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5 Key Roles of CNC Machines in the Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry

Mobile phones are becoming a part of our life since the dawn of the digital age. People worldwide are increasingly using mobile phones to fulfill their professional needs or use them as entertainment. The global market of mobile phones is booming.

In 2021 alone, the number of smartphones operating worldwide stood at around 15 billion, a 1 billion high from the previous year of 2020.

The future forecasts for mobile phones are even more promising. Astonishingly, the number of cell phones will hit 18.22 billion by 2025.

The enormous popularity of this pocket PC highlights the importance of manufacturing mobile phones at a fast pace.

Standard and conventional mobile phone manufacturing machines can’t fulfill this task.

Maintaining a delicate balance between portable phone supply and demand is essential.

CNC machines are crucial in maintaining the supply-demand balance in mobile manufacturing.

Indeed, CNC machines are indispensable for innovation in the mobile industry.

Countries worldwide compete to produce tools and mobiles, and China is leading them all.

China’s tool production reached the value of about 16.9 billion euros, the highest in the world. On top of that, China is also a leading mobile manufacturing industry globally.

In 2020 alone, China produced about 1.5 billion cell phones. It is all possible due to the high-tech CNC machine, which is modern, fast, and precise in cutting the tools and rendering incredible services cost-effectively.

In this article, you’ll learn what a CNC machine is and its 5 critical roles in mobile phone manufacturing.

So, without any ado, let’s take a deep dive into the role of CNC machines.

What is a CNC Machine?

CNC Machine is an advanced machine operating with the help of a G-code language controlled by computer commands.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are vital in manufacturing complex and sophisticated tools for the healthcare, defense, military, and smartphone industries.

Even in mobile manufacturing, CNC machines have wide applications and high demand.

These tool-manufacturing machines are sophisticated and precise in their operations.

Professional training is essential to operate CNC machines for perfect outcomes. As CNC machines are computer-aided machines, they save time, energy, and cost and efficiently produce highly sophisticated tools.

This machine has multidisciplinary applications and manufactures different tools.

CNC machines have many types, such as CNC Milling machines, CNC Lathe, CNC electric discharge machines, and many more.

Each of these machines performs unique tasks and manufactures many industrial tools.

So, having a different skill set is essential to operate these various CNC machines.

CNC Machine,YIJIN Hardware workshop

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Role of CNC Machines in Mobile Phone Manufacturing

CNC Machines are computer-aided and can help to manufacture mobile phones. They play a vital role in manufacturing cell phone cases, exterior structures, frames, touch-sensing glasses, mobile phone accessories, and additional aesthetic designs to manufacture the most appealing mobile phones.

Let’s look one by one into each mobile phone part CNC machines are helping manufacture.

Exterior Frames and Body of Cell Phones

The exterior frame of mobile phones is the most important in projecting its sleek design and attracting new customers.

The big mobile phone manufacturing industries such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei know it and work hard to improve this aspect to use it as leverage to increase their sales.

Apple uses aluminum to manufacture its sleek rounded-edge design of iPhones and new MacBooks.

Apple uses CNC milling machines and laser cutting technology to achieve the mass production of iPhones and thousands of MacBooks daily.

Indeed, Apple invests more in behind-the-scenes CNC machines and manufacturing tools to maintain its quality and superiority in the mobile phone industry.

cnc machining parts for phone

So, whether a mobile phone manufacturing industry wants to create sleek, aesthetically appealing, highly artistic, and robust mobile phone covers, CNC machines can help them tremendously.

The precision and highly focused manufacturing of mobile phone bodies and exterior frames enable big names such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei to engage customers and fulfill the modern needs of aesthetic beauty and slim designs.

CNC Milling Machine & Touch Glasses

Touch screens are the hallmark of modern technology. Touch-sensing glasses are essential to today’s TVs, mobile phones, tablets, Watches, laptops and MacBooks.

The mass use of touch-sensing interfaces demands uniqueness, precision, aesthetic beauty, robust strength, and high resistance against wear and tear.

CNC milling machines are essential in manufacturing sleek touch glasses and mass production.

Conventional manufacturing of touch glasses won’t allow manufacturers to produce high-quality glass surfaces and precise slots.

