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2024 Top 10 Suppliers for Bolt Nut and Washer in China

Bolt nuts and washers are vital components in CNC machining that secure and fasten materials together.

Bolt nuts are metallic fastening devices that have undergone threading before being fit into a hole of the same size as the bolt nut.

Washers are components that enhance the control over nuts as they provide friction and tighten the bolt nuts in place.

There is a massive market for bolt nuts and washers worldwide. China is widely known as the pioneer of bolt nuts and manufacturers and contains some leading CNC equipment manufacturing companies.

Importance of Bolt Nuts

  • Bolt Nuts undergo a threading process that holds two or more components together, providing a sturdy connection. 
  • Bolt Nuts have many universal applications and are common components in machines. They are a vital part of CNC machining as they have simplified installation and uninstalling processes, which improves efficiency.
  • Bolt Nuts are very reliable fasteners as they have a robust defense mechanism against corrosion, which makes them last longer than other fasteners. 
  • Bolt Nuts are easy to produce as well. They do not require special heat or other conditioning treatments, which speeds up their manufacturing process.

stainless steel carriage bolts

Importance of Washers

  • Washers protect the joint surface from damage while tightening the nuts. They control the tension within the bolt using torque. This feature creates friction between the bolt and the surface and helps create a tight vacuum which leads to a strong connection.
  • Washers protect surfaces from damage due to the stress of the bolt head. Washers are made of a softer material than the bolt head and resist the pressure exertion of the head. This exerted pressure may result in permanent dents on the surface, which the washer prevents.
  • Washers prevent the loss of plastic deformations that may occur under the bolt head, in the threads, and joint faces. The use of washers increases the joint’s interfaces, reducing the bolt’s loss of tension. Using bolt nuts without protection can result in a loss of surface integrity and may cause the nut to loosen.
  • Washers absorb vibrations and damp these vibrations, which protect the nuts from the object from any damage. They offer protection from liquids by creating a waterproof seal from soft, waterproof materials. This feature makes them crucial elements in water and oil pipes.

zinc Plated flat washers manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

Top 10 Bolt Nut and Washers Manufacturers

1. Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd

With a focus on precision and quality, Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd is a manufacturer focusing on the design, testing, production, and fasteners.

They manufacture customized fasteners, bolt nuts, and washers, regardless of the quantity, high requirements, and large order specifications.

Situated in Shenzhen, China, the central area of focus of the company is producing nuts and washers for all kinds of industries.

These products are used in industries overlooking railway bridges, metallurgy, petrochemicals, machinery, and electronics. The company boasts unparalleled prices with the best quality available in that price range.

They have a reach that spans over 55 countries with more than 200 variety customers. Due to their mission statement to provide the best customer service, YIJIN Hardware Co., Ltd focuses on offering a broad range of items.

A variety of products with customized headmarks, labels, and packages, as well as non-standard products, allow you to purchase at one place or all your fastener needs. 

The perfect positioning of their operations base is right next to the state-of-the-art level port, Shenzhen Yantian Port.

This positioning allows for reduced shipping costs inside the city and thus reduces the cost of the washers and the bolt nuts.

The mission statement of YIJIN Hardware is based on exceptional customer service, scientific management, and honesty, along with a high standard and high quality of their products.

With its exceptional quality control, the company quickly gained the industry’s trust and is now one of the most reputed names in China.

bolts nuts screws sample yijin

2. Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd

Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd is one of China’s most famous bolt nuts and washer manufacturers and suppliers.

It has an annual production capacity of 25000 tons of products, making Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd the most extensive production base industry in China.

Since they sell directly to the end consumers, this helps lower their costs, and thus, the products offered by Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd are rated at one of the best prices in the market.

To maintain their quality, Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd has its laboratory where its products undergo extensive research and testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality, and this helps them maintain their standards.

With the help of a personal warehouse, the company packages and ships its products. With a diverse inventory to select from, Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd truly stands out amongst its participants.

3. Shanghai Jianxin Hardware Co., Ltd

Jianxin Hardware is China’s successful bolt nut and washer manufacturer. The company specializes in precise machinery and extends its OEM ODM services to multiple automotive, military, and healthcare industries.

Shanghai, a Chinese city, is home to the most successful bolt nut and washer company. Jianxin Hardware boasts superior craftsmen with ample experience, which is why the company has achieved such great heights.

In addition, Jianxin Hardware has excellent products at very affordable costs making the company’s brand a customer favorite.

The end of 2013 saw the company open its Chongming Island base, China’s most modern and largest fastener processing center.

4. Shanghai Jingyang Fastener Co., Ltd

Shanghai Jingyang Fastener Co., Ltd is a private company that specializes in producing fasteners. Since its creation, it has grown into a medium-scale fastener manufacturing business, building 5,000 tonnes of high-strength fasteners annually.

