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Custom DIN912 Hex Socket Screws

Product introduction:

The DIN912 hex socket screw, also known as hex socket cheese head screw, has a cylindrical knurled head with a sunken hexagon in the middle.

The hex socket screw is often used for fastened connections inside machinery. Because of its circular head, it can be well embedded into various junction surfaces.

Only a circular hole is required on the target, the screw head can be well merged into the target surface. The hex socket screw is also easy to remove with a hexagonal rod or pneumatic electric gun which can be operated within a small range.

DIN91 2/ISO4762 is also called the hex socket cup head bolt which has a cylindrical head and a hexagonal socket.

Because of easy fastening and removal and a low occurrence of slipping, they are used in mechanical installation on a large scale.

An Allen wrench is used to install and remove hex socket cup head bolts. It is a 90° bent tool that has a long end and a short end.

When the short end is used for screw installation, applying a small force while holding the long end can achieve the function of screw tightening.

The long end is usually used to install and remove the screws in deep holes. With special experience in manufacturing the DIN912 hex socket screws, Yijin Hardware is capable of providing both standard and nonstandard hex socket screws per customer requirements.

Yijin Hardware is a custom fastener manufacturer that produces custom DIN912 hex socket screws based on different requirements from different customers.

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