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An Overview to the Calipers | Types of Calipers and Uses

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What is a Caliper Measuring Tool?

A caliper is a length-measuring tool, mainly used to measure the length, inner and outer diameter, depth, and other parameters of a machined part.

Following, YIJIN Hardware will introduce you to the types and uses of calipers.

Different Types of Calipers and Uses

The general caliper will be used in conjunction with the data acquisition instrument.

What Material are Different Types of Calipers Made of?

Combining these characteristics, the materials for making the different types of calipers mainly include:

Standard calipers are generally made of carbon steel, tool steel, and stainless steel. It should be noted that when carbon steel or tool steel is used, the hardness of the main measuring surface is not less than 58HRC; When stainless steel is used, the hardness of the main measuring surface is not less than 52.5HRC, and Cr13 stainless steel with higher carbon content is generally used.

Non-Standard Calipers are mainly used in fields with high accuracy requirements. In fields where measurement accuracy requirements are not too high, some calipers with lower accuracy can be used. The material requirements of this kind of caliper are not so high. Generally, ordinary materials can be used, such as zinc alloy, and stainless steel. However, the carbon content of this stainless steel material will be lower.

Special Calipers for some Wenwan jewelry fields use carbon fiber calipers, because compared with metal calipers, this caliper has no hard texture and sharp edges, and it is not easy to scratch objects when measuring, so it is mostly used to measure valuable objects, like Wenwan, jewelry, etc.

The Main Types of Calipers and Its uses

Dial Caliper: The caliper with a gauge can solve the problem of the reading error of the vernier caliper.

Vernier Calipers: The vernier caliper is composed of two parts: the main scale and the vernier attached to the main scale that can slide. Vernier calipers for the roughing measurements.

Vernier Calipers:

Electronic Digital Calipers:

Calipers for special purposes:

Claw’s type calipers, for irregular and unknown dimension measurement.

Offset calipers are used for measuring the position size of unequal-height areas.

Depth calipers for depth measurement.

Thin-sheet calipers for narrow groove diameter measurements.

The Advantages and Industry Applications of Calipers

General calipers can be used together with data acquisition instruments.

Application Background: The current method of internal quality inspection in the factory is that after measuring data, the measuring personnel manually record it on paper, or one person measures and another person records the operation method. When the analysis is required, the operator enters the computer data.

Main Purpose: Connected calipers for efficient mobile data acquisition; Realize the paperless measurement, improve the accuracy of measurement and improve the efficiency of detection, and can remind in time when the specification is exceeded.

Selection of Measuring Tools

Before measuring, it is necessary to select different measuring tools according to the characteristics of the measured parts; The diameter of the shaft can be selected from micrometers and calipers; For holes and grooves, plug gauges, block gauges, and feeler gauges can be selected; Measuring parts of the straight Angle selection of try square;

Measuring R-value using R gauge; When the measuring tolerance is small and the precision is high or the shape and position tolerance is required, cubic and quadratic elements can be selected. A hardness tester is used to measure steel hardness.

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