Red Anodize Aircraft Components

Because of absolute safety, strength must be priority No.1 for aeronautical parts, as well as oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Today, let’s find out how Yijin Hardware manufactures this precision custom CNC milling part — red sandblasted anodized aeronautical part by perfect aluminum milling service

Product material: aluminum alloy 7075

Surface treatment: red sandblasting anodizing

Product dimensions: 130mm*31mm*25mm

Product introduction: The red anodize aircraft components used for aviation is usually for emergencies only. This kind of CNC machining parts are all aviation emergency switch parts, including knobs and latches, which are mainly installed on emergency equipment, such as latches on life hammers, doorknobs on escape capsules, and doorknobs on fire tool cabinets,therefore, the required aluminum milling service needs to be more precise

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