How Does YIJIN Hardaware Process the Aluminum Flange for Different Industries?

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Product Name: Flange

It used for foxed connection

Material: 6061 aluminum

Material Specification: tube material 210*150*17

Development and application of aluminum alloy pipe

Application in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry

Aluminum alloy is the preferred lightweight material for aircraft and spacecraft, which is widely used in the aviation and aerospace industry. In the aerospace industry, aluminum alloy pipes are mainly used as cable protective covers, gasoline and lubricating oil pipelines of aircraft auxiliary fuel tanks, various pull rods, exhaust cylinders, etc. For example, as the casing for cable protection, its alloy is mainly 1035,8A06, etc., and the main specifications of the pipe are: 42mmX1mm, 38mmX1mm, 34mmX1mm, 32mmX1mm, etc. The main alloy is 5A02, and the main specifications of the pipe are 6mmX1mm, 8mmX1mm, 10mmX1mm, 10mmx1.5mm, 12mmX1mm, 12mmx1.5mm, 14mmX1mm, etc.

As a pull rod, the exhaust pipe used in the pipe, the alloy is mainly 5A02, the main specifications of the pipe are 65mmX1.5mm, 70mmX1mm, 72mmX1mm, 73mmX1.5mm, 75mmX1mm, 75mmX2mm, and so on. The main characteristics of aluminum alloy tubes used in the aviation and aerospace industry are that the surface quality is required to be high, the dimensional accuracy is strict, and the microstructure and mechanical properties must be strictly guaranteed.

Especially for the high-pressure conduit made of 5A02 alloy, it must pass the blasting pressure test before it can be used. As aluminum alloy tubes are used in the aviation and aerospace industry, new aluminum alloy materials such as aluminum-lithium alloy, aluminum-composite materials, and other new aluminum alloy materials are being researched and developed to reduce the weight and obtain better comprehensive performance.

Application in rocket and atomic energy industry

The application of aluminum alloy tubes in the rocket industry is mainly as an exhaust tube and high-temperature resistant missile shells, missile cabins, etc. For example, the exhaust pipe used as a rocket launcher, its main alloy is 2A12, and the main specifications are 62mmX(2.2~2.3)mm; As the shell of a cruise missile, in order to improve the high-temperature resistance of the pipe, Al-(8.4~8.7)% Fe -(1.1~1.4)% V -(1.1~1.4)%Si powder metallurgy material, by extrusion processing into 417mmx38.5mm tube billet, and then through spinning and other cold processing and certain heat treatment, so as to make its high-temperature resistance Can be greatly improved; The 2124-1T351 tubes used in a missile cabin are 215Mnx22mm in the guidance cabin and 215MMx30mm in the control cabin.

Aluminum alloy pipe in the atomic energy industry is mainly used in the nuclear reactor cooling pipe, usually known as the process pipe, the alloy is mainly LT24(the highest service temperature of 130℃),167(the highest service temperature of 185℃), the main specifications for 43mmX1mm, five pipe wall The diameter of the inner circle of the reinforcement is medium 38.4mm, and the inner and outer surfaces should be anodized.

Application in the weapon industry

Aluminum alloy tubes are widely used in the weapon industry, including various optical instruments, lenses, sights, instrument enclosures, artillery fuses, electric stun guns, truncheons, and so on. Such as: As the lens and instrument shell of various telescopes, periscopes, and other observation instruments, the tubes are mainly 2A11,2A12,7A04 and other duralumin or super duralumin thick-walled tubes, which are used after mechanical processing and surface treatment.

The specifications are from small to large, and the varieties are diverse, with medium (35–100)mm X (5~12.5)mm pipe being the largest consumption, as the projectile primer pipe, mainly 2A11, 2A12 alloy thick-walled pipe,2A11 alloy representative specification is 41mmX10mm; The representative specification of 2A12 alloy is 85mmX7.5mm; The pipe used for making gun sight is mainly 5052 antirust aluminum alloy pipe, the main specifications are:28mmX2mm, 32mmX 2mm2, ①38mmX2mm, ① 42mmx2.5mm, etc.; Aluminum alloy tubes used in the production of electric shock guns and truncheons, the main alloy is 2A12, the typical specification is in 30mmX1mmI mm. In addition, in many other aspects of the weapon industry, aluminum alloy pipe has a very wide range of applications.

Electrical industry

Aluminum alloy tubes are widely used in the electrical industry, among which the largest quantity is used as busbars with larger specifications. For example, China’s 1973 design of the first 220kV aluminum alloy tube busbar distribution device, used for some substations of the Beijing, Tianjin, and Tang power grid, alloy for 3A21, pipe specifications for (outer diameter/inner diameter):65mm/54mm, 70mm/64mm, 100mm/ 90mm, ①130mm/116mm. With the development of light building materials, aluminum alloy pipe is a better cable channel material than plastic pipe, with better fire performance. In the power equipment, and line equipment, not only the amount of aluminum alloy round tubes is very large, but Some cold-drawn rectangular tubes have also been widely used, such as 6A02 alloy, 60mm X30mmX5mm, 80mm x40mm x6mm, 100mm x50mm x6mm, 100mmX 80mmX 6mm (side length X side length X wall thickness) pipes.

Communication facilities

Aluminum alloy pipe in the application of communication facilities is mainly used as a microwave transmission antenna, television antenna, and UHF antenna is a multipurpose 5A02 alloy welded pipe and cold pull industrial pure aluminum pipe manufacturing. 2. 03mm x 1.02mm x 2 254mm x 1. 27mm x 1 mm. 247.6mm x 123.8mm x 3mm, 292mm x 146mm x 3mm 40 rectangular waveguides also began to be paid attention to in the subway train, its main alloy grade is 6063 aluminum alloy.