CNC grinding and cutting help companies make protective screens.

These screens help customers watch and enjoy their favorite TV shows and games on mobiles, MacBooks, and laptops.

Manufacturing touch-sensing glasses through CNC machines enables high optical quality and robust transparency.

So, using a CNC machine, one can solve the most complicated and daunting problems of producing touch-sensing glasses with high-quality and incredible surface designs.

These touch glasses can be used in smartphones for an exceptional touch experience.

cnc machining parts for phone manufactured by YIJIN hardware

Mobile Phone Cases

CNC machines are robust, precise and efficient in manufacturing the exterior parts of cell phones.

Cell phone casings are essential to project the design, sleek outlook and strength. Most phone cases are made of leather or plastic.

CNC machines are effective and rigorous in producing the molds used in the injection molding process for protective covers.

Besides the plastic casings, CNC machines provide substantial advantages for manufacturing metal and wooden phone covers.

Wooden phone cases are costly, and many manufacturers prefer to craft wooden casings by hand.

However, they have become unaffordable as the price of wood from bamboo and elm is skyrocketing.

CNC machines are still used in the mass production of wooden cases for detailed, unique and high-quality case designs for modern needs.

Compared to plastic and wooden cases, metal casings are most efficient as they protect mobile devices from overheating, give them a sleek design, and protect them from the external environment.

It shows the comprehensive applications of CNC machines in wooden, metal and even plastic phone covers.

cnc machining parts for phone manufactured by YIJIN hardware

Delicate Exterior Design of Mobile Phones

The outer manifestation of sleek, delicate and appealing smartphone design is the inner desire of the mobile phone manufacturing industries.

The design tells a lot about the company and the worth of cell phones. Take, for example, the iPhone and observe its stunning color coating, sleek design and appealing rounded curves.

Apple spends billions of dollars on CNC machines and cutting-edge technology for exceptional exterior design.

Mobile phone manufacturing industries can’t achieve such outstanding results without the help of CNC machines.

Companies spend large sums of money to produce unique, exquisite and eye-catching mobile phone cases to attract the most significant number of customers.

Because the outer designs appeal to and entertain the customers more and help them remain distinct.

Amid the rising demands for customized designs and rising expectations of customers from the top mobile brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei, CNC machines play an essential role in bringing creative tastes and artistic styles to the masses.

Mobile Accessories and Peripheral Devices

CNC machines have tremendous applications in smartphones. Whenever we talk about mobile phones, it’s incomplete without mobile accessories and peripheral devices.

Since the dawn of the digital age, people have wanted to live in a virtual world through their social media accounts and online presence.

The selfie has become a norm, and people worldwide are taking more selfies than ever before, making the need for selfie sticks a must-have.

As more people live online, power banks are becoming a crucial need in these modern times. In a selfie stick, there are nuts and bolts which make it durable, reliable and helpful at tourist attractions where a simple hand selfie won’t help much.

So, CNC milling machines help in the mass production of these metal parts(Aluminium CNC parts).

Moreover, power banks need protection against bad weather and unpredictable incidents.

In this regard, CNC machines help the mobile industry manufacture robust, powerful and cost-effective casings.

cnc machining parts for phone manufactured by YIJIN hardware

CNC machines are revolutionizing mobile phone manufacturing and helping the top brands to come up with more sleek, delicate, eye-catching and enthralling exterior designs. These computer-aided machines are assisting the industry in mass-producing mobile accessories and peripheral devices in a short amount of time with less budget and more robust quality.

Bottom Line

CNC machines are computer-aided machines used for the mass production of metal tools.

These machines have multivarious applications and have different types, such as CNC milling machines, CNC Lathe, CNC electric discharge machines and many more.

Each type of machine is used for a unique purpose and demands a new skill set to produce a fine-tuned and precise tool.

CNC machine applications in mobile phone manufacturing are famous, and major mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and many more spend billions of dollars on providing sleek, eye-catching, aesthetically delicate and sophisticated mobile phone bodies and portable phone casings for their customers.

Their use in touch-sensing glass and mobile covers enables manufacturers to craft high-demand designs at the lowest cost possible.

In short, CNC machines are making revolutionary changes in modern technology and helping mobile manufacturers develop innovative ideas and techniques.


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