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Custom DIN7991 Hex Socket Countersunk Head Screws

Product introduction: The DIN7991 hex socket countersunk head screw has a conical head with a sunken hexagon in the center. After installation, the screw head can be well embedded into the installation surface, flat and beautiful. Because the head of a hex socket countersunk head screw can be embedded in a component, a large torque can be applied and the connection strength is high. Therefore, hex socket countersunk head screw can replace hexagon bolts, and are often used for the connecting positions with smooth appearances and compact structures required. The DIN7991 hex socket countersunk head screw is named after German standard DIN7991-1986, equivalent to ISO10642 which specifies the hex socket countersunk head screws with ISO metric thread specifications from M3 to M24 and product grade A. Based in Shenzhen, China, Yijin Hardware is a modern professional fastener manufacturer integrating research and development with production and marketing, and also a standard modern company dedicated to manufacturing high strength screws, hex socket screws, hex socket countersunk head screws, hex socket round head screws and stainless steel screws. Yijin Hardware has made both long-term and short-term development plans, with the business philosophy of integrity&virtue, people first, professional services and sustainable operation. Yijin Hardware always sticks to its quality policy of customer first, quality first, excellence, and continuous improvement. We are striving to be a world-class stainless steel fastener company by connecting all parties with trust and building a whole industrial chain service platform and constructing a industrial ecologic chain of Co-construction, Sharing, and Win-win.

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