military defense, healthcare, automotive, communication, racing vehicles, new energy, infrastructure, and development, like high-speed trains and bridges.

In Shenzhen, a developing city in China, YIJIN Hardware combines expert craftsmanship, excellent understanding, and affordable costs to ensure on-time delivery and within budget.

Based on its high standards, YIJIN Hardware has 20 years of expertise in offering professional services.

Plus, these are both affordable and effective for private businesses and governmental organizations, with a genuine focus on customer satisfaction.

304 stainless steel round head hex bolts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

With 20 years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing parts for Numerical control, tooling, turning, portraying, metal stamping, and cold heading, as well as sheet metal parts and a wide range of non-standard customized fasteners, they have their R&D team of five design engineers and ten technical developers.

Based on your specifications, 3D drawings, or samples, they may provide a variety of CNC-machined components and fasteners.

YIJIN Hardware adheres to GB, DIN, JIS, or ANSI standards while utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver faultless goods and services at affordable costs.

types of custom bolts and screws supplied by YIJIN

2. National Bolt & Nut Corporation

Several sectors employ the vast array of bespoke fasteners offered by the woman-owned National Bolt & Nut Corporation.

The business is a manufacturer and supplier of clips in distinct types, qualities, shapes, and materials, offering durability and high performance to service life.

On request from clients, NBNC offers full compliance certificates to demonstrate how they place a premium on creating a high-standard service.

In addition, they changed the service to the present state of the global health emergency issues, establishing their credibility under any conditions.

The ability to offer a 24-hour emergency turnaround is the trait that best sets the organization apart from the competition; further attributes include the ones listed below.

  • Internal Quality Control division
  • 500,000 lb. tensile testers for destructive testing of fasteners up to 1.5″ in diameter
  • Testing for hardness, core hardness, and superficial surface hardness
  • A camber machine is used to check for straightness.
  • Complete dimensional inspection using gauges with more than 230 settings and ones with 1100 threads
  • Gauge blocks with high-precision calibration for calipers and micrometers
  • With no inventory
  • Packing Strategies
  • Emergency Turnaround 24 Hours

3. Fastco Industries Co.

As a supplier and producer of bolts, one specific service Fastco provides are the continuous engineering of the optimum cold-headed forms and definite element analysis to turn these fasteners into solutions.

They operate in a virtual environment allowing the engineers to program tooling, material, and travel paths, making them a unique fastener supplier and manufacturer.

This software approach enables them to develop, create, and simulate a range of fasteners. Insight and knowledge the program provides to maximize the most reliable and favorable outcomes.

For the need in society for fastening solutions, Fastco indeed maintains the ability to deliver the overall service promptly.

fasteners manufacturing factory

4. Conformance Fasteners

Typically, the focus of Conformance Fasteners produced screws is on providing high-quality fastening products to the aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors.

The business, which has its headquarters in Michigan and dates back to 1992, has built its reputation on offering top-notch goods at competitive prices.

They offer all the services of going to great efforts to get the finest product for specific specifications in applications as one of the well-known suppliers and manufacturers of fasteners.

In addition to specialized technical components and inventory or logistics services, they also offer supplementary procedures like plating, patching, and heat treatment as a comprehensive response to customers’ demands verifying zero product faults.

5. All-Pro Fasteners

To satisfy the expectations and requirements of their customers as a fastener supplier and manufacturer while having total faith in the system and safety of connected goods, All-pro

Fasteners rigorously implement the recognized quality testing lab in their facilities.

Their business aims to “exploit the quality in services, production, and support of capabilities to offer the most effective supply chain solutions to clients,” which satisfies all criteria for a supplier and producer of fasteners.

6. Armour Screw Company

With their service, Armour Screw Company has been successfully distributing screw goods for more than 60 years, going above and beyond to satisfy every customer’s needs.

The company’s engineers and designers established the groundwork for in-depth product knowledge and client requirements to produce standard fasteners.

In addition to providing client loyalty through customized blueprint requirements, bar code labeling, and a significant market share in multi-station cold-headed components, they are a major fastener supplier and manufacturer.

fastener sample yijin

They have assisted clients in building high-quality products while saving thousands of dollars thanks to their competitive distribution costs by concentrating on more than just the whole product and fasteners.

