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Top 10 Aerospace Fasteners Manufacturers in the USA

Are you looking for reliable aerospace fastener manufacturers? Numerous companies compete for a piece of the pie.

But now, don’t waste time – explore the top aerospace fastener manufacturers in the USA and find the perfect partner for your project

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Located in Shenzhen, a young city in China, Yijin Hardware combines quality workmanship and superior knowledge with reasonable prices to guarantee on-budget products and on-time delivery.

Based on its exceptional standards, Yijin Hardware has a lot of experience in providing cost-effective professional services for both private companies and governmental agencies for 20 years, with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

With 20 years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing parts related to CNC machining, milling, turning, casting, sheet metal parts, and cold heading as well as sheet metal parts and a wide range of non-standard customized fasteners.

Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd can produce various CNC machining parts and fasteners based on your requirements, 3D drawings, or samples.

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1. AJ Fasteners

As one of the famous aerospace fasteners manufacturers, this company manufactures high-quality aerospace fasteners made from various materials like Hastelloy(r), Inconel(r), stainless steel brass, nylon, and bronze.

They also offer aluminum and zinc alloy. The products include aerospace bolts, aerospace rivets, nuts, bolts as well screws, pins, washers, sockets, rivets, and shields.

A wide range of head design drives, drive types, points, ends, thread lengths, etc.

There is a wide range of plating finishes such as zinc, cadmium hot-dip galvanized, nickel-brass, and anodized.

Aerospace Fasteners manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

2. Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners

Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners has developed advanced manufacturing processes that produce revolutionary 1/4-turn aircraft fasteners.

The development of the racing and aerospace industries offered opportunities to develop better quality, stronger, and lighter aerospace fasteners.

As one of the most famous aircraft hardware suppliers, inc. in the world, Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners obtained three US Patents for adjustable designs that allow one fastener length to be adjusted to the thickness of any panel.

They have quickly introduced these designs to the FAA approval process to allow the use of certified airplanes.

Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners has added additional patent applications to allow for the adjustment of CLoc Fasteners.

Top 10 Aerospace Fasteners Manufacturers in the USA

3. TriMas Aerospace

TriMas Aerospace, a division of TriMas Corporation, is a prominent maker and developer of special aerospace products.

It’s comprised of five companies, including Monogram Aerospace Fasteners(r), All Fast-Fastening Systems(r), Mac Fasteners(mm), Martinic Engineering (TM), and RSA Engineered Products.

As one of the famous aerospace fastener companies, TriMas Aerospace provides the quality aerospace fasteners, such as aerospace bolts, aerospace rivets, aerospace screws, and so on.

TriMas Aerospace provides customers with top-of-the-line products and services that show the company’s commitment to market dominance, innovation, and operational excellence.

As an outstanding aerospace fasteners manufacturer, TriMas offers customers an array of creative and high-quality aerospace fasteners through our top-of-the-line companies.

TriMas group of companies has prominent brand names within the markets we serve and is governed by a shared set of values and strategic goals as part of the TriMas Business Model.

TriMas is listed on NASDAQ using the “TRS” code located at Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

4. Dialogic Fasteners

If you’re looking for top-quality Aircraft and Ground-Support Fasteners, then look no further. Dialogic Fasteners is an industry market leader in the supply of Military fasteners and aerospace fasteners, suitable for Government, Aerospace, and Commercial applications.

Aviation fasteners and other hardware products are available in various sizes to fit every project.

In addition, as one of the famous aerospace fasteners manufacturers in the USA, Dialogic has a large range of drawings from the Government Ordinance and other drawings suitable for making print-to-print aerospace fasteners.

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5. Great Lakes Fasteners

Great Lakes Fasteners has offered high-quality manufacturing and MRO fasteners for Midwest manufacturers at a reasonable price.

As the aerospace fastener supplier, GLF provides a full range of standard military, metric, and custom-built aerospace fasteners to its clients.

GLF offers a range of custom solutions such as kitting/packaging sub-assembly managed inventory programs and rapid prototyping.

GLF’s commitment to providing our customers with top-quality aviation fasteners and services in time and at the right cost is what makes GLF stand out from the rest.

When it comes to aerospace fasteners and precision industrial parts, GLF is the clear option.

Aerospace Fasteners manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

6. Air Industries Company

Established in 1951, Air Industries Company (AIC) is a well-established company that manufactures high-strength precision fasteners for top airframe, engine, missile, and spacecraft manufacturers.

AIC is part of a select group of companies that can meet the high standards of America’s defense establishment, as well as the world’s top aerospace and defense top contractors.

AIC aims to offer aerospace fasteners that exceed our customers’ expectations and needs.

AIC’s employees constantly strive for excellence by constantly improving their abilities and maintaining the most ethical standards.

The management team at AIC provides leadership focused on quality, cutting costs, and keeping the confidence and respect of clients.

7. Precision Threaded Products

PTP is an industry-leading manufacturer of aerospace fasteners. As an aerospace fasteners manufacturer, PTP produces an extensive range of aerospace bolts, aerospace screws, and aerospace nuts.

The company makes components used by Pratt & Whitney, and GE, along with other Tier 1 customers.

These special parts typically require custom head configurations and important threading procedures.

With an experienced, innovative team, superior quality, and the most advanced production capabilities, PTP as the aerospace fastener supplier is a leader in producing parts for the most demanding aerospace applications made of stainless, alloy, and superalloy.

Ferrules Pins, Ferrules and Bushings Bushings, Pins, and Ferrules elements for aerospace fasteners form part of the PTP specialization.

As the aerospace fastener supplier, PTP has threaded, knurled, or stepped pins as well as heads and headless slips, and press-fitting bushings.

Being one of the outstanding aerospace fastener manufacturers in the world, PTP also provides a large range of custom and standard ferrules to satisfy customer demands.

Every one of the PTP aerospace fasteners is made to a precision of +-.0002 with your material preference.

8. MS Aerospace

MS Aerospace makes a broad range of high-temperature, close tolerance, and high-strength aerospace bolts, aerospace screws, aerospace rivets, studs, pins and nuts, barrel nuts, and screws for those who require the highest quality in their business.

The aerospace fasteners are made from many different aerospace materials and various configurations.

MS Aerospace’s high-strength fasteners have resulted in the tensile range of 160,000 pounds per square inch to 300,000 lbs for each square inch.

MS Aerospace’s Long Fatigue Life fasteners produced by MS Aerospace can endure three million fatigue cycles.

9. Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing produces close-tolerance high-strength, complex fasteners that meet the requirements of all National Aerospace Standards and Military Specifications.

Aerospace fasteners are produced with high quality and quality control at every stage of production and in the final inspection.

Aerospace fasteners can be traced from raw material to the finished product.

Aerospace Fasteners manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

10. Apollo Aerospace Components

Apollo’s primary business is the supply of hardware and fasteners to defense and aerospace applications across the globe.

Apollo has large complementary product lines, including seals, bearings, and fittings.

Apollo also has key contract-specific products to satisfy customers’ long-term, strategic requirements.

With a guarantee of security of supply with competitive pricing and a history of timely delivery, the company provides excellent price-to-value.

Aerospace Fasteners manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

Aerospace bolts are an enormous purchase in the United States. With the number of manufacturers available and suppliers, it’s difficult to determine which to purchase from.

We hope this list can help to make the decision simpler. The manufacturers of aerospace fasteners listed on this list are among the very best.

They have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality and continue to set the standard high for other manufacturers.

If you’re not sure, don’t fret; we’re here to assist! Just get in touch with us for any more information.


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