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Milling Parts Of Aircraft

Today, we would like to introduce you a kind of milling parts of aircrafts that we elaborate process, which main material is aluminum 6061. Aluminum 6061 is a commonly used material for CNC machining. Due to its physical characteristics, it is the key material for CNC machining. As we can see from the pictures, this milling parts of aircraft are already difficult to be processed. Its outer shell and internal structure are relatively complex. Therefore, C NC spare parts supplier is required to have mature CNC milling technology to process this parts of aircraft.

Product Material: Aluminum 6061

Introduction: The CNC milling parts are used in the aerospace field of the connecting block parts. The connecting block parts are mainly fixed in the body of aviation compression equipment by through fastening, and fasteners are installed and fixed through the two countersunk head holes on the parts. Connection block parts are also provided with threaded holes, pin holes, keyways and grooves, and these structures are to ensure that other parts can be fitted with the connection block.

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