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How to Deal with Mastercam Cannot Output G02/G03 Arc Machining Path?

When using parallel processing, the 3d tool path in the circular filter/tolerance option, there are checked using the line/arc filter Settings option function, and pull line/arc tolerance increases to 95% of the filter, but when the linear output analog output and processing program without G02 / G03 arc machining path, output at G01 run way processing program. Why?

The output NC code of this processing path is shown as follows:

Using the judgment of G02 and G03, the following diagram can be used to understand the axial direction and how to select for output application when using arc interpolation. Usually, in G2 and G3 modes, the system takes two axes as the calculation and output of the tool path. The output format is slightly different except for tool paths such as lower spiral cutters, thread milling, or oil grooves.

Therefore, why the tool path cannot output the arc machining path of G02 and G03? The setting method for solving this problem is to change the option mode of XY(G17) to the option mode of XZ(G18). If you program the tool path to the machining axis to change, you must also switch to another plane mode.

From the linear simulation shown in the figure above, it can be seen that the axial arc filter with XZ(G18) is checked, and a lot of points are reduced. The output NC code of this processing path is shown as follows:


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