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Wireless Doorbell Design and Manufactured by Yijin Solution

Product Name:

Wireless Doorbell


Long-distance electronic intelligent remote doorbell pager

Design Key Point:

Wireless doorbell, longer range signal penetration

Wireless Doorbell designed by Yijin Solution

Design Insight:

The doorbell is a household appliance whose main purpose is to alert and notify someone about a visit or delivery at home. When someone presses the doorbell button, the doorbell will emit a sound or light to alert residents.

The design mainly improves in three aspects:

  1. The exterior design uses shell texture elements. In furniture design, shell-style items are also often used as decorations, not only because of their beauty but also because of the symbolic meaning they represent;
  2. Can connect multiple ringers at the same time, allowing longer-distance signal penetration. It solves the problem of not being able to hear the doorbell sound in the corner rooms of large houses, and the problem of not being able to hear the doorbell sound in villas with high floors;
  3. Reduce customers’ production costs through structural design. According to the customer’s sales group, we have modularized the design of the plug. Without changing the main body of the product, we have designed the American, European and British plug structures respectively. This has two benefits for customers. First, Customers can match corresponding plugs according to different regions of the user; secondly, it can save the cost of mold development in the early stage.

Wireless Doorbell Finished Product


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