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5-Axis CNC Milling Precision Custom Components

Product introduction: Manufactured by precision CNC 5-axis linkage, this product is a bottom bracket of the pipeline type, with an extremely complicated shape and extremely high machining difficulties. It is not difficult for a common CNC milling factory with insufficient experience to make a blank of this product, but its extremely complicated shape leads to high machining difficulties. However, with 5-axis CNC milling in combination with its advanced and precision CNC milling center and skillful mechanical operation engineers, Yijin Hardware makes it very easy to perform machining for this precision custom 5-axis CNC milling part with high quality. Pressure casting is mentioned in this article, because it is required for the blank of this part, but this product is manufactured mostly by precision 5-axis CNC milling.

Product specifications: 800mm*200mm*140mm

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