As one of the leading manufacturers of bolt nuts and washers in China, the company produces more than just one type of fastener.

Inner and outer hexagon bolts, nuts, flange bolts, nuts, stainless steel bolts, automotive fasteners, and non-standard series of fasteners are some of the company’s current top items.

Their products are used in metallurgical systems, power systems, the wind power industry, the automotive industry, large-span steel structure workshops, railway bridges, and high-rise buildings.

With the help of many cold-heading multi-position forming machines and supporting large-scale wire rolling machines, the company produces anywhere between 80 to 250 tons of equipment annually.

Shanghai Jingyang Fastener Co., Ltd has made a name for itself because of its high quality and exceptional customer service.

fastener sample yijin

5. Ningbo OuKaiLuo Hardware Co., Ltd

Ningbo OuKaiLuo Hardware Co., Ltd is a modern new screw manufacturer established in China. Since it is a new establishment, it has a variety of modern equivalents of old machines.

This feature makes their work more efficient and allows the company to be relatively fast. This increase in their efficiency and the decrease in the time required to produce an order makes them the best option if you are looking for a manufacturer that can take care of all of your bolt nuts and washer needs at urgent notice.

Ningbo OuKaiLuo Hardware Co., Ltd has a modern lab for testing. The presence of the lab ensures that their products consistently meet their strict quality control.

With the help of perfect certifications and a state-of-the-art management system, the company can cut losses while maintaining the highest standard and ensuring no delays in its shipping itinerary.

6. Shanghai Tianbao Fastener Co., Ltd

Shanghai Tianbao Fastener Co., Ltd, a company focusing on pressure rivets, was established in 2001. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has grown into a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production and sales of non–standard parts, standard parts, and pressure riveting bolt nuts and washers.

Using its vast inventory of more than 100 imported automatic CNC equipment, the company has grown into a large-scale manufacturer of bolt nuts and washers in Shanghai, China.

7. Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd

Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd, located in Dongguan City, China, is a professional bolt nut and washer manufacturer.

They specialize in producing industrial products and high-quality prototyping, rapid low-volume manufacturing, and high-volume production.

They manufacture high-quality products at great prices with industrial-grade CNC machines and employ processes like milling and turning.

The Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd prides itself on its prototyping technology. This company brings prototypes of ideas that various customers send to life.

This inviting opportunity provides customization entirely to the user. However, suppose you possess a vague idea and need help polishing it.

The Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd team is there to help you choose the ideal materials and processes for your needs.

8. Handan Zhongpin Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Handan Zhongpin Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of China’s most famous manufacturers and sellers of bolt nuts and washers.

They were established in 1987. With their establishment, the team had one goal. To provide the best and the most effective bolt nuts and washers in China.

That mission is still strong as they are one of the business’s oldest bolt nuts and washer manufacturers.

It is located in one of China’s most significant industrial zones and covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters.

Handan Zhongpin Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd boasts more than 10 production lines amassing more than 100 million dollars in annual output.

With many internationally renowned companies designing and producing items for them, Handan Zhongpin Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd products have been exported to Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Britain, Europe, and the Middle East.

9. Tianjin Fine Fasteners Co., Ltd

Tianjin Fine Fasteners Co., Ltd is one of the best producers of bolt nuts and washers in China. They provide a full range of products, which helps the customer choose from a vast inventory, and is one of the biggest competitors in the market.

Since its establishment in 203, the company has become one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. The company prides itself in providing more than just good customer service.

They also offer technical help and advice to their customers to ensure they pick the best product for their project.

Tianjin Fine Fasteners Co., Ltd primarily manufactures industrial components for the aerospace, chemical, anticorrosion, electronics, mold, machinery, mining, and oil industries.

NUTS manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

10. Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd

Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of bolt nuts and washers. They are one of the most famous manufacturers in China and specialize in high-strength fasteners.

Their fastener division was founded by the largest professional manufacturer and exporter of fasteners in China, Shanghai Fasteners Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Its products are rated as one of the best and are exceptional in quality. Since they belong to the largest professional manufacturer of bolt nuts and washers in China, they have a vast reservoir of resources, which helps them export their products and provide their services to the people of China.

Due to their exceptional customer service, Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the best options for customers scouting for bolt nuts and washers.


Bolt Nuts and Washers are extremely significant components in industrial machining and everyday life. They are devices that bridge together machining parts and are vital components without whom devices fall apart.

Multiple companies are battling to claim the title of the best manufacturer of Bolt Nuts and Washers. However, Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd dethrones them all.

The company’s state-of-the-art products and exemplary customer service speak volumes. The company’s achievements are hard to beat; however, it is necessary to acknowledge other competitors in the market who are improving and growing every day.


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