How to Use SS1.4404 Material to Process Pipeline Spare Parts?

Products Name: Plug nippel42 M16x1.5

Product Usage: It’s used to pipeline

Material: SS1.4404

Material Specification: SW24 six-party material

Simple introduction of SS1.4404(ASTM316/SUS316L): It is acid-resistant stainless steel that is easily machined. Maximal improves the machinability of steel and it is suitable for the production of corrosion-resistant stainless steel by machining. Because 1.4404 material has very good corrosion resistance, it can be used in a wide range of fields. Added molybdenum gives it better resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in environments containing chloride. It is non-magnetic but may become slightly magnetic after cold working and welding.

Application of SS1.4404(ASTM316/SUS316L): It is easy to welding and process and suitable for the processing construction industry. Also easily welded by various conventional welding methods. It can’t be hardened by heat treatment, but it can be hardened by cold work. Profit from maximal, compared with ordinary austenitic steel,1.4404 is easy to process and has better processability.

Processing Technic

The Number of Tools: 5 tools

Tool Type: ∅7.5 drill bit, ∅6 boring tools, 35°round turning tool, Male screw cutting tool, 2mm cut-off tool

1. Priority processing M12x1 of the parts that the reason is to turn around when the processing is easy to clamp processing. Then use ∅a 7.5 drill bit and ∅6 boring tools to machine the inner hole of ∅9.7, then use a 35°round turning tool to machine the M12x1 excircle, then use a male screw cutting tool machining M12x1 thread and cut off parts use a 2mm cut-off tool too.

2. Use ∅6 boring tools to machine the inner hole of ∅8, then use 35°round turning tool machining ∅23.8 and ∅10, and finally use a male screw cutting tool machining M16x 1.5.

Please Refer to the Finished Pipeline Spare Parts Below:

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