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2024 Top 10 Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies in China

Compared with general stamping products, sheet metal fabrication belongs to the category with stricter requirements and more difficult requirements.

Sheet metal can process thin materials with large dimensions and various shapes, and complex shapes with high surface quality requirements.

In actual production, sheet metal fabrication is generally regarded as a special category of stampings to be studied separately.

Today we have compiled information on the 10 best sheet metal stamping parts suppliers in China, including company profiles, main products, and supporting customers, for your reference.

sheet metal factory yijin

1. YIJIN Hardware

YIJIN Hardware, a leading rapid prototyping supplier in China, excels with a demonstrated history of success of over two decades.

Their comprehensive services encompass CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, die casting, and rapid prototyping.

Trusted by industry giants like BMW, TESLA, HP, and Samsung, their exceptional eminence sets them apart.

YIJIN Hardware specializes in metal sheet fabrication, utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machines for laser cutting, punching, bending, and plasma cutting.

Their expertise allows them to craft precise parts that perfectly align with your needs.

At YIJIN Hardware, transcendence takes precedence. They ensure excellence, maintaining rigorous standards from raw materials to the final goods.

Count on YIJIN Hardware’s experienced engineers to meet your design and manufacturing requirements. They prioritize your satisfaction, offering express delivery and reasonable costs.

Experience excellence with YIJIN Hardware’s metal sheet fabrication and ensure precise results with their competent engineers, modern CNC machines, and strict testing.

sheet metal case processing

2. Supro MFG

Supro Manufacturing Group, located in Shanghai, is a well-recognized sheet metal fabrication company. Since 2006, they have gained a strong reputation for delivering exemplary sheet metal parts.

Leveraging the know-how of their skilled engineers and technicians, they provide a comprehensive range of services and innovative CNC solutions.

Supro is a one-stop solution for sheet metal fabrication needs, handling projects of any size with proficiency and efficiency.

They focus on customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and quick turnaround times. The company uses the best materials, focusing on giving value-driven solutions.

Supro Manufacturing Group is on a mission to redefine the perception of Chinese manufacturing. They strive to achieve it by embracing innovation and ensuring prompt customer responses.

By choosing Supro, you access flawless products, quick times, economical options, and wonderful buyer success.

3. Komaspec

Based in China, a Canadian manufacturer, Komaspec, is your go-to destination for supreme custom manufacturing solutions.

They have a mastery of metal sheet fabrication and a variety of other unparalleled services.

Committed to excellence, Komaspec ensures perfect, competitively priced, and timely delivered products.

Their satisfied customers include automotive, agriculture, mining, and consumer goods brands.

Komaspec, a forward-thinking company, embraces innovation by investing in a smart factory. Using real-time data and monitoring, they boost efficiency and deliver extraordinary services.

At Komaspec, an experienced team upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, they handle complex projects swiftly.

Masterful buyers secure top-grade materials at affordable prices, offering cost-effective solutions. Their dedicated consumer care representatives provide excellent support.

Opt for Komaspec for steadfast, customized manufacturing. With a proven track record, they focus on grade, efficiency, and patron delight.

sheet metal product sample

4. Maxtech

Since 2000, Maxtech, the epitome of excellence in metal sheet fabrication, has been making waves in Guangzhou, China.

With well-versed engineers and technicians, they materialize your plans with precision and accuracy.

From laser cutting to CNC bending, punching, welding, and assembly, Maxtech has covered everything.

They master the art of surface treatment to achieve flawless finishes with powder coating, anodizing, and painting techniques.

Maxtech bears the ISO certification, representing its uncompromising adherence to impeccable craftsmanship.

Also, how they protect the environment is evident through their premium green manufacturing program.

Whether it’s prototypes or large-scale production, you can trust them. With their quick turnaround time and advanced facility, they guarantee efficient delivery. What’s more, their wallet-friendly solutions ensure every penny counts.

They handle everything from design to assembly, making your experience seamless. With their outstanding customer service, you’re supported every step of the way.

Experience metal sheet fabrication magic with them! Their impeccable quality, swift execution, affordability, and remarkable client assistance await.

5. Plus Proto

Plus Proto, the prominent precision machining company, has amassed an impressive two-decade history of excellence.

With skillfulness in metal sheet fabrication, Plus Proto serves diverse industries, including electronics and automotive.

Setting themselves apart from the competition, they use advanced techniques such as CNC, metal stamping, and cold heading.

Moreover, their commitment to meeting industry standards remains unwavering, even for non-standard requirements.

Plus Proto emphasizes providing exceptional value for money without any compromise on quality. They assure to give a seamless experience through their attentive support staff.

Fulfilling your requirements, their seasoned engineers and machinists deliver tailored solutions.

In precision machining, they stand as a reliable ally. Their distinctive expertise & fantastic product offerings have made them preferred in the industry.

