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Potable VR Virtual Reality Shooting Device


Offline entertainment

Design point:

The global epidemic broke out in 2019, the global economy declined sharply, and people gradually reduced their consumption power.

Most companies had to take internal measures to lay off employees and reduce wages and find new profit models to maintain the company’s normal operations.

Therefore, the VR and AR equipment manufacturers came to us to seek solutions.

In the past, their products were sold to supermarkets or commercial centers, and the equipment was expensive and required fixed venues for installation, and the experience cost was high, because the sales and experience population declined sharply due to the impact of the epidemic.

At that time, our country’s government departments were vigorously encouraging people to revive the street stall economy, so our company proposed a concept to turn traditional unattended VR and AR equipment into portable products, reducing size, weight, and cost, so that it has a subvertive change.

At the same time, the cost of the product has been greatly reduced, and most people can afford it. It has shifted from the original to B to to C, providing additional income-generating conditions for the majority of office workers and unemployed people.

Potable VR Shooting Devices Design And Manufactured By Yijin Solution

Design Insight:

Reduce the charging standard to 1/10. Despite the economic depression caused by the epidemic, people can still afford such VR and AR experiences through field research.

Potable VR Shooting Device


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