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Custom CNC Milling H96 Brass Components

Why do Custom CNC Milling articles need to customized? Because normally Custom CNC Milling articles have higher accuracy requirements,just like this Custom CNC Milling H96 Brass Components.So, when it comes to Custom CNC Milling Brass Components, custom precision CNC milling brass parts are usually required, which means that the corresponding Brass Components Manufacturer must have exquisite craftsmanship.

Product material: Brass H96

Product dimensions: 115mm*88mm*63mm

Product introduction: This Custom CNC Milling H96 Brass Components is a main part for papermaking equipment. When the equipment starts up, the part swings back and forth with an angle between 0°and 90°. Since it is usually used in a humid environment, so most of the Brass Components Manufacturer will choose for this Custom CNC Milling H96 Brass Components. Brass H98 is chosen because it is up to the plasticity required for this part, featuring higher strength, good electric conductivity, good thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance in both the atmosphere and fresh water, good plasticity and ease for cold treatment.

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