CNC turned Phosphor Bronze Bush

This is a commonplace topic. For a CNC turned part, whether its high precision and high strength can be achieved is the biggest test for a CNC turned parts manufacturer. Even a CNC turned parts manufacturer that has been in the CNC machining industry for years must be very carefully about it. The phosphor bronze sleeve that Yijin Hardware is going to talk about today is one of such parts.

Product material: phosphor bronze

Product introduction: This part is a shaft sleeve made of phosphor bronze which is applicable to industrial and mining mechanical equipment and requires high matching precision and high bearing functions. This is a rotary part which is suitable for high precision CNC turning.


Properties and Purposes of Phosphor Bronze

With stannum and phosphorus as its main alloying elements, the phosphor bronze contains 2-8% stannum and 0.1- 0.4% phosphorus, and the remaining is copper. In the industry, it is mainly used for wear-resisting parts and elastic components. Its plates and sticks are used to manufacture springs, switches, lead frames, connectors, vibrating reeds, sylphons, fuse clips, and bushes, especially the springs with high elasticity requirements. Its castings are used for other common mechanical parts such as gears, worm wheels, bearings, bushings, sleeves, and blades.

With higher corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and no sparkles during impacts, Phosphor bronze is used for medium-speed and heavy-load bearings at operating temperatures up to 250℃. It features automatic self-aligning, insensitivity to deflections, even bearing stress, high bearing capacity, the ability of taking radial loads simultaneously, self-lubricating, and no need for maintenance. Tin-phosphor bronze is a copper alloy featuring good electrical conductivity, thermal resistance, and powerful fatigue resistance with safety guaranteed. The hard-wired electrical structure of the jack strip made of tin-phosphor bronze, with no rivet connection or wiping contact, can guarantee good contact, high elasticity and steady plugging in and out. With good machinability and scrap formation, this alloy can be used with rapidly shortened part machining time. Phosphor bronze is also often used for the reed of a harmonica.

Application Characteristics of the Shaft Sleeve

1.Shaft sleeves are widely used for the places with light loads and easy assembly and disassembly. There are difficulties during assembly and disassembly of a lot of bearings, especially when the bearing assembly and disassembly within a case is restricted conditionally. The application of shaft sleeves can solve this problem of assembly and disassembly.
2.The shaft sleeve can be adjusted for tightening or loosening, which broadens the machining precision for many cases and greatly improves their machining efficiency.
3.The application of shaft sleeves also overcomes axial float of the bearings, so they are widely used. There are some disadvantages, for example, the shaft sleeve precision directly affects radial run-out of the shaft.
4.The most important function of the shaft sleeve in machinery is fixation. To try to avoid directional deflection of the gear shaft due to vibration during its movement, a copper shaft sleeve is required for fixation.

Application Fields of the Shaft Sleeve

The copper shaft sleeve, also called copper sleeve for short, is an accessory manufactured by CNC turning. Copper sleeves are mainly used in industries like machinery, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical industry, aerospace, coal, petroleum, automobile, engineering machinery, and metallurgy. Copper sleeves allow mechanical operation to have reduced friction, reduced vibration, corrosion resistance, reduced noise, and ease of repair, so as to simplify the structural manufacturing process. At present, copper sleeves are widely used for mechanical components and would wear after long time machine operation. Since a copper sleeve has a servicelife, in time replacement should be conducted when it wears to a certain extent and affects normal machine operation. A lower cost also makes the casting copper sleeves very popular in the current mechanical manufacturing industry. Although maybe some mechanical designers do not like the existence of copper sleeves, their advantages gradually show up during long time actual use.

Based on the above introduction, we can know that this phosphor bronze shaft sleeve needs to cover both accuracy and strength as so to realize high mating precision and high bearing functions. Besides, it is a phosphor bronze shaft sleeve used for industrial and mining mechanical equipment, so we must make it have a certain abrasion resistance and thermal resistance. Therefore, this part is a test for Yijin Hardware as a precision custom CNC turning parts manufacturer for not only professional capabilities but also flexible adaptation and knowledge reserve.


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