Electronics component

Aluminum alloy pipe is also widely used in electronic parts and radio components, mainly 6000 series and antirust aluminum alloy. For example, in the radio components, the main to have high magnesium-aluminum alloy in the 6mmX1mm, 8mmX1mm, and other specifications of pipe; In the electrical components, such as electronic cameras, photocopiers, laser printing presses, laser printers for photosensitive magnetic drum drum base tubes, etc. The aluminum alloy tubes for the drum base of the copier produced by a factory in China are 3A21. The main specifications (outside diameter/inside diameter) are 101.8mm/91.0mm and 92.0mm/81.0mm tubes. A photocopier needs about seven drums a year to run properly. The outer diameter of the tube for the drum base of the laser printer is generally between 20 and 40mm.

Household appliances

Aluminum alloy pipe is widely used in household appliances, with various specifications of aluminum alloy pipe, videotape recorder tape with cylinder, with low thermal expansion coefficient, good wear resistance, easy cutting processing, and no cutting strain of 4A11,2218 alloy pipe manufacturing. The condensing pipe used in refrigerators and freezers is mostly made of 1050A alloy pipe, but most of these pipes are now made of tubes with welds produced by Conforme extruder. The heat exchanger tube of the air conditioner also has the development trend of replacing copper with aluminum to reduce the cost.

Application in the transportation industry

The transportation industry is aluminum alloy pipe applications, low energy consumption, and reduced pollution to the environment. And the potential is very huge, its main purpose is to reduce self-weight, reduce energy consumption, and reduce pollution to the environment.

Railway vehicles

The application of aluminum alloy pipe in railway vehicles is mainly inner wall pipe, and its alloy is 5000 series pipe, such as 5052; Drainage pipe, whose alloy is 6063; Passenger cars, light oil vehicle infusion pipeline, mainly with pure aluminum. With the rapid popularization of air-conditioned vehicles, the consumption of pure aluminum and 3A21 alloy pipes used as air conditioners and radiators will also increase significantly.


Aluminum alloy pipes in the automotive industry, are the most representative is the heat exchange pipe radiator and air conditioner, as well as some oil pipelines. Usually, make radiator tubes with 3A21 alloy, make air conditioner tubes with pure aluminum, in this respect, a few developed countries abroad have been far ahead, Germany and other countries in Europe and the United States of a few car heat exchanger aluminate rates have reached 100% although the start is later, but has caused high attention, a lot of car production Enterprises have or are studying the use of aluminum alloy heat exchanger.


The application of aluminum alloy pipes in the shipbuilding industry is mainly used for the guardrail of various pipelines and upper-layer structures on ships. The large-diameter pipe can be used for the members of the hull, superstructure, and mast, and the beams and columns (hollow cylinder column, hollow angular column). The main alloys are 5083, 5052, 6063, and 6061, and other good rust resistance, and corrosion performance of aluminum alloy pipe, commonly used specifications for (10~150) mm X (3 ~ 8) mm.


Aluminum alloy is the ideal material to reduce the weight of a bicycle, in which the amount of aluminum alloy pipe occupies a large proportion. The main alloy for the bicycle pipe is 2A11,2024, 5056, 6061, 6063, 6013, 7005, etc., and its specifications are generally between 16~72mm. According to different models, the alloy, specification, use, and dosage of bicycle pipe is not the same.

Application in the machinery manufacturing industry

The application of aluminum alloy pipe in agricultural machinery is mainly sprinkler irrigation machinery, tractors, and other agricultural machinery aluminum water tank. In agricultural irrigation, spray irrigation and drip irrigation techniques are widely used to replace traditional furrow irrigation and immersion irrigation, which can improve the utilization rate of freshwater, save labor, increase production and save water, and can adapt to a variety of complex terrain. The sprinkler irrigation unit is composed of a sprinkler irrigation machine, main road, branch pipeline, riser pipe, connecting pipe fittings, and sprinkler head. According to the average calculation, each unit needs about 600m long water pipeline and 400m long water spraying pipeline, and the pipe material accounts for 69% of the total weight of the whole unit. In these pipes, mainly welded pipes, China has a special sprinkler pipe standard (GB5896-86), but its varieties are relatively simple, the nominal outer diameter of 40~60mm a total of 14 kinds, and only two kinds of pipe lengths are 5m and 6m.

The aluminum water tank for the tractor is made of a core and aluminum fins in series. The core is connected to the plate by the cooling water pipe. The cooling water pipe is made of pure aluminum and rust-proof aluminum with good corrosion resistance. In addition, aluminum alloy pipe in grain machinery, and other agricultural machinery, as well as food storage, and processing as the windpipe, and conduit, has also been widely used.

Processing technic

The quantity of the tool:5 tools

Tool type:∅40fly-cutter, ∅12mm butt mill,∅8mm butt mill,∅2.5 drill bit, M3 screw tap

In order to avoid unnecessary material waste and processing efficiency, we choose aluminum pipe material for processing. Because the annular parts are relatively thin and the outer diameter of the parts is relatively large, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent the parts from changing in the processing process and pay attention to the cutting amount and clamping of the tool.

Use ∅40 fly-cutter,∅12mm butt mill, and ∅8mm butt mill to machine parts shape.

Use ∅a 2.5 drill bit and M3 screw tap to machine the M3 thread.

Turn the head for processing, and use ∅40 fly-cutter to machining heights of 12mm and 1mm.

Please refer to the finished parts below:

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