Precision CNC Machined Component

Speaking of a bottle valve, maybe the first thing coming up in your head is something used for a milk bottle. Actually it is not. The precision CNC machined component that we are going to introduce today is the bottle valve used for a tap. Taps are everywhere in our daily life, common and necessary. The taps that we often see are made of iron, copper and stainless steel. The copper tap and bottle valve introduced by Yijin Hardware are two precision CNC machined components which have been a headache for a lot of precision CNC machined components manufacturers.

Product material: chrome-plated brass

Product introduction: Used for a tap, this chrome-plated brass component is a bottle valve which functions as the last checkpoint of a liquid channel and one of important components for the tap. A tap is usually used in the moist environment and often has splashed water on its body, so a material of high corrosion resistance and rusting resistance is reasonably used for this part – brass alloy.


Differences between taps made of different materials

1. Plastic tap: disadvantages: insufficient hardness, a short servicelife and poor appearances; advantages: high toughness, no rustiness, a low price and easy replacement
2.Coated cast iron tap: disadvantages: low toughness, tendency of rusting, and good appearances; advantage: high hardness. Common materials: zinc-plated cast iron, chrome-plated cast iron, copper-plated cast iron (only red copper).
3.rass tap: disadvantage: lower hardness than cast iron; advantages: high toughness and no rustiness. Common materials: brass and brass alloys.
4.Stainless steel tap: disadvantage: a high price; advantages: high strength, high toughness, no rustiness and good appearances.

Disadvantages and advantages of the brass tap

A copper tap refers to the tap made mainly of metal copper, and most copper taps sold on the market nowadays are brass taps. Is copper tap a good tap? What disadvantages and advantages does a copper tap have? Let’s take a look with Yijin Hardware.

1.As one of essential microelements for the human body and an important constituent part of enzyme and protein, copper can promote the human body’s metabolism and improve its functions. Copper can also effectively suppress the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, so as to keep water clean and hygeian. The copper tap features very high impenetrability against dust, grease, bacteria and virus which would lead to water contamination. Therefore, the use of copper taps has a positive effect to human health.

2.Copper features good corrosion resistance and rusting resistance. With advantages like good appearances and duration, easy installation, safety and fire prevention, and hygiene and health, the copper pipe has obviously higher cost performance than the zinc-plated copper pipe and the plastic pipe. The cupric ion has a powerful sterilization function to prevent the prevalence of some common livestock diseases. As an essential micronutrient to human health, copper has a great influence on the blood, nervous centralis and immune system, hair, skin and bone tissues as well as internal organs like brain, liver and heart for their development and functions.

Important knowledge about copper surface treatment

Copper is a kind of solid steel with purple appearances. Because copper has extremely active chemical properties, its inevitable contact with oxygen and fine dusts in the air during production, use and storage easily causes the copper surfaces to oxidate and change color. In the case of serious corrosion, copper parts are affected even for their appearances and electric conductivity. Copper’s symbol of element is Cu. By alloy composition, copper can be divided into pure copper, brass, white brass, and bronze. As a golden copper alloy with zinc as its main adding element, brass is commonly used for copper jewelries, building hardware, heat-exchanging tubes, pumps, and power cylinders.

Because of active chemical properties, copper has a disadvantage of rapid color change after oxidation. The production cost would increase without a good protection method, so a proper copper protection method should be selected: passivating treatment. The passivating treatment refers to that copper has a significantly decreased corrosion speed after treated by the oxidant medium. So how to deal with the oxidated copper with color change? Chemical or physical cleaning and polishing is required for improved copper surface evenness and brightness to restore its surface gloss.

Both of these two precision CNC machined components are very difficult to machine. First, they are both small and precision products, so it is difficult for a manufacturer with insufficient capabilities. Second, these two products are complicated in terms of both internal and external structures. If you choose Yijin Hardware, you don’t have to worry about this at all. With a history of 20 years in the precision custom CNC machining industry, Yijin Hardware has hundreds of advanced machining devices and experienced operators and engineers who can work independently. Therefore, Why hesitate? Choose us now!


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