2023 Top 10 Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturers in China

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China is a global manufacturing leader, especially in custom plastic parts production. This guide lists the top 10 manufacturers in China.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s your roadmap to finding the right partner.

These manufacturers are known for precision, innovation, and meeting international standards while offering competitive pricing and prioritizing sustainability.

You’ll gain insights into China’s custom plastic parts industry and make informed decisions.

So, let’s explore the top 10 manufacturers reshaping industries through custom parts.

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1. Yijin Hardware

Yijin Hardware, based in Shenzhen, China, is a precision machining company with over 20 years of experience crafting custom plastic parts.

They serve various industries, including aviation, electronics, furniture, defense, healthcare, automotive, communication, racing cars, new energy, and infrastructure.

The company boasts a proficient R&D team of ten design engineers and thirty technical developers skilled in various plastic materials such as ABS, PA66, POM, PVC, PEEK, PAI, and acrylic.

They offer diverse surface treatments like frosting, spraying, silk screen printing, and more.

Their advanced manufacturing facility houses CNC machining centers, lathes, grinding machines, and other cutting-edge equipment.

It ensures they can produce high-quality plastic components with precision and efficiency.

Yijin Hardware is committed to delivering value through competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and extensive customization options.

They also provide expert engineering support for design and manufacturing needs. Rest assured, you can count on them for everything they do.


Key Highlights:

  • Expertise in custom plastic parts for multiple industries
  • Skilled in various plastic materials and surface treatments
  • Advanced manufacturing facility for precise production
  • Competitive pricing and timely delivery
  • Experienced engineering team for design support

2. Zhongde

Established in 1978, Zhongde is a leader in custom plastic parts manufacturing, with over four decades of expertise.

They offer comprehensive solutions, from mold design and prototyping to mass production.

Their advanced production line includes injection molding, compression molding, CNC machining, metal stamping, and 3D printing, allowing them to handle diverse custom plastic part requirements.

What sets them apart is their skilled engineers and technicians delivering top-quality custom plastic parts.

They enforce strict quality control to ensure precise alignment with customer specifications.

With over four decades of experience, they have extensive production capabilities and a robust quality control system.

Thanks to automated equipment, their cost-efficiency benefits customers.

Service excellence is another hallmark; their experienced team is readily available to address customer queries and challenges during manufacturing.

In short, Zhongde is the reliable choice for custom plastic parts manufacturing, offering a rich history of experience, diverse capabilities, unwavering quality, competitive pricing, and impeccable service.

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3. Tirapid

Tirapid boasts over 25 years of expertise as a seasoned custom plastic component manufacturer.

Their comprehensive service portfolio covers CNC machining, turning, 5-axis machining, rapid prototyping, and low-volume manufacturing.

Additionally, they offer ISO-certified post-production treatments, like anodizing, powder coating, painting, and chrome finishing.

Their clientele spans diverse industries, including automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer electronics, with a steadfast focus on efficiency and precision.

Skilled engineers at Tirapid leverage cutting-edge machinery in a state-of-the-art facility to tailor plastic parts to your specifications.

Emphasizing customer support, they provide round-the-clock assistance, rapid quotations, and a dedicated commitment to meeting deadlines.

They maintain competitive pricing while upholding stringent quality standards. From small to intricate plastic parts, they handle projects of all sizes and complexities and can accommodate large volumes, low production runs, and rapid prototyping.

Also, they offer post-production services to elevate the quality of plastic components.

If you’re seeking a dependable partner for custom plastic component manufacturing, Tirapid can collaborate, delivering excellence and innovation.

4. WayKen

In the bustling city of Shenzhen, China, WayKen is a prominent player in custom plastic parts manufacturing.

With over two decades of experience, their capabilities include CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, and injection molding for various industries, such as automotive, medical, and aerospace.

Their mission revolves around nurturing boundless creativity and guaranteeing the contentment of designers.

They uphold core values like customer satisfaction, excellence, innovation, integrity, and joy, knowing innovation is the key to success.

Their services include CNC machining for precise metal and plastic components, 3D printing for rapid prototyping, vacuum casting for intricate parts, rapid tooling for mold production, and injection molding for mass production.

Their reputation is built on their extensive capabilities, premium materials, and dedicated team of engineers.

They also offer customizable finishing options. If you are on the hunt for a reliable partner for custom plastic parts, WayKen delivers excellence that exceeds industry standards.

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5. DML Plastic Mould Co., Limited.

Established in 2001, DML Plastic Mould Co., Limited. is a leading Chinese custom plastic parts manufacturer specializing in precise plastic molds.

Operating from a 50,000-square-meter facility, they serve worldwide markets, aiming to provide high-quality molding products and services at competitive prices.

Their key priorities include enhancing workforce skills, ensuring a safe work environment, investing in advanced machine technology, and maintaining machinery for reliability.

They adhere to strict mold design, manufacturing, and testing standards, meeting client requirements worldwide, with lead times ranging from 3 to 12 weeks.

With a production capacity of 40-50 sets of molds per month and machines ranging from 80 to 2000 tons, they have over 180 skilled professionals.

With transparent pricing, their expertise expedites project timelines, enhances casting quality, and extends tooling lifespan.

Upon mold delivery, they provide customers with essential documents, including mold operation instructions, testing reports, and maintenance schedules.