By choosing Plus Proto, you gain a trustworthy partner committed to consumer fulfillment.

Get in touch with Plus Proto for outstanding artistry and specialized solutions.

6. Sage Metal Parts

Sage Metal Parts is a top-tier metal fabrication company. Their comprehensive services cater to your precise needs, from CNC machining to metal stamping and die casting.

Backed by ISO certification, their professional team is cross-trained to handle diverse tasks based on workload demands.

They can produce complex parts that require multiple production methods. Their mastership extends to various materials like aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

In sheet metal fabrication, it excels in making boxes, panels, and enclosures, offering anodization for mattered benefits like increased corrosion and wear resistance.

Choosing Sage Metal Parts brings several benefits, including their 20 years of experience, an array of sheet metal fabrication machines, and more.

When you need trusty metal sheet fabrication, trust them to get quality parts crafted for your specific needs.

sheet metal fabrication factory


NOBLE is a distinguished metal sheet fabrication company born from a dynamic Sino-British collaboration. It has garnered the prestigious honor of a “National High-tech Enterprise” through its decade-long expertise.

Their seasoned engineers support clients from prototype design to full-scale production. Equipped with futuristic CNC equipment, they manufacture an extensive catalog of metal parts.

With a remarkable track record, NOBLE has supplied 100,000+ unique parts to 3,000+ companies across 50 countries.

As a faithful and efficient partner, they swiftly bring your products to market.

It distinguishes itself through mastery, empowerment, proven success, and reliability. Their skilled engineers offer their assistance and guidance throughout the product development process.

Utilizing CNC machinery, it crafts custom metal parts to precise specifications. They have delivered high-grade components worldwide, which makes them a well-regarded match on the path to market.

8. Taigang Puxin

Jiangsu Taigang Puxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., based in Wuxi, is a credible steel product manufacturer. With years of industry experience, they have a superior capability in crafting various stainless steel products.

It leads in metal sheet fabrication with avant-garde facilities and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the finest products.

Taigang Puxin offers a wide range of compliant standard and non-standard specifications. With ample inventory, they guarantee timely order fulfillment for client happiness.

They excel in metal sheet fabrication and supply top steel products to many industries. Prioritizing exceptional services, they offer the competence of their adept engineers to assist with planning and manufacturing.

With efficient turnaround times and reasonable rates, customer satisfaction is their primary focus.

Don’t hesitate to count on them for the unfailingly trustworthy services metal sheet fabrication services and everything they offer.

9. Rigang Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Rigang Metal Products Co., Ltd., based in Liaocheng, is a well-known provider of metal sheet fabrication services.

Established in 2018, they have quickly become a key player in the global market.

They have extensive experience in diverse raw metal materials, including carbon and stainless steel. Their product spectrum includes coils, sheets, plates, tubes, and bars.

With reasonable pricing, high supremacy, and global reach, they foster enduring customer relationships.

With pleasing pricing and fast delivery, they provide a smooth and effortless experience. It is your comprehensive solution for metal sheet fabrication.

Rigang, an accountable supplier of metal sheet fabrication, brings a solid reputation and reliability. They have gained extensive experience serving the construction, automotive, and manufacturing sectors.

Choose Rigang for design and manufacturing from experienced engineers. Their advanced equipment enables the precise fabrication of customized metal parts.

10. Redstone Manufacturing

Redstone Manufacturing, an extremely Honored metal casting and machining provider, has been in the metal market since 2018.

They specialize in overcoming international manufacturing challenges for US-based businesses.

It provides diverse options and pocket-friendly pricing through a reliable network of manufacturing partners.

Their on-ground engineering teams ensure meticulous USA engineering oversight, meeting exact specifications.

Redstone Manufacturing excels in navigating international manufacturing dynamics. They connect clients with responsive manufacturers in emerging economies, facilitating seamless transitions.

Their experienced team assists clients in new territories, comparing quotes across their Global Manufacturing Network for optimal cost, including tariffs.

Redstone Manufacturing is the dependable choice for metal casting and machined parts. Their experience, network, and commitment turn visions into reality, delivering successful projects with excellence.


These top 10 companies in sheet metal fabrication in China dominate the industry with their unwavering commitment to excellence, advanced facilities, and innovative techniques, ensuring exceptional results.

These companies outperform in precision, leaving no room for error. Their unmatched expertise in laser cutting brings intricate designs to life with utmost accuracy.

Moreover, their CNC bending capabilities ensure seamless and precise shaping of metal sheets, effortlessly meeting complex specifications.

In a highly competitive domain of sheet metal fabrication in China, these companies have cemented their position as trusted and esteemed collaborators.

Their reliability and value as partners have been well-established, garnering them a strong reputation in the industry.

Transforming your ideas into tangible reality through sheet metal fabrication, these companies surpass in delivering flawless craftsmanship, exacting precision, and groundbreaking innovation that you can rely on.


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