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Multi-Purpose Custom CNC Milled Parts

This time, Yijin Hardware will introduce a custom cnc milling machine parts. This custom cnc milling component has a wide range of uses. Because of the wide range of uses, the materials used for this multi-purpose custom cnc milled parts are relatively strong and hard, and the processing is more difficult and the processing process is complicated. Yijin Hardware is because many customers want this Custon cnc milling components, and the demand is increasing. Yijin Hardware often processes this Multi-Purpose Custom CNC Milling components, so many of our customers Think we are a very trustworthy cnc milling services supplier

Material characteristics:

This steel is called #45 steel in GB, S45C in JIS, 1045,080M46 in ASTM, and C45 in DIN. The #45 steel is a quality carbon constructional steel with low hardness and easy to cut. It is usually used to manufacture templates, mortise pins and guide pillars after thermal treatment.

Because of its good mechanical properties, the #45 steel is widely used in machinery manufacturing. It is also a medium carbon steel with poor quenching properties and can be quenched to HRC42~46. Therefore, if both surface hardness and excellent mechanical properties are required, surface carburization quenching are usually performed for the #45 steel.

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