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Precision CNC Machined Component

Speaking of a bottle valve, maybe the first thing coming up in your head is something used for a milk bottle. Actually it is not. The precision CNC machined component that we are going to introduce today is the bottle valve used for a tap. Taps are everywhere in our daily life, common and necessary. The taps that we often see are made of iron, copper and stainless steel. The copper tap and bottle valve introduced by Yijin Hardware are two precision CNC machined components which have been a headache for a lot of precision CNC machined components manufacturers.

Product material: chrome-plated brass

Product introduction: Used for a tap, this chrome-plated brass component is a bottle valve which functions as the last checkpoint of a liquid channel and one of important components for the tap. A tap is usually used in the moist environment and often has splashed water on its body, so a material of high corrosion resistance and rusting resistance is reasonably used for this part – brass alloy.

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