What Do You Know About Large CNC Machining?

The Applications of Large CNC Machining


The aerospace industry’s engines and other critical manufacturing mostly rely on the accuracy of large CNC machining. Swiss machining is used to create many parts and tools for aircraft.


Large CNC machining is used in automotive manufacturing to create engines and auto parts.

Due to large CNC machining technology, the automotive industry benefits from increased production speed and reduced costs and errors when machining custom parts.

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Mining operations need heavy-duty machines, tools for repairing them, and manufacturing services. For this purpose, CNC machining can help produce precision machined components for mining machines. 


Medical supplies need accuracy and high tolerance. With the help of large CNC machining, this industry creates surgical instruments, medical implants, bone screws, etc. 

Oil And Gas

The working conditions in the oil and gas industry are harsh. Extreme conditions and temperatures need the expertise of large CNC machines to drill, extract, and transport. To avoid failure and loss of resources, perfectly made tools and equipment are necessary for the oil and gas industry. CNC machining makes the best partner for these projects.

Types of Machines for Large CNC Machining

The CNC machinery is operated by computer software pre-programmed to run the movements of tools and machinery. The skills are trained professionals are necessary to run and produce quality products. A few of the most common large CNC machines are mentioned below.

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CNC Milling Machines

A CNC milling machine is one of the most extensive and costly machines. It uses G-code language and cuts materials by translating programs and moving the spindle differently. It usually comes in three to six-axis configurations and is used for shoulder milling, tapping, drilling, etc.

CNC Lathes

 A CNC lathe is used to cut workpieces fast with the help of tools. It is compatible with G-code and a few other languages.

CNC Routers

Large CNC Routers are used in place of CNC Milling Machines when a larger area is required. If you are working on a vast application, this machine will work best for you. There is an option to transform your CNC router into a four-axis one with the rotary kit that comes with it.

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CNC Plasma Cutters

This machine uses gas to turn into plasma by blowing gas at a very high speed through a nozzle. It creates an electric arc hot enough to melt a conductive material, metal, and surface. 

CNC Electric Discharge Machines

EDM uses sparks to create machining parts shapes according to the requirements. The workpiece is placed among two electrodes, and the electrical discharge is produced to make specific shapes and sizes. This spark machining vaporizes the material and raises the temperature to 8000 – 12000 ℃.

Large Parts Machining

We have made a list to consider before jumping on the hunt if we are trying to find something for your business for large parts. 


Understand the conditions that can happen that may affect your custom parts design. This includes stress and distortion. Look out for the reasons that can distort your design.

Material Selection

Aluminum Machining A16061, A16063, A16082, A17075. Al2024, A15052, A380, etc.
Stainless Steel Machining 55201.55301.55303. SS304. 55316.55416. etc.
Steel Machining Mild Steel. Carbon Steel. 4140. 4340. Q235, Q34513, 20#. 45#. etc.
Brass Machining C35600, C36000, C37700. C37000. C37100, C28000, C26000, C24000. C22000. etc.
Copper Machining C11000, C12000, C12200, C10100, etc.
Iron Machining 20#.45#. Q235. Q345. Q3458. 1214. 12L14. 1215. etc.
Plastic Machining POM, Peek, PMMA, ABS, Del rin, Nylon, PVC. PP, PC, etc

Certification and Inspection

An inspection may be expensive, but it should be a part of a regular check-up. Also, most industries require a certification to work with machining requirements. For businesses, at least ISO9001 certification is the requirement.

YIJIN Hardware Large CNC Machining Services

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Yijin Custom Parts Machining Process PDF.

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