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What is CNC Lathe Machining Efficiency?

A lathe machine is one of the most versatile machines in a workshop. It can be used for turning, facing, drilling, and other operations.

The three most common lathe operations are turning, facing, and drilling.

  • Turning is the process of shaping a workpiece by rotating it against a cutting tool. The cutting tool removes material from the workpiece to create the desired shape.
  • Facing is the process of creating a flat surface on the end of a workpiece. The cutting tool is fed along the axis of the workpiece to remove material and create a flat surface.
  • Drilling is the process of creating a hole in a workpiece. The cutting tool is fed into the workpiece and rotated to create a hole.

6 Points About CNC Lathe Machining Efficiency

1. The Choice of Cutting Amount Needs to be Reasonable

Cutting dosage (AP, F, V) selection is reasonable or not for can give full play to the potential of the machine tool and the cutting performance of the tool, to achieve high quality, low cost, and high yield CNC manufacturing, the safe operation has a decisive role, in the rough machining, the hand is considered to be a large amount of AP back eating.

Second select a larger feeding f, v, and finally, determine a suitable cutting depth increase turning ap can make feedback the number of less, increase the feeding f can be helpful for chip breaker.

So, according to the above principles, choosing rough machining, cutting dosage to improve production efficiency and reduce the loss of the cutting tool and reduce the CNC manufacturing cost is very good.

In finish machining, the CNC machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements will be high, machining allowance is not big and more uniform, so choosing precision cutting dosage, should consider how to guarantee the quality of CNC turning processing, and on this basis to improve productivity.

So the CNC machining turning parts should choose a smaller amount of turning the AP with feeding F, Select the tool material with high cutting performance and appropriate geometric parameters, as far as possible to improve the cutting speed V.

CNC lathing cutting

2. Reasonable Choice of Tools

①In the rough turning, the choice of high strength, and good durability of the tool, to meet the rough CNC turning of the large knife and large feed requirements;

②In the CNC precision turning, choose high precision, and good durability of the CNC machined tool to ensure the processing accuracy of OEM parts CNC machining;

③In order to reduce the time and procedure of tool change, a machine clamp knife and machine clamp blade should be used as far as possible.

3. Reasonable Choice of Fixture

1) Should try to choose a general type of fixture to clamp the CNC machined components, avoid using special fixtures;

2) The positioning datum of milling parts should be overlapped to reduce positioning error.

4. Fixture Installation Should be Reasonable

Now, the hydraulic chuck and hydraulic clamping cylinder connection are mainly by the pull rod to complete, the hydraulic chuck critical point is: the use of a wrench to remove the hydraulic cylinder above the nut, remove the pull pipe, and extracted from the back end of the spindle, and then use a wrench to remove the chuck on the fixing CNC screw, can remove the chuck.

5. Determine the Reasonable Processing Route

The processing route usually refers to the CNC machine tool machining process, the relative movement of the tool parts, and the direction should be as far as possible to shorten the processing route.

6. The Correlation Between the Processing Route and the Processing Allowance

Today, though the CNC lathe has been significantly used in the field of mechanical processing, also is still popular, it generally should speak of too much allowance on blank, especially with an allowance of forging, casting hard cortex arrangement on the universal car for processing, it must use the numerical control lathe processing, need to pay attention to the application of flexible.

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