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2024 Top 10 Bolts and Nuts Manufacturers in China

Fasteners are a type of mechanical part that is widely used as fastening connections. It is widely used in various fields of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, and instruments, and is closely related to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

This article conducts a comprehensive Top 10 Bolts and Nuts Manufacturers in China selection based on brand awareness, quality level, after-sales service, innovation ability, consumer reputation, and other indicators of imported fasteners, and releases the data of this list. This list is only for the convenience of users to find good fastener manufacturers for reference.

bolts and nuts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

1. Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd

YIJIN Hardware is mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of non-standard precision hardware parts. It has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has rich experience with nuts and bolts manufacturing.

And provides OEM ODM services for various industries including aviation, electronics, furniture, military defense, health care, automotive, communication, racing cars, new energy, and infrastructure construction (such as high-speed trains and bridges).

Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd mainly includes threaded fasteners, rivets and supporting tools, assembly parts, cold forming parts, stamping forming parts, casting parts, and other major series.

YIJIN Hardware fastening series products are mainly non-standard types, which can meet the needs of different product assemblies and customers, and provide comprehensive fastening solutions.

Exceptional customer service and an unwavering focus on quality have been the secrets to their success. You may count on them to meet your fastening requirements because of their commitment to efficiency.

2. Shanghai Jianxin Hardware Co., Ltd

Shanghai Jianxin Hardware Co., Ltd is a professional design, production, testing, and fasteners manufacturer.

To meet the customized procurement requirements of “large specifications, small quantity, and high requirements” for fasteners in nuclear power and other industries.

The whole factory has imported Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturing equipment with high precision and strong mobility.

As one of the leading fasteners manufacturers in China, the company has chemical laboratories, mechanical testing equipment, and various non-destructive testing equipment and personnel, which fully meet the requirements of product quality monitoring.

 bolts and nuts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

3. Shanghai Tianbao Fastener Co., Ltd

Shanghai Tianbao Fastener Limited Company was established in 2001. It is a large-scale China bolt enterprise specializing in the production and sales of pressure riveting fasteners, non-standard parts, and some standard parts.

Since its establishment, the company has received strong support from domestic and foreign customers. It has developed into a large-scale manufacturer with more than 100 imported automatic CNC equipment and more than 130 auxiliary equipment, with a monthly production capacity of 200 million to 320 million pieces.

nuts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

The Shanghai factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and other international quality system certifications to ensure that customers can provide high-quality bolts and nuts.

The company’s main product types: are pressure riveting nuts, pressure riveting studs, pressure riveting bolts, panel fasteners, plastic inserts, welding nuts, spot welding screws, custom-made screws, hand tightening screws, crown decorative nails, self-tapping screws, riveting panel fastening parts, track inserts, blind rivets, and various non-standard parts.

4. Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd.

After nearly twenty years of struggle. The company began as one of the famous fastener manufacturers, bolts, and nuts suppliers in China. It is the largest production base of various fasteners in China, with an annual production capacity of about 25,000 tons.

The main products of the China screw factory are divided into high-strength bolt connection series, inner hexagonal series, outer hexagonal series, nut series, washer series, and non-standard series.

Standard, BS British Standard, JIS Japanese Standard, and other standard manufacturing and production. It can also be manufactured according to the professional standards specified by customers.

Products are used in various industries such as railway bridges, metallurgy, petrochemicals, machinery, and electronics, building steel structures, ships and aviation, and wind power generation.

5. Shanghai Jingyang Fastener Co., Ltd

YJIIN Hardware fastener workshop

Shanghai Jingyang Fastener Co., Ltd is a private enterprise specializing in the production of fasteners. Since its establishment, it has developed into a medium-scale fastener manufacturing enterprise with an annual output of 5,000 tons of high-strength fasteners.

As one of China’s nut bolt manufacturers, the company’s current leading products include inner and outer hexagon bolts, nuts, flange bolts, nuts, stainless steel bolts, automotive fasteners, and non-standard series of fasteners.

Fasteners, involving product standards: GB, ISO, DIN, ANSI, EN, and other domestic and foreign products, have been widely used in metallurgical systems, power systems, the wind power industry, the automotive industry, large-span steel structure workshops, railway bridges, high-rise buildings Civil structure building and boiler steel frame and other friction steel structure connection, etc.

The China nut bolt supplier has several cold heading multi-position forming machines, high-speed automatic precision wire rolling machines, supporting large-scale wire rolling machines, red forging punches from 80 tons to 250 tons, equipped with medium and high-frequency equipment, and instrument lathes. Automatic instrument lathes, drilling machines, centerless grinders, lathes, and other processing equipment.

6. Ningbo OuKaiLuo Hardware Co., Ltd

As a modern new screw manufacturer in China, OuKaiLuo has introduced foreign advanced automated manufacturing equipment, has an efficient management system, first-class testing technology, and perfect certification testing, laying the foundation for providing customers with quality and quantity products. OuKaiLuo has devoted itself to the research and development of custom-made fastener systems and has reserved it for the fastener industry.

7. Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd

Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional fastener manufacturer. The company’s products are mainly construction engineering products, covering National Standard (GB), German Standard (DIN), International Standard (ISO), American Standard (ANSI/ASTM/SAE/IFI), Australian Standard (AS), British Standard (BS), Italian standard (UNI) and Japanese standard (JIS) and other standard high-quality bolts, nuts, screws and non-standard fasteners, for the high-end market.

8. Handan Zhongpin Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Handan Zhongpin Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a well-known fastener manufacturing and sales enterprise. Mainly produces nut series, bolt series, stud bolts, anchor bolts, U-bolts, tooth bars, special-shaped fasteners, China screws, etc.

The standards are: national standard, German standard, British standard, American standard, etc. can be customized according to customer needs a shaped thread.

The Fastener China company advocates the enterprise spirit of pragmatism and truth-seeking, hard work, and forging ahead, in line with the tenet of customer first, quality first, service first, and constantly blazing new trails.

custom bolts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

9. Tianjin Fine Fasteners Co., Ltd

Tianjin Fine Fasteners Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of high-strength fasteners and automotive bolts and nuts suppliers. The Fastener China company has a strong technical force, complete production equipment, perfect testing equipment, and thoughtful sales service.

It has more than 200 sets of cold heading, warm heading, and heat treatment equipment. Products are mainly used in bridges, construction, petrochemical, machinery, locomotive, wind power, photovoltaic and other industries.

10. Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd

Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of various nuts and bolts manufacturing, including high-strength fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, high-strength bolts, galvanized lead screws, special-shaped screws, custom bolts, and nuts, and other products.

The company’s products are widely used in metal products, instrumentation, mechanical equipment, electromechanical equipment, communication equipment, electronic components, electronic products, and various hardware equipment.

The Fastener China company has a long history of producing fasteners, a strong technical force, advanced production and testing equipment, and stable and reliable product quality.


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