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Custom Stainless Steel 302 Threaded Screw Inserts

This type of fork screw insert is customized by our company for customers in Singapore. The main thread specification is the M3.5 thread, and the head adopts the fork shape, so it is named fork screw.

The material of this fork screw insert is stainless steel 302. The main function is that the screw head needs to be combined with plastic.

In People’s Daily life, screws usually have two functions, the first is as the connection and fixation of objects; the Second, it is used as a pin shaft to support some simple rotating parts.

The screw in the prior art usually includes two parts which are fixedly connected in one, namely the screw head and the screw.

When used, the screw can be twisted in the used place. In current technology, the screw usually consists of two parts fixed together, namely the screw head and the screw insert.

However, in the process of twisting, because of the direct friction between metal and metal, it is easy to produce noise. And after installation, the screw is fixed at the installation position only by the tiny elastic deformation of the screw and the friction between the screw and the installation position, so its stability is poor, and the screw is easy to fall off.

On the other hand, when the screw is used as a pin, the friction between the rotating part and the screw is easy to produce noise. At the same time, when the screw rust, will also produce rotating parts difficult to rotate and other problems.

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