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Smart Garbage Sorting Bin Self-Developed Product

Product Name:

Smart Garbage Sorting Bin


Food waste sorting

Design Key Point:

It helps in energy extraction and reduces the burden of food waste sorting.

  • Intelligent guided classification: Automatically identify garbage through sensors and image recognition technology, and guide users to correct classification through voice prompts or display screens.
  • Anti-odor and hygienic design: It is sealed and equipped with ultraviolet sterilization inside.
  • Real-time monitoring and timely processing: Built-in sensors in the trash can monitor the capacity of the trash can in real-time and automatically send information to garbage disposal personnel.

Smart Garbage Sorting Bin Drawing

Design Insight:

In China, there are about 3.07 million schools, which produce hundreds of tons of food waste every day, referring to organic waste such as leftovers, leftovers, fruit peels, and kitchen waste, which is the raw material for extracting energy and fertilizer.

It should be noted that due to the strong dispersion of food waste, food waste contains bags, metal glass, etc.

These inorganic components usually need to be removed during the food waste energy extraction to avoid damage to equipment, tools, etc.

Therefore, it is difficult to dispose of and recycle. In response to the national sustainable development strategy and the concept of a green campus, the following Garbage sorting bin is designed for campus food waste classification.

Smart Garbage Sorting Bin Design And Manufactured By Yijin Solution


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