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Ergonomic Mobile Phone Game Controller


Used on the phone for a better gaming exprience.

Game Controller Actual Use Scenario

Design Points:

Improve the grip feel, improve mobile game control performance and effectively relieve hand fatigue, three kinds of hand feel can be switched at will.

Game Controller Design And Manufactured By Yijin Solution

Design Insight:

Since 2017, various types of mobile games have been launched one after another in my country.

As time goes by, more and more people have developed a strong love for mobile games, which have become a new way of entertainment and social interaction for most young people.

They are more popular on campus. It is favored by everyone and has become a new profession and a new sports event channel.

The soreness caused by holding the phone for a long time has become a confusion for most players.

Therefore, we designed, developed and produced this product at the customer’s request. This product has been widely praised since its launch.

game controller design and manufactured by yijin solution


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