In essence, DML Mould is dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services in custom plastic components manufacturing, fostering lasting partnerships through its commitment to excellence in service.

6. Arex Industrial Tech

Backed by a 25-year rich record, Arex Industrial Technology is a privately owned company. It is a prominent figure in custom plastic parts manufacturing, particularly in the mining and industrial sectors.

Their success is attributed to their seasoned engineers, advanced manufacturing facility, and comprehensive services.

Their plastic parts manufacturing services cover designing, molding, machining, assembly, testing, and timely delivery.

They also offer value-added options like inventory management, technical support, and repair services, prioritizing a seamless customer experience.

Collaborating with them offers advantages, including tailored solutions, high-quality outputs, and a strong track record of customer satisfaction.

They work with various plastic materials and accommodate projects of all sizes and complexity, offering finishing options like painting, powder coating, and anodizing.

In conclusion, Arex is a reliable and experienced custom plastic parts manufacturer with expertise, advanced resources, and a commitment to excellence.

They are ideal for precise, high-quality custom plastic parts manufacturing solutions in China.

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7. Djmolding

Huizhou Djmolding Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a top Chinese injection molding manufacturer.

They focus on plastic molds and parts for various industries like household appliances, medical equipment, electronics, safety gear, and monitoring systems. Their factory spans over 15,000 square meters.

They export their custom plastic parts globally to the United States, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Their mission? Exceptional molding products and services with a keen eye on pricing, quality, and punctuality.

Strategies involve skill enhancement, safety, tech upgrades, and customer tooling preservation. ISO9001-2008 certifies their quality management.

Their product range covers injection molds, die-casting molds, blow molds, rotational molds, medical plastic injection molds, two-shot injection molds, and more.

They also offer plastic parts like water tanks, containers, hangers, tableware, cups, bottles, and custom components.

Djmolding boasts skilled engineers, technicians, and advanced machinery (CNC machines, EDM machines, injection molding machines).

They excel in crafting custom plastic molds, maintaining stringent quality standards, and ensuring prompt, reliable deliveries.

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8. HanKing Mould

HanKing Mould, an established player in custom plastic parts manufacturing since 1996, offers a wide range of services.

Their expertise spans plastic mold design, engineering, molding, project management, manufacturing, trial, quality assurance, assembly, and decoration.

With their well-equipped tooling shop, they handle diverse projects, from small plastic parts to complex automotive parts.

Their skilled engineers are proficient in leading mold software, including ProE, SolidWorks, AutoCAD/Autodesk, and Unigraphics, ensuring cutting-edge design.

Overseen by experienced quality inspectors, their commitment to quality is evident throughout their production process.

They have a strong track record and a portfolio of satisfied customers, showcasing their competence and dedication to excellence.

At its heart, HanKing Mould excels in custom plastic parts:

  • Tailored mold design to meet client needs
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Superior-quality molds in a high-tech shop
  • Professional mold trials with modern equipment
  • Stringent quality control throughout production
  • Additional services like painting, printing, welding, and more
  • Top-notch results, on time and within budget

9. Prototech Asia

Prototech Asia, a French company based in China, specializes in rapid prototyping and manufacturing plastic parts.

They leverage experienced engineers and skilled technicians with cutting-edge technology to create custom plastic parts tailored to customer needs.

Their competitive pricing is attributed to their efficient manufacturing facility in China. The company excels in quick project completion, with prototypes typically delivered in 3 to 15 working days.

Efficiency is central to their service, upheld by a qualified team committed to exceeding client expectations, ensuring precision, quality, and meeting deadlines.

They offer diverse manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding to cater to various client needs.

Confidentiality is a priority, ensuring client 3D files remain secure.

Their expertise covers prototypes, fully functional parts, high-precision components, and complex plastic parts.

They also offer small series part production for testing or market trials, serving various industries and projects.

In a word, Prototech Asia is a reliable and experienced partner for custom plastic parts manufacturing.

cnc machining plastic parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

10. Mulan MFG

Mulan MFG, a top Chinese company, brings 18 years of custom plastic parts manufacturing expertise.

Their services encompass injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, CNC machining, and 3D printing, emphasizing rapid prototyping.

Their seasoned engineers operate within a progressive facility to ensure top-quality components at the best prices.

They serve various industries, including automotive, medical, electronics, aerospace, and more, showcasing a track record in custom plastic parts manufacturing.

Partnering with them offers several benefits, including expert guidance in design and manufacturing, quick prototyping, and the flexibility to meet diverse project requirements.

They can handle various sizes and shapes, work with a range of plastics, and excel in intricate features like over-molding and threaded inserts.

Whether it’s high-volume production, low-volume runs, or rapid prototyping, they get it covered.

In conclusion, Mulan MFG is a trustworthy and experienced partner for custom plastic parts manufacturing, offering a rich history, diverse capabilities, and a commitment to quality and innovation across various industries.


Our exploration of the “Top 10 Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturers in China” reveals exceptional expertise and diverse capabilities.

You can confidently tailor your plastic parts sourcing to your specific needs, be it precision, cost-effectiveness, or innovation.

With these insights, you’re well-prepared to make informed procurement decisions. Take action, knowing China’s manufacturing prowess will fulfill your custom plastic parts needs.

Your journey to secure high-quality plastic components begins here in Chinese manufacturing excellence.

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