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Top 10 Fastener Manufacturers and Brands in the USA

1. Yijin Hardware Co, Ltd.

Custom fasteners have been available from Yijin Hardware Co, Ltd, a company founded in 2001, for over two decades.

Their personnel has more than 20 years of expertise in the field, and they have the design, engineering, and industry understanding to build the right fastener customized to your exact requirements.

Because of their significant engineering background, their goods are more cost-effective than those produced by other firms, which sets them apart.

As a reliable fastener provider, they focus on meeting the demands of their clients by assembling a team that includes personnel, suppliers, goods, and solutions.

Main Products

  • Allen Socket Head
    Allen head bolts
    socket head screws
    square neck bolts
    metal processing

Why Yijin Hardware?

Full-line fastener distributor carries all types of fasteners including bolts and nuts as well as washers and threaded rods.

For military and defense, transportation, oil and gas, steam, wind, solar and all power and energy generating utilities, steel fabrications, and mining, they are partners for success in the supply of high-quality fasteners.

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custom fasteners manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

2. American Fastener Technologies

Jeff Dutkovic created the American Fastener Technologies Corporation in 1983 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and served several businesses in the Tri-State area.

American Fastener Technologies Corporation supplied more than 2100 clients in all 50 states, seven Canadian provinces, and 39 foreign countries in the past year.

Manufacturing, construction, utility, municipal, and maintenance are some of the industries they serve.

Main products

  • Captive Panel Fasteners
    Self Clinching Fasteners
    Drywall & Deck Screws
    Self Drilling Screws
    Machine Screws
    Industrial Nuts

3. National Bolt & Nut Corporation

Large-diameter specialized non-standard fasteners for critical care applications are manufactured domestically by National Bolt & Nut, Inc. 

A wide variety of bolts, nuts, studs, washers, and other fasteners are available from NBN for use in a wide range of industries.

Their “blueprint specials” in various grades of steel and exotic materials have been available since 1996.

To keep up with the ever-changing demands of its customers, NBN has implemented an ISO-compliant Quality Program.

As a result, all fasteners are made per the requirements of ASME, ASTM, DIN, and ISO.

Main products

4. Apex Stainless Fasteners

Apex Stainless is here to help clients with any inquiries they may have about Stainless Steel goods, even technical ones.

Each product in the Trade Online Store comes with a detailed technical specification sheet that can be read by customers.

The British Stainless Steel Association has accepted Apex Stainless Fasteners as a member.

In compliance with relevant international standards such as DIN, ISO, ANSI, or BS, the stainless steel fasteners stocked are manufactured under ISO9001:2015 LRQA-approved processes, systems, and procedures.

Main Products

  • Nuts and Bolts
    Hex Head Screws
    Socket Screws
    Self Tappers
    Machine Screws
    Chipboard Screws


Standard and custom fasteners have been available from KD Fasteners, Inc.®, a company founded in 1987, for over three decades.

Their personnel has more than 15 years of expertise in the field, and they have the design, engineering, and industry understanding to build the right fastener customized to your exact requirements.

Because of their significant engineering background, their goods are more cost-effective than those produced by other firms, which sets them apart.

As a result of their substantial engineering backgrounds, their goods are more cost-effective than those of other competitors.

Additionally, they may complete the product with services such as plating and tapping, as well as package and dispatch it for their customers.

Main products

  • Standard fasteners
    Metric fasteners
    Custom fasteners

6. USA Fastener Group Inc

As a fastener manufacturer, USA Fastener Group has established itself as an industry leader since its inception in 2002.

USA Fastener, based in Houston, Texas, has almost 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, putting it in a good position to provide high-quality goods to clients on time and efficiently.

They are the market leader in stud and nut manufacture because of their wide range of products, numerous coating choices, and substantial manufacturing capabilities.

Main Products

  • Springs
    Seal Spring Energizer Products
    Bellows / Couplings
    Precision Components

7. Dale Fastener Supply

Dale Fastener Supply is a wholesaler of fasteners as well as a manufacturer of custom bolts.

Founded in 1959, they have been producing custom U-Bolts and Coated U-Bolting, Anchorbolets and Specialty Bolts, Eyebolts, J-Bolting, Square Bolts, Stud Bolt, and other fastener goods for a wide range of industries.

Main products

  • Custom U-bolts
    Anchor Bolts
    Square Bolts
    Hex Head Cap Screws

8. American Bolt & Screw Manufacturing

ABS Manufacturing company specializes in the production of fasteners, bolts, nuts, and hardware. The company has always focused on maintaining its quality of services for the last 6 years.

ABS has a stocking inventory of more than $10 million in its warehouses across the United States and Mexico. It can be the best company for all your fastener needs.

Fasteners and hardware for production and assembly are available from seven ABS warehouses strategically positioned across the United States and Mexico, with over $10 million in inventory.

Main Products

  • hanger bolt and stud
    champion components
    security screw manufacturer
    hex nut company
    welding nut manufacturers
    aluminum weld nuts

9. Baden Steelbar & Bolt Corp.

It is one of the oldest fastener manufacturing countries in the USA. It started its operations in 1975 and till now provides quality services.

The company’s history is intertwined with Steel City’s American industrial heritage as a Pittsburgh-based enterprise. They have been manufacturing fasteners for more than 4 decades.

They have a well-trained sales team with a wealth of sales and production expertise. Depending on your needs, they can give you the information and technical support you need to make the best decision for your situation.

Main Products

  • All Thread and Partially Threaded
    Bent Bolts
    Headed Bolts
    Anchor Bolts
    Washers And Nuts

10. US Bolt Manufacturing Inc

US Bolt Manufacturing Inc. has been producing bolts and fasteners for different industries for the past 24 years.

Their main expertise lies in the manufacturing of bolts and fasteners used in power plants, pumps, and off-shore drilling equipment. They can help you to get quality fasteners for your industry as well.

Their customers’ designed bolting applications benefit from the assistance of a consultant who helps them solve challenges and prevent costly blunders.

They’re able to have a better understanding of the customer’s true objectives because of this personal connection.

Main Products

  • Hex cap screws
    Hex flange bolts
    12-point flange screws
    Socket cap screws
    All thread studs

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