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2023 Top 10 Best Auto Spare Parts Manufacturing in China


Cars have now become a necessity in the whole world due to their versatile use. Cars are used in all walks of life, whether it is taking your kids to school or transporting heavy objects or materials from one place to the other.

Nowadays car manufacturing companies try their best to ensure that vehicles are made near to perfection so that they can provide comfort, luxury, and, most importantly affordability to customers.

zinc alloy casting parts for car

As we all know cars are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, and that’s why a time comes when some parts of the car need to be replaced with other parts.

Replacing such parts can be a little confusing and tricky as drivers or car owners are unaware of the different quality and cost of materials in the market.

Due to the above reason, it is important to look towards the top auto parts suppliers so that you are provided with the best parts in the market and are confident that they will last longer.

The following are the 10 auto parts suppliers in China where you should purchase your vehicle parts.

1. YIJIN Hardware 

2023, YIJIN Hardware tops the list of the best auto parts suppliers in China.

YIJIN Hardware is located in Shenzen with its experienced and certified staff that guarantees quality products and on-time delivery of products to customers.

Their target markets are Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, America, and Africa.

YIJIN Hardware provides customers with a variety of auto parts for vehicles that are both classic and brand new. The company classification is manufacturer and supplier.

Customers owning vintage bikes, cars or trucks mostly recommend YIJIN Hardware auto parts as they have a phenomenal variety of auto parts know exactly what customers require, and focus on quality products all the time.

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YIJIN Hardware services are divided into the following sections:

  • Retailers
  • Wholesale
  • Factories or brands
  • Repair shops

motor parts

They provide their services for the above-mentioned categories. YIJIN Hardware’s focus products are all types of parts for cars, vans, pickup trucks, and motorcycles.

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Some of their main products are Engine parts including oil filters and fuel tanks, and transmission parts including the clutch, pressure plates, and other components.

Apart from mechanical parts, they also deal in all types of electric parts, which include speakers, regulators, and ignition coils.

Accumulating over 20 years of experience, YIJIN Hardware knows exactly what customers require and focuses on producing quality products that can last longer. 

Focusing on customer satisfaction and producing extraordinary parts is what has led them to gain a stronghold in the market.

2. Fastwin Autoparts

Fastwin Auto Parts is also located in China and has been in the market since it was established back in 1998.

Their key focus is to provide quality products with a very affordable price tag and that’s the reason why local car companies also prefer Fastwin auto parts.

However, they have also catered to international markets by supplying auto parts to companies such as Audi, Volvo, Chevrolet, and many others.

With keeping customer satisfaction as their main agenda, Fastwin Auto Parts has managed to win the hearts of international and local clients that fully trust Fast in Auto Parts and rely on them to make parts for their cars, vans, and trucks.

3.  Hebei Xiangdie Auto Parts Co. Ltd

The Hebei Xiangdie Auto parts manufacturing company is located in Hejian, Hebei. The company was established in the year 2017 and is still performing in the market very well and that is why we have placed it third on the list.

The company has made sure to hire an experienced and certified staff which ensures that every product is made with utmost precision and quality


Apart from the production process, the company also consists of a research department. Hebei Xiangdie auto parts focus mainly on producing transmission parts such as clutch and wheels, and many other things.

The research department inside the company consists of multiple teams that research and work on making transmission auto parts that can be more efficient and last for longer periods.

aluminum parts

4. OSSCA Parts Co. Ltd

The auto parts manufacturing company that comes in fourth place is OSSCA Parts which is located in the Baiyun District in Guangzhou.

It is also classified as a manufacturer and supplier and consists of over 300 certified and experienced personnel.

Their target market is not only China but multiple other locations such as South Asia and Central America. OSSCA Parts Co. Ltd is known in the market for its excellent customer service as it provides 24-hour customer service where customers can order their auto parts online and also file any complaints regarding broken or faulty auto parts.

Target Vehicles:

A great thing about OSSCA parts is that their parts can be installed in state-of-the-art vehicle companies such as Mercedes BMW and Audi.

