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How to Create High-Quality CNC Machined Parts: 6 Factors

Quality is critical for CNC machined components, especially when they are being used in applications where reliability is a must.

In order to produce high-quality CNC machined parts that meet customer demands, it is important to understand all of these machining factors.

The quality of CNC machined parts is determined by a number of factors, some of which are within the control of the manufacturer and some of which are not.

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The Six Factors that Must be Considered When Producing CNC Machined Parts

1. Part Design

In order to produce high-quality parts, it is important to work with a designer who understands the capabilities of CNC machines and can design parts that fit the CNC machining process. The design of a part can have a significant impact on the manufacturing process and the quality of the final product.

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2. Tool Selection

The type of tool used for CNC machining can have a big impact on the quality of the machined parts produced. In general, carbide tools produce better results than HSS (high-speed steel) tools, but they are more expensive.

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3. Tool Path Programming

The tool path used for CNC machining must be carefully programmed in order to produce high-quality parts that meet the required tolerances.

This is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the capabilities of the CNC machine and the materials being machined.

4. Machinist Skills

The quality of the parts produced by machine shops is related to the machinist’s skills. To produce high-quality parts, work with experienced machinists who have the skills to operate the machine and produce parts that meet the required tolerances.

5. Workpiece Clamping Strategy

The way in which a workpiece is clamped during CNC machining can have a big impact on the quality of the parts produced. 

When the clamping strategy is not optimal, it can lead to vibration and movement of the workpiece during machining, which can impact the quality of the parts.

6. Environmental Conditions

The environmental conditions in the machining shop can also have an impact on the quality of the parts produced. Temperature and humidity will affect the accuracy of the CNC machines, as well as the tools and workpieces. In order to produce high-quality parts, it is important to maintain stable environmental conditions in the machining shop.


How to Select A Quality CNC Machining Service

  • Choose the companies that have a team of engineers and machinists on staff who are familiar with all of the different aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Choose the companies that can best optimize the machining process to produce the highest quality parts.
  • Another option is to work with a CNC machining factory that has a lot of experience in the field of CNC machining.

The Benefits of High-Quality CNC Machined Parts

Save Time: In many cases, a CNC machine can produce parts like Aluminium CNC parts  in a matter of hours or even minutes, whereas it would take days or weeks to produce the same parts using traditional methods.

Quality: Milling parts are also typically stronger and more durable than their traditional counterparts.

Rapid Prototyping: Another benefit of sheet metal parts is the fact that they can be produced much faster than traditional parts.

Aesthetically: CNC machined parts are also typically more aesthetically pleasing than their traditional counterparts.

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In order to ensure that parts meet the required level of quality, manufacturers must consider all of the factors that can impact the manufacturing process.
Some of these factors are within the control of the manufacturer, such as part design, tool selection, and machinist skills.

Others, like workpiece clamping strategy and environmental conditions in the machining shop, are more difficult to control. But by understanding all of the factors that can affect quality, manufacturers can develop a process that consistently produces high-quality parts.

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