As the firm believes in high quality as a top priority for being the best fastener supplier and manufacturer, the team of individuals who work together under Armour Screw Company ensures that essential knowledge adds to service with their combined 20 years of experience.

7. Jiaxing Qimu Trading CO., Ltd

Despite over 20 years of opposition, the business started as one of China’s most renowned providers of bolts, nuts, and fasteners.

With a manufacturing capacity of around 25,000 tonnes per year, it is the major fastener production facility in China.

The high-strength bolt connection series, inner hexagonal series, outer hexagonal series, nut series, washer series, and non-standard series make up the bulk of the China screw factory’s output.

Standard manufacturing and production practices include the BS British Standard, JIS Japanese Standard, and others.

Additionally, the company produces products according to the professional standards that clients specify.

Products are employed in several sectors, including wind energy production, building steel structures, metallurgy, petrochemicals, equipment, and electronics.

8. BTM Manufacturing

For more than 60 years, BTM Manufacturing, also known as Belton Tool & Machine, has produced wire products and threaded fasteners across North America.

Meanwhile, they provide the greatest bespoke bent-wire fasteners and threaded goods, including threaded rods, single and double-end threaded studs, U-bolts, J-bolts, L-bolts, L-anchors, headed anchors, open-end, closed-end, and welded eye bolts.

With their ongoing quest for quality and enhancing the innovation of advances to their goods and services, they specialize in ensuring that the customer’s products meet the requirements of their function and applications.

The business is a top provider of fasteners to the construction, agricultural, automotive, and truck-trailer industries in the United States.Carriage Bolts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

BTM Manufacturing has been providing fastening goods to the construction sector for more than 60 years, making the highest-quality building components safe for several applications.

With a manufacturing space of 100,000 square feet, it can fulfill its promise to be a manufacturer and supplier of special steel fasteners of the highest caliber.

In addition to offering free quotes for conventional goods and bespoke fasteners, the company’s website also has major presentations demonstrating the effectiveness of its service and dedication to the sector.

Without a doubt, BTM Manufacturing is a respectable manufacturer and supplier of fasteners for its niche.

9. Dongguan Rosche Industrial Co., Ltd

Bolts manufacturers Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd is a company dedicated to the production, sales and R&D of stainless steel fasteners, focusing on the production of stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel bolts, non-standard custom-made imported materials, domestic materials 304HC, 316, 2520, 321, Hastelloy C276, titanium steel materials, etc.

The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. Based on the business philosophy of “integrity management, advocating norms”, the company gives full play to its regional and industrial advantages, serves customers all over the country and abroad, and provides threaded connection solutions.

YIJIN Hardware fabrication workshop

10. MW Components- Houston: Fastener

Nuts were previously sold by MW Components in Houston under the name USA Fastener Group. The company is still recognized by the same brand, “UFM,” which stands for the level of service and quality in the fastener sector.

The comprehensive materials of alloy steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy, and non-metallic materials like nylon and Teflon are some of the featured products under MW Components.

These materials are used to make a variety of products, such as API bolts and B7 studs, as well as different types of screws and nuts.

The engineering of today’s MW Components provides solutions to expedite the development of production and provide the process of standard and bespoke parts without compromising quality in response to the needs of fastener suppliers and manufacturers.

The manufacture of a wide range of related fastener products and mechanical components comes naturally and effectively thanks to MW Components’ expertise and experience as a fastener supplier and manufacturer.

The production of the whole thread, double end, tap end, tapered, combination “combo,” and collar studs in large diameters is a specialty of MW Components – Houston Fasteners. And stocked studs come in sizes up to 12 inches long and 1/2 inch to 1 7/8 inch in a complete thread.

The nuts are produced in a variety of shapes, including round, square, high, 12 PTS, castle, coupling, Tommy nuts, cap, slotted, and many more.

To fulfill the criteria for the designation of a robust fastener supplier and manufacturer, they may accommodate various bespoke requirements and product manufacturing.


A significant portion of the global industrial industry is devoted to manufacturing nuts and bolts. Since every machine tool, appliance, and vehicle we use daily relies on nuts and bolts, their significance in the manufacturing industry cannot be understated.

Small metal pieces, called nuts and bolts, are also employed in several applications. They can function as fasteners but are tiny enough to be grasped with one hand.

Nuts and bolts are in use for more than just building. The famous manufacturer is Yijin Hardware, which is reputable for its quality.


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