Apart from these three companies, auto companies such as Peugeot, Toyota, OPEL, GM, Nissan, KIA, and other vehicle companies in Asia, Japan, Europe, and South America approach OSSCA parts.

They are installed in not only hypercars but luxurious vehicles such as the Mercedes S class and BMW I series.

die casting parts for car tank

5. Ketai Industries

In the fifth position is keitai industries which are located in Minhang Qu, Shanghai Shi. The special thing about the Ketai industry is that it builds the brand for you.

You will have to provide the specifications of the products and the rest is up to the company. They include your brand name along with the product.

Their major products are for cars and trucks which also include tools for cars and repair tools along with car optics and pneumatic equipment for car services.

In addition to the previous, they also manufacture products for car wash companies. Currently, they have served huge brands such as Audi, Chevrolet, BMV, Volkswagon, Volvo, etc.

Their target market isn’t very specific because they can supply to all parts of the world and also supply to local markets.

6. JaiJun Auto parts manufacturing

The Jaijun auto parts manufacturing company was made in 2009 and is still having a great name in the market today.

It is located in Guangdong. Since the last 10 years, it has been in the titanium performance business for the past 10 years.

Moreover, they were one of the initial companies that came into the titanium performance business and have been thriving since.

Although their main markets are Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America, they also supply to specific areas such as Japan, Germany, and the United States of America.

Titanium performance parts:

The specialty of the Jaijun auto parts is that they focus mostly on titanium parts such as Exhausts. However, exhausts are of multiple kinds and all of them are made out of titanium.

Apart from that, they also provide extra services such as making custom exhausts for customers and including whatever component they desire.

Their main products comprise Exhaust Headers, exhaust mufflers, air intake pipes, Downpipes, etc.

engine parts


It is located in Guangzhou and was established in 2003. Although it is headquarters are in Japan, most of its production is in China. It caters to international as well as local clients.

Apart from the previous fact, automobile air condition is the major product category that DENSO supplies locally and internationally.

8. TRW Automotive

The TRW automotive company is an after-market company that deals in aftermarket car parts. They have been in the auto parts industry for several years and have made a great reputation amongst local and international clients.

They don’t focus on a specific category but deal in all sorts of after-market car parts such as steering wheels, brake pads, bumpers, calipers, etc.

9. Sunway Auto parts

Sunway Auto Parts has been in the auto parts-making industry for several years and has dominated the market for the previous five years as the best auto part maker in the country.

In addition to the statement, Sunway Auto Parts provides expertise in the following industries:

  1. Aviation
  2. Electronics
  3. Furniture
  4. Healthcare
  5. Communication
  6. Automotive
  7. Racing cars
  8. Infrastructure construction
  9. Military defense

Sunway Auto Parts is located in Shenzen with its experienced and certified staff that guarantees quality products and on-time delivery of products to customers.

It has produced and served the private sector, as well as the government sector for more than 5 years and continues doing so, with immense importance on customer satisfaction.

The company focuses on developing components that are used in multiple machines. Their main products are CNC Machine parts, CNC Milling parts, CNC turning parts, fasteners, metal parts manufacturing, and casting parts.

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Apart from this, Sunway Auto parts have a strong holding in the market and there isn’t a single company reaching its market standards.

The reason is that Sunway Auto parts provide top-notch quality material, and there isn’t any delay in delivery.

10. Wanxian Auto parts

Wanxian Auto Parts in China is also a reputed company located in China that focuses on the suspension of vehicles. They manufacture all sorts of suspension parts such as Coilover, shocks, bearings, etc.

However, they also deal in brake parts such as brake discs and calipers. Wanxian Auto Parts also has international production units in other parts of the world to cater to international clients and establish their name internationally.


Auto parts are an essential component of a car. Vehicles are meant to break down as they are machines and can not last for very long.

As a result, parts need to be replaced to ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicles. That is why most experts suggest going for the top auto part-making companies to ensure they install good products in their